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Help! Crazy hip pains

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OK ladies, I need any advice you've got! I keep getting these really sharp, fleeting hip pains. It feels like I'm a Thanksgiving turkey having my leg pulled off or like I'm a Barbie getting her leg pulled sideways. It hits for a second and then goes away. When it hurts, oh man! It hurts! It's like electricity and pain all at once. Has anyone had this and do you have any advice on how to help it. In the moment, not standing on that leg and loosely swinging it helps, but I've had about 20 of them in the last hour or so, and I need to not be stopping to yelp every few steps! My ds is following me around asking, "feel ok now?" and kissing my hip!
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Do you have a chiro? Maybe something is out of whack. I bet it has something to do with the position of the baby or a mild injury/sleep position? Have you tried applying heat? Maybe lay down on the other side and have DH do some range of motion exercises with the painful leg and hip. Traumeel ointment or arnica gel has always helped me with pains (especially the sciatica I had earlier this pregnancy).
Feel better!
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no advice~ nothing helps my hips, but you have my sympathy and lets get our babes out here soon!
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