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Twins & Nursing Pillows

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Hello Ladies,

I hope you don't mind if I jump in here and post a question for a friend of mine. She is expecting twins in April and is trying to be as proactive as possible about establishing a good BFing relationship with them. She has seen nursing pillows advertised that are specifically designed for twins. Do any of you have experience with these? Are they a must have item or just extra clutter? She of course doesn't want to spend the money if its not a great product.

Please share your wisdom!
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The ez2nurse pillow was the key to our success-I had the foam one. I've heard mixed reviews of the inflatable one. Get at least 2 covers for whichever-she'll need them!
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My MOTC had many nursing pillows that new moms could borrow as long as they needed them. It is something to check out. if she belongs to a twins club.
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Definite must-have for me! Tell her to get the foam version from www.doubleblessings.com

Especially if she is planning to be home alone with her twins when they're tiny. . . I say a twins nursing pillow is absolutely required!


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I will also vouch for the EZ2Nurse pillow from double blessings. I would also get a second pillow cover so you can alternate while you wash the cover.

I could have lived without anything else EXCEPT the pillow. My girls are 14 months and still nurse on it several times a day.
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I had the Anna twin nursing pillow and hated it. Wouldn't reccommend it to anyone. It never fit us right and I wish I would have sent it back. I tandem nursed for 5 - 6 months and ended up just sitting on my couch with the sofa pillows under them and holding them in the football hold. It worked great.

We are still nursing at 9 months but are no longer nursing tandem. They are fast enough that it doesn't take too long.

Best wishes to your friend!!
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I traced around a regular Boppy and enlarged it! It took an entire 5lb box of Poly Fil to fill it, but after 22 months of daily use I still love it! As a matter of fact, I may have to retire it soon- it developed a hole in the seam! WAH! But, I tandem nurse my twins, always have. If I try to nurse them apart the other one always comes along for a sip!
I know our nursing time is drawing to a close and I am sad for it.
Tell your friend to stick with it. It will be hard in the begining, but it is SO worth it! The rewards are so great! I still am so in love with nursing my babies- even though they are walking talking monsters at times!
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I 3rd the EZ2Nurse Pillow for twins..

It allows for hands-free nursing in all kinds of nursing positions. I would definitely invest in extra covers, though...and a good book..lol

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I fourth the ez2nurse foam pillow from doubleblessings.
absolute best twin related purchase I made.
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I 5th the ez2 nurse pillow!
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I also had the EZ 2 Nurse Pillow. I liked it ok, but actually ended up using a Boppy pillow more often. I also tended to BF my girls separately too, so that can make a difference.

Also, if your friend doesn't have the book Mothering Multiples I would HIGHLY recommend it. A must have for BF'ing twins IMO.

Avery Hope & Natalie Raine 10/14/02
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Does anyone have an EZ2 nurse pillow they'd like to sell? I know I won't use one forever so I hate to pay full price for a brand new one. E-mail me if you're interested in selling: kdoll729@bellsouth.net
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