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Made in China?

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So, this may not really be activism. It did not start out as activism, but there may be a possibility for some activism to take place!

I posted on my blog about my quest for a Learning Tower for my toddler. I think they are so cool...and I was hoping to find one used, as I generally do in part to avoid the cost of new items, but to attempt to be a little bit less of a consumer. I also tried to find someone local to make one, but no luck with that (actually, i think i might have finally found someone to do it) or with finding a used one.

My toddler had a giant fall off of the kitchen chair and I decided to just go ahead and buy the Learning Tower. And then I discovered that it is made in China and I have not been able to find any info about ethical practices in the Learning Tower factory or anything. So...no Learning Tower for us, and that was all part of my blog post as well. (i know - fascinating blog stuff, huh?)

The president of Little Partners (who manufactures the Learning Tower) left a comment on my blog telling me how wonderful their product is (which i know!) but not addressing the ethics of their business practices - which is what my post was about. Perhaps Carol (the president and designer of the learning tower) will check back in with me about that aspect and hopefully she will have solid info about fair wages for their factory workers, etc. However, I am wondering if this issue should be pressed. Why don't they make the Learning Tower in the US? And why is it so expensive? It does not seem to be a hand crafted item...and it is made in China, after all, so why the great expense?

What do you think?
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I say keep pressing on. Too many children are harmed by items MIC. The only way companies will even give a snit is if we use our power as consumers and buy American/European/non-MIC and if we educate other consumers and spread the word.
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It's not just China. It's any country with underpaid workers and suspicious labor practices. I think the key is going to rest with the consumers. We must demand transparency from these companies. We need all of the proof we can get--video footage, wage records, etc.--to know that workers are being treated fairly and products are made to a high standard. I've heard of people trying to get video footage of Chinese factories and having their cameras confiscated. : Pray tell, what is there to hide???
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It's not just China. It's any country with underpaid workers and suspicious labor practices.
for sure. and for me, i do my best to buy locally and/or ethically.

but as far as the learning tower - carol, the president has not responded to my questions about their business practices. i let her know that i responded to her comment on my blog...and then i sent an email mentioning that i was disappointed that she had not replied with any info.

i find this so irritating and unethical because this is obviously a specialty item. you know? it seems geared specifically towards a demographic concerned about such issues - natural family living, etc...maybe i'm reading into that a little, but really. it's not like they sell the learning tower at walmart, you know?

i'm also annoyed because we really want a learning tower for the baby. she would love it so much and i'm kinda pissed that carol has to have such crappy business ethics and therefore i feel like i can't buy the stupid product. i mean, i'll try to have someone local make one, but not much luck thus far finding someone.

anyway, it seems like i am pretty much the only one who cares about the made in china issue when it comes to the learning tower. i get that it's awesome. i totally get that. but just because i love it and REALLY want it does not mean i am willing to compromise my ethics for it.
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