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I just wanted to drop in really quick and let everyone know, SHANE IS HOME. And just as important, he is nursing like a champ. The neonatalogist came in around 3 and we were out by 5. He was doing so well and they stopped his antibiotics, so it was time to leave.
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: Such great news!! I'm so happy everything worked out!
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Fantastic news!! ::: I'm sure you are smooching him to pieces
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YAY YAY YAY!!::: I'm so happy you have him home!!!
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That's great news, I hope the nursing continues to go well.
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Wonderful news!!! :
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That's awesome! Welcome home, Baby Shane!!! :
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That is wonderful news! : I'm so glad he's finally home.

If I can offer some unsolicited advice... start taking probiotics. I was on antibiotics during labor (for group B strep) and afterwards (b/c I had 3rd-degree lacerations) and right now Robert and I have a flaming case of thrush. I know in your case it's your DS on the antibiotics, not you, but as a precaution... you don't want to be where we are right now!
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WooHoo!!! Welcome Home Shane :
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yay!!! so happy that you and Shane are home together now, mama!!!

Weasleymum: THANK YOU for the reminder to be super vigilant about the probiotics!!! i have been lax about remembering my vitamin and probiotic since coming home and as i had cesarean and a lot of ancef, i REALLY need to get back on that!
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I was going to say the same as Mara and that is PROBIOTICS!
(we're dealing with thrush too and niether of us had to take antibiotics)

YAY! So glad he is home and all is well! I just knew it!
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So glad to hear he is home!
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Woo hoo!!!
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