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We have a baby BOY!!

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Jonah Robert arrived Friday June 19th at 5:31 am, much to mine and DD's surprise!! We were both pretty convinced it was a girl.

Although I wasn't at all expecting him to arrive before my due date, I had a feeling all day Thursday that it might happen soon. There were so many things I felt like I needed to get done, I can't really explain it, I guess I just knew. By the time DH got home from work I was starting to feel kind of crampy, which is exactly how I felt for most of my labor with DD. After we put DD to bed we started keeping track of my contractions and they were coming anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes apart, but only last 15-30 seconds, so I called my midwife around 9 pm, just to give her a heads up. She told me to have a glass of wine, take a shower and try to get some rest.

After a glass of wine and a shower I got into bed around 10:30, but I was too nervous to go to sleep. My labor with DD went very fast for a first baby and my midwife lives an hour away. I was afraid that if I did fall asleep I wouldn't wake up in enough time for her to get here (wishful thinking I guess!) So I laid in bed and timed my contractions until about 1 am, but I was getting kind of antsy and they were getting stronger and I felt like I needed to move. I got up and cleaned my bathroom (one of those things I felt like I needed to get done all day, but it hadn't happened!) and straightened up the house a bit. I decided to call my midwife at 1:30, but it I couldn't get through! It took me about 15 minutes and dialing her number about 10 times before I actually got a hold of her, it was kind of a stormy night and I don't know if there was something wrong with her phone, but I was getting REALLY nervous!!

While I was on the phone with her DH woke up and started setting up the pool, by this point my contractions were getting pretty strong and it felt SOOO good to get into the water. I think being in the water may have slowed my labor down a bit, because my contractions stayed the same from the time I got in for a couple hours. I was having what my midwife called piggyback contractions, a long intense one and then immediately after a shorter, less intense one. At this point I was feeling really exhausted, I had the strongest urge to lay down and go to sleep between each contraction. She never actually checked me to see how far along I was, so I had to trust my body to know when to actually start pushing, and I was so happy when it was time because I was feeling very ready to get this baby out! I don't really remember this part more than it HURT! DH said I only pushed for about 20 minutes. Jonah's hand came out at the same time as his head, my midwife said that when she reached in for the cord he grabbed her finger, she said it was the coolest thing! He weighed 8 lb 5 oz and was over a pound bigger than DD! I had a small tear, that didn't even need stitches, which I was VERY thankful for!

Surprisingly DD had slept through the whole birth and woke up about a half hour after he was born. She was so excited to meet her baby brother!

Even though this labor was a lot longer and harder than with DD I had an AMAZING experience and it was worth every second!!

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Congratulations!!! Welcome, Jonah!!! :
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Congrats!!! Those pictures are precious
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Congratulations! :

What a beautiful family!
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I love the name (it's the top on our list!)
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yay, congrats, mama!!! my 2.5yo and i heartily approve the name Jonah!
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So cute!:
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What a great story! Jonah is gorgeous and those pictures are so sweet I welled up looking at them! Congratulations to your whole family.:
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Wonderful story. Welcome Jonah!
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Congratulations! What an awesome birth story! (and I love your necklace! )
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Congratulations on your son!
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