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Anyone's feet hurt?

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Today my feet are achy. No swelling, they just hurt. I'm sitting in the recliner at the moment with them elevated and they are just throbbing : This is new and unwelcome. I can deal with my hips, pelvis, pubic bone, lower back, etc.... but adding the foot pain on top of all that is seriously pushing my limit.

The only good news is that I'm trying reflexology this afternoon so it should feel good, if not convince baby it's time to come out. I'll keep you posted. But don't hold your breath
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Dw's feet have been aching for a couple of weeks, it's one of her chief complaints actually. I've been giving her lots of foot rubs, trying to hopefully maybe push the points that you're "not supposed to push" during most of the pregnancy . . . if only I knew where they were!

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My feet and ankles hurt for a day or two after I did a serious mopping job of all the linoleum in my house (I alternated hands/knees and squatting) . They feel better now, though.

Hope the reflexology helps!
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I'm fully salivating over the idea of reflexology....!

I got plantar fasciitis with my first (but not this time so far! woohoo!) so maybe google that to see if the symptoms fit? Good supportive shoes will help it and prevent it from getting worse. The earlier you start, the better!
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I went to a concert at about 36 weeks, and had to stand most of the time. I didn't know feet could hurt like that! they pretty much hurt every day after that. Poor things just couldn't take the pressure and the weight anymore.

The great thing is, feet were magically better as soon as baby was out. hang in there, and enjoy that massage!
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Reflexology rocks I can't say it's done anything to encourage baby to think about making an arrival, but it felt heavenly!! My friend said she would drop by another evening later this week to do more specific labor-inducing stuff. Today was just a "warm up"

I had plantar fasciitis after my last pregnancy- it was pretty awful for about 6 months. Since then I've not been able to go barefoot at all. I always wear support shoes even in the house. I do have inserts as well, although I'm not wearing them now. I guess I should, eh?

I think a large part of it is my weight. I have never been this heavy in my life, even though I've gained less than 20 pounds this pregnancy. It's just too much. I am looking forward to feeling better once the baby arrives, even if I'm more uncomfortable in other areas for a little while

Come ON baby- OUT!!
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