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Hehe- my 2 yo DS and I were in the bathroom so I could help him clean up after doing his business.

DS- "Mommy, you have a weiner?" (that is the term my DH used when he was 1 and it stuck)

Me- "No, boys have weiners, I am a girl so I have a yoni"

DS- "Mom, you need my weiner?"

Me- "No, I have daddy's if I ever need one"

DS- "Mom, mine buy one for you."

He started getting the concept of you buy new things that you need at the store a few months ago, so that is his solution for everything.


Me- "Please don't scream inside while your sister is sleeping, she will wake up and cry."

DS- "Oh, sister is broken, we take back to the store and get a new one!"

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My 4 year old niece calls hand sanitizer "hanitizer".
My son did, too! He's starting to outgrow it now, but I still find it convenient to write "hanitizer" on a list of things to bring. (It's never on the shopping list...we got WAY overstocked by buying on sale just before he toilet-trained and we stopped needing it for diaper changes away from home!)
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My daughter is just a couple of weeks shy of 2. She hit me accidentally last night, then started hitting me on purpose.

DH: Are you hitting your mama?
DD: No.
Me: When you say you're not hitting your mama and you really are, that's a lie.
Me: No, not a lion.
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I took dd (just shy of 1yo) to the park today where she was befriended by a little boy (4yo). He had a couple of goods ones, but these are the 2 I actually remember:

LB, to dd: You are the most beautiful baby in the WORLD!


LB: How old is she [dd]?
Me: Just about 1. How old is your baby sister?
LB: Zero!
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I had my 3rd baby 3 months ago. While I was in the hospital, dh took the older kids to church where a friend of mine spoke to dd1 (5 1/2 yo). (It was before my dd knew that I'd had a c-section). Here's how the convo went:

FRIEND: Hi, where's Mommy?
DD: She's in the hospital. Her privates are sore.
FRIEND: Oh, did she have the baby?
DD: Yeah, she pushed the baby out of her privates.
FRIEND: How's the baby?
DD: He's fine. He's sucking on Mommy's boobies all day.

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Originally Posted by jojojojojo View Post
My daughter is just a couple of weeks shy of 2. She hit me accidentally last night, then started hitting me on purpose.

DH: Are you hitting your mama?
DD: No.
Me: When you say you're not hitting your mama and you really are, that's a lie.
Me: No, not a lion.
My DS and I had this exact conversation (but about a poopy diaper, not hitting) when he was about 18 months. So cute

DS was sitting on the potty the other day and I was hoping that he would go #2 as he is quite afraid to poo in the potty.
DS: Mama, there's a snake in the potty. (he seemed curious, not scared)
Me: Really?
DS: Snake lives in the big potty.
Me: Maybe he wants to eat your poopy (I have no clue why I said this, as it came out I thought, "what am I saying? I'm going to scare him!")
DS: looks at me for a moment with a serious face. "That's ... curious."

Yes, son, that about covers it.
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These are great! Here's one of my favorities:

DD (age 3) is riding her rainbow broom, waving her fairy wand and laughing/cackling.

DS (age 5): Are you a bad witch?

DD: No, I'm an artificial flavor!

(Gee, can you tell Mommy talks a lot about nutrition?)

And another:

We're at a symphony performance for children. DS, age 2, whispers to me that he has to poop. I stand up and we start working our way toward the aisle. Suddenly DS stops and passes gas rather loudly. He then exclaims, "Ah--there it goes!" There were several chuckles from people sitting nearby.

One more:

DS (age 5) to DH: Daddy, did you know eating fish makes you smarter? I didn't know that before.

DH: Oh, you must be talking about omega-3s. They're good for your brain.

DS: Yeah. I know it must be true, because after I ate that salmon last night I had some really good ideas.
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Originally Posted by Unconventional1 View Post
DS says mine too!!

We found a kitten under a bush in a park after a bunch of nasty storms, DS picks up the kitty and says "this is mine best friend!", and "this is mine favorite kitty!". Needless to say, the kitty now has a new home- we couldn't take away his best friend, favorite kitty!

Here is a pic when he said the first one:

Awww, that is so cute, and looks just like the sweet kitty that found us recently.
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DH: "Eleanor, say Dada!"
Eleanor: "Mama!"

This is pretty much always how the exchange goes. She can say Dada, of course, but likes saying Mama better.
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DD (3) is going through a picky phase with food and the list of things she will eat is pretty slim (fruit, cheese, bread, crackers, cucumbers, raisins...that's about it). So even though I make nice dinners, she pretty much always pushes the food away.

The other night daddy made dinner - grilled cheese and tomato soup. DD starts eating and says, "Mmm mmm mmm. This is the BEST dinner!"

Another funny one. SHe asked me for some milk yesterday and the convo went like this:

DD: "Mommy, can I have some milk please?"
Me: "Absolutely!"
DD: "No 'lutely, just MILK mommy!"
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When my son was 2 (and still nursing), we were visiting my mother when he pulled a round tea-bag out of her pantry. "Here, Amma," he said, handing her the tea-bag, "for you boobie." He thought it was a nursing pad!

We were leaving my mother's one day and she mentioned that later she was going to hit the grocery store. My son looked horrified and said, "No, Amma! No hitting!"

When he was 2.5, I got a pair of jeans with a butterfly on the back pocket. The first day I wore them, he patted me on the rear end and exclaimed, "Mommy! You gots...a butt-fly!"
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"No, I don't want any breakfast. I have my saliva to keep me company."

"Mama! I love you more than anything! Except the wooden tulips in Grandma's bathroom."
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