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I started a group

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Ok mamas, I have been trying to find ways to occupy my time so.....

I created a proboards group thing for us for when our ddc closes. Here is the link.

I'm not sure what else is needed (if anything) but PM me if you have any questions.

Proboards got most votes on our poll, so that's what I went with. I hope to see all of you over there.

Of course I will still be here after the ddc closes, but it just seems easier to find each other there.
Ok, that's all for now.
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Thanks.. I signed up
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it's quiet over there right now, but i hope it will pick up a bit more.
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I saved it and will join when i'm not naking lol
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Yay! I signed up. Typing one handed really helps pass the time while pumping!
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bumping this....
i signed up, hopefully i'll actually have time to go on once in a while!
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our ddc is almost at the top now.. just may ahead of us... a bit sad, huh?
well, i hope to see more of you over at our "after the ddc" group!
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I joined
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I signed up!
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I'm just about to head over there and join. I keep finding there are things I want to talk to you guys about, but the thread would likely get moved elsewhere, such as my horrid experience breastfeeding last night - you'll have to head over to proboards to hear the story!
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Cool! I just signed up. Now I have to find more time when I'm not naking and can actually type with two hands! I have become such a lurker!
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Just bumping this up so anyone who hasn't been on for awhile sees it.
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I am on now
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I joined, but having a hard time keeping up. Sorry!
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i signed up too!:
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Bumping this back up.
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tx. i made sure to bookmark it
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We are running out of time. It seems very bitter-sweet.
Well, I like to think our forum at proboards is doing well, so thank you to all of you who have joined!!

Here is the link again for those who would like to check it out-


It will be sad to come back here and not have our ddc anymore.
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So sad to see our DDC is closing. It seems too soon! I hope to see you all on the new board!
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