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Birthday gifts for 3 year old twins? Help!

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We've been invited to a birthday party for a friend's twins who are about to turn 3. They are a boy and a girl. I have a good idea of what 3 year olds like, but I wonder if it is better to give them two of the same thing, or completely different things??? I don't really know what is PC when it comes to twins, LOL. They are very close to each other and play well together, but I don't know them well enough to choose anything super-specific for each child. I thought maybe some fun messy art stuff, but I haven't thought of anything more specific.

Help! Your opinions are really appreciated.
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It's not about being PC, it's about respecting each child as an individual. By the age of 3, they are likely to have separate interests and favorite things to do. Even if they enjoy the same things, I'd still recommend separate presents though it might be something they'll both enjoy (like nice fingerpaints or clay for one and a box of sidewalk chalk for the other).
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Perhaps get them each somehting form the same set. My 3 year old really lives FP Little People. So maybe a differet set of those for each. Or two different sets of legos or Thomas train cars if they are into that. .

I would hesitate to get them each something different. When ever that happened with dh (a twin) he always got the sucky gift.

Art supplies is always a good 3 year old gift. Fun hats were a big hit also and that is something that you can easily get that matches each individuals style while still getting them the same type of thing.

Remember they will probably be sharing toys anyway so no need to get them 2 of the same toy.]

Talk to thier mom. there may be somehting big they would like to get together. My children aren't twins but will do this for Christmas. For example they wanted a doll house one year and everybody went in on it for both of them. So somehting like a box of dress up clothes or something.
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Thanks for the suggestions...you both got my imagination going. The little girl is suddenly fascinated by anything to do with ballet, and the boy loves animals. So I ended up getting them a Felt Kids feltboard for each of them, her's is the ballet one and his is the farm one. I love those boards, they are open ended and they can combine them and make up all sorts of bizarre animal-ballet stories I'm sure! The imagination of 3 year olds never ceases to amaze me!
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felt boards are a great idea! As gifts go ingeneral I am all about stuff that can be expanded. And as a parent who likes toys that store in small spaces and won't hurt should they hit you in the head felt boards hit the mark.
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The felt boards sound perfect!! I love how they're tailored to each child as an individual, and they can also combine to play together too.

I'm sure they'll be thrilled!
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I second the separate gifts...

My twins are only 2 and definitely have different interest. With her twins being a boy and a girl, I'm sure they do, too. Mine are both boys.

My guys LOVE their Little People sets. They do have boyish sets as well as girlish sets, so you can't go wrong there.

The felt boards sound awesome, too. Where would one get those?

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