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Please Post your positive VBA2C stories here..

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I am looking for moms who have had more than one c-section and then had a successful VBAC afterwards. Thank you so much for the help.. :
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I don't have one yet, but I'm hoping to in a few days. I'm due Tuesday and will be trying for a VBA2C.

I'd love to hear some stories!
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I had my first c-section because I was naive and didn't know better. I attempted a VBAC with my second, used midwives, etc...but it didn't work out, and I was devastated. For my third pregancy, I was determined to try again. I knew I could end up with a 3rd c-section, but I decided my baby and my body would benefit from labor, etc...even if I didn't end up with a c-section (sure enough, there have been a number of articles recently about how elective c-section babies have a much greater risk of ending up in the NICU with breathing problems). Two years ago this July, I successfully had a VBA2C. It was amazing!

There are numerous positive stories of VBACs after multiple c-sections. It can be done!

This video really inspired me:

here is a good place with information:


Good Luck!
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My first vba2c in 2006

My second vba2c, just a couple of weeks ago

I give back story in both, so you might want to skip in the second time
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Successful VBAC


I had a c-section in January 2004 due to my son comming out sunnyside up which is head down but looking to the ceiling, as well as the section was done due to the decrease in his heartrate while I was pushing, I made it all the way to 10cms dilated and then everything came to a halt. In august 2006, my daughter was born successfully by VBAC, I had no medications at all as I chose to stick out the pain as much as I could, my doctor did want me to have the epidural in case of complications and a repeat ceserean was needed, I laboured for about 19hrs with my daughter from the first contraction till she came out, but after the doctor broke my water things moved along fast and my daughter was born 2hrs later within 9mins and 4 pushes, I am now expecting baby #3 in august and hoping to go for Vaginal delivery again but currently the little man is breech and the doctor is going to try to turn him around 37wks, another 4 more weeks, I asked my doctor what the risks are due to I still have the scar from the section and she advised me if my scar could handle delivery then having the baby turned will be fine as well.....I am hoping that a lot of women read my story, as I find so many women opt to do a repeat ceserean when its not necessary, I will take Vaginal birth anyday over c-section and thats after me having a 2nd degree tear from the vaginal birth, 4days of recovery over 2-3wks is what I prefer. Goodluck to all the moms who are attempting a VBAC.
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had 2 c/s and then 2 vbacs...my last was a hbac...

good luck! its totally worth it
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