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Other Wyoming mamas?

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Just curious...this particular tribe doesn't seem too active. So hellooo?
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There are a few of us ... pretty scattered around I think.

I live in Sheridan.
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Everything is scattered around in Wyoming. We are in Pinedale. Nice to see at least that I am not the only one.
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I live in Worland.

And.. just this past weekend found out I'm pregnant with our fourth. Terrified at this point still. And trying to figure out what to do for the birth... I just want to be at home. I'm going to do everything I can to make that work.
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Oh, Judybean - I hope you're able to find a way to make it work!

We're contemplating #3 - would like a homebirth - I labor so quickly we're doubting our options could include an assisted homebirth, given how far she'd have to travel. I'm more ready than dh to contemplate the UC route.

Good luck to you while you figure it out! And congratulations on the upcoming arrival of another little one!
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Thank you elanor!

I don't really know exactly what I'll do... with dd3, her birth was *SO* fast, that I really question whether an assisted homebirth would work as well! (I went from just general laboring while not feeling too badly at all, to taking a shower to her birth in about 40 minutes! it was a rush!).

I have to laugh at the "being more ready than dh to contemplate the UC route" .. because that's so where I am -- but even on homebirth.. I'm only about six weeks along at this point, but I need to start figuring out things!

Thing is, we haven't told anybody. Well, I've told just ONE very close friend (I don't even think I told dh that I told her ).. but otherwise nobody knows... but I think I'm just going to have to get over that and put out the word that I'm looking at my options for homebirthing and such. I'm quite surprised that the more I talk about it, the more I hear from people that they know somebody that has or whatnot.

I hear there's a lady in Ten Sleep that had all her children at home (though not sure if there was a midwife or not)... and actually, a lady I work with at the coffee shop (who does not seem crunchy in the least!) had her last two children at home!! I just found this out last week! .. but her youngest is probably 18 now... so that was a while ago

Thank you for the well-wishes! This wasn't quite a planned thing.. and I was hoping to have more of an idea what I would do birthing-wise *before* another babe came along... I guess this will just speed up my process
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We live in Cheyenne. We are planning on 2 other babies while we are here... Though the local options don't seem too good. We are military and Tricare doesn't pay for many providers; especially not very many midwives. The obgyns in Cheyenne are super medically-oriented and dishonor birth plans. I spoke to a mama who had a natural birth and did not want her cord to be pulled, yet the doctor did it to get out that placenta faster and gave her attitude... :
We have the option of Colorado.... And homebirth out of pocket... But last time I hemorrhaged and needed a Pitocin shot after I delivered the placenta... And my midwife said I was fine, yet the ob over the phone insisted I had HELLP syndrome (my MD sister reviewed my file and said that doc is full of it). With that history, they won't allow homebirth. Can I just claim the baby was born in Europe - they never wanna see medical records from Europe in my experience? What do you think about that?

@ judybean: Good luck!
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Hmm, I don't know (about the medical records/Europe question). What does your sister think you should do?? I'm not familiar with HELLP or anything ....

Maybe someone here has a good recommendation of a midwife-minded OB, or a good CNM who could bridge the difference for you? My OB is awesome, but we're all the way up in Sheridan, which does you no good....
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We're in Thermopolis. For now anyway. If we can get the house sold, we off to Montana. We're TTC at the moment with # 2. With hubby working in Billings at the moment, that's become a little more tricky.
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Wow! You're just 30 miles from me And we travel to Thermop often to go to Nature's Corner
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I just joined and wanted to say hello! I live in Sheridan; we just moved here last summer from Colorado. SAHM to Maya (August '06)
Struggling to like it here; mainly 'cause I can't find any like-minded mamas. Glad to find this Mothering blog!
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Originally Posted by judybean View Post
Wow! You're just 30 miles from me And we travel to Thermop often to go to Nature's Corner

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Originally Posted by SilverSage View Post
You're the closest person (by far) I've ever "seen" to me on here ... I almost went down your way yesterday to go swimming in the hot springs.. then I remembered dh took the van to work and I didn't think I'd make it down there on the bike with my youngest on the trail-a-bike
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Hi, I'm in Cheyenne too but haven't been on MDC in a while (I'm nursing my 3 month old as we speak, and have three others running around).

I'm actually looking for midwife recommendations for a girlfriend. My CNM was from Denver and doesn't want to travel up here any more, and there are a few bumps in the road with the new CNM in Laramie. Anybody else have any ideas or suggestions???

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I am trying to find some kind of mom's club or group for my friend who lives in Pinedale. She has a daughter that is 5 months old.

I tried LLL and MOPS but everything is so far from them? Suggestions? please
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Hi Ladies! I thought I'd jump in here and ask those of you who live in Sheridan (I noticed that there was 2? of you) what you think of it?

mayasmomma, you mentioned that you are having trouble finding like-minded people there. Is it super conservative or something, not alot of free thinkers? Not that I know what side you lean towards...but anyway, thought this would be worth a shot. I've placed a ot of value on the opinions of mothering.com mamas in the past when looking to move, and have never been steered wrong. Though I can find alot of info on the web, I'd love other mamas views of life in Sheridan.

We are mostly a natural living type of family: co-sleeping, extended bf'ing, cloth diapering, organic foods, and I'm pregnant so would also be interested in the birthing environment there!

Thanks for any and all info!
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onlymom - I have a friend who lives in Pinedale! (Well, on a ranch outside of Pinedale). She cloth diapered, gardens, breastfed both kiddos at least a year, etc. Her kids are 3 and 5, though .... LMK whether you think your friend would like to meet her. She just moved there a couple years ago, and hasn't met a lot of people herself since she lives out of town. I think she'd be 'up' to meet someone, if your friend is interested. PM me!

Nick&jonmom - are you a MT native, or transplant? I was born in MT. I've lived in Sheridan for 8 years now ... there is a small, vibrant, and hidden community of liberal folks in Sheridan. They're hard to find unless you know the right people, I think. We belong to a CSA, there's a local foods directory for people who want to eat locally grown foods ... there is the Health Nut for organic foods, as well as a co-op through the Seventh Day Adventists (I believe) .... some of the stores carry some organic stuff. It's piecemeal.

I think people are typical nice Westerners in Sheridan ... there is a strong lean to the 'right' politically for the overall population (the Tea Party protesters won their category in the parade, they had their own float for the WYO rodeo) .... That leaning is true throughout the state, though, other than some blue pockets in Jackson and Laramie. Quite an emphasis on the Libertarian/self-sufficiency approach .... At the same time, there is a really nice trails/walking path system, and we've got better recycling than Missoula! So it's a mix. Overall, I think the population skews a bit to the older folks (there are quite a few people in their fifties and above, it's somewhat a retirement community). There's quite a bit to do .... where do you live now? That would give a better feel for what you'd need to know. The schools are good in Sheridan, and there are a couple very active homeschool groups as well....

And ... I must admit I haven't checked out MOPs or MOMs in Sheridan. I am really not a fan of that whole dynamic that all-female groups sometimes take on, and I'm chicken, and I haven't gone. Mayasmomma and I talked about meeting up sometime but we haven't yet ... maybe soon?

ETA: I think both OBs in Sheridan are good ... I see Dr. Scott. There aren't any local midwives, although some people travel to Billings.... I think the c/s rate is quite low, other than the fact that once they do a c/s, it's a VBAC ban hospital. I've heard good things about both OBs in terms of natural birth, etc. Dr. Scott has been supportive of me breastfeeding past a year, and breastfeeding on an elimination diet, etc. I like him very much. I think you wouldn't go wrong with either doctor -- on the other hand, birth at the hospital in Sheridan is uber-expensive, so unless you've got good insurance you might not like the bill! SJ born in '06 cost us nearly $7,000 for a simple no-intervention birth.
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You guys all live so far away! I'm thinking of joining the AP meetup group in Fort Collins, CO. It's a 40 minute or so ride, but they have a Wholefoods and stuff, so I could combine it with a shopping trip.
I know some extended nursers in the local military mom group... I can finally do more meetings now that I'm over my kidney infection (that sucked!!!).
If any of you guys know about the local hospital, I'd love to learn more. I looked up stats at the WY department of health, and they list a 40% csection rate for our county (and hm I think there is only one hospital that has amternity - the Cheyenne one!). So that's quite annoying... I was referred to a obgyn from the military that actually isn't covered by them (as long as I get referred it is fine though). Interestingly, they list VBAC as a service on their website. Maybe they are more natural minded? I'll find out during my checkup. I'd love a homebirth but it's gonna be out of pocket.... And money doesn't grow on trees... We could do it, but I'm so worried that I need a transfer and then all the money was for nothing.
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I live in Sinclair. Not too many of us!
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I am from Gillette. I would love to find a family doctor or pediatrician that is pro vaccination choice within a few hours driving distance. I am married (7 years) have a daughter who is 18 months. She was born c-section but I will be trying for a natural VBAC with a midwife in Spearfish, SD for our second. Hopefully trying to concieve sometime this winter.
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