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Originally Posted by caj'smommy View Post
39 weeks I can't wait to meet this little man. This pregnancy seems to have really flown by compared to my other 4. I'm still soo ready to be done though!

Looking good Rachelle! Not long now and that big ole' belly will be gone and your arms will be full of a sweet baby boy!
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40 weeks, with the help of my little photographer:

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I like seeing the 40 weeks pregnancy pictures - the grand finale!

Me: 38 weeks 5 days (yesterday)



(haha I still need to put some christmas decorations away, but its too much effort to get to the attic right now)
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I haven't posted any pictures yet...but here's me almost 40 weeks.

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I don't think I"ve contributed to this thread yet

But... here I am two days ago:
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Love the pics, mamas! ...Feeling a little envious of all the beautiful bellies since I didn't make it past 32 weeks this time; can I post my 39wks,5days pic from my previous pregnancy? (Pic from the day before my middle daughter was born)
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40 weeks + 2 days

I look bigger IRL than in this picture somehow

okay here is another picture- sometime about 40 weeks- in my tattered pajama bottoms which gives a better idea of how big I actually am!
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YAY! Love the 40 weeker pictures!

Originally Posted by Rikki Jean View Post
Your family photosession pictures are beautiful!
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