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Well I made the mistake of calling DD's vagina her jay-jay once and it has never been the same, that's what she calls her vagina now.

So anyway Dh was getting out of the shower and DD proclaimed, "DADDY your jay-jay looks FUNNY, ha-ha". We all cracked up and Dh proceeded to quickly put on a towel.
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These are too funny.

One moment that sticks out in my mind was when my now 8 yo ds was about 4 we were laying (lying?) in bed and he asked me what an orphan was. I explained it to him and reminded him that "F" my cousins dd, was an orphan whom they adopted from China.

The conversation rolled along and I had said that if I had money I would adopt children,too. He asked why I needed money and i told him there were costs associated with the adoption process; it costs money to raise children etc.

He was quiet for a while then said" If I had money, I would buy myself a 16 yo so they could drive me around.."

Needless to say.. we had alot more to talk about.
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DD doesn't talk yet, but I will always remember what my nephew said to me one time...

I asked him to be the ring bearer in my wedding. He asked what a ring bearer is. I said "you'll dress up very nice and walk down the aisle at church with a pillow. you'll carry my ring on your pillow". He thought about it long and hard then answered with "I'll carry your ring, but can I be a polar bear instead??" Get it, ring bear, polar bear. I laughed my butt off and actually considered getting him a white tux and calling him a polar bear.

ETA: Had to add this one from my now 11 y/o niece. It's a family classic that we still talk about. When she was a toddler, she mixed up the phrases "Excuse me" and "Good morning". So, when she meant to say excuse me, she would say good morning. We were all at my parents watching a movie one night and she was playing with a toy on the coffee table. My dad had his feet up on the table. When she tried to get through, this was their conversation:

Katy: Good morning, Papa.
Papa: Good morning, Katy. *pat on the back*
Katy: *looks at his feet* Good morning, Papa.
Papa: *laughs* Good morning, Katy.
Katy: *getting angry* Papa, I said Good morning.
Papa: I know, I said good morning back.
Katy: *starts shoving his feet out of the way* Good morning, good morning, good morning, etc, etc...

He finally figured it out (my dad's a little slow like that). He still tells her that story today, it cracked him up! She also confused the words chicken and kitchen at around the same age. That was fun to play with. As well as the word cheeseburger. She would say cheeseburberg.
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Originally Posted by Mal85 View Post
As well as the word cheeseburger. She would say cheeseburberg.
My DS2 currently calls hamburgers "hambugergs." It is so cute to hear, that it's hard for DS1 and I not to repeat it all the time, reinforcing that pronunciation.

A favorite of mine is a memory of my nephew, now grown up and married, from when he was a toddler. He was inspecting a piece of petrified wood that my parents had on a shelf. He was looking very closely and someone asked him "What is it?" after some thought, he replied, "It's a pine-rock!" (instead of a pine-cone). He clearly recognized it was the shape of a plant, but it felt like a rock.
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I just remembered another one, from when DS was potty training:
"mum, I peed in the washbasin"
" oh no, cats and dogs and other animals can pee wherever they want to, we do it in the loo!"
"well, I am a little animal!"
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ODS, in tone that he is disappointed with me "Oh mama, that's a fat fat baby. So fat!" "Daddy milks cows, drives tractors, and wears tractor boots!" (muck boots). When my mom's dogs are barking "No doggies! RUDE doggies!"
When DH was lying in bed shirtless *poking DH's n*pples* "Dada has buttons!" The other night I woke up and he was sitting up in bed yelling...so I said "Canaan! It's sleepy-time!" He looks at his stuffed pony and said "No, no, pony! Too loud!" And my personal favorite-*SHRIEK* "No no. NO big squeak-squeaks!"
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My DD is 7 and calls nipples - nibbles, bras are brawls and right now she really wants a bra of her own. She recently saw girls a few years older than her with them on at summer camp. I told her maybe in a few years when she has something to put in a bra.
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A friend thought when she was a tot that since her (white) mommy gave her white milk from the breast, black babies must get chocolate milk.

While sleeping over at a friend's house as a teenager, her little sis who was a little hard to understand, and still nursing, looked at my sweater and said something indistinguishable. I replied with, "Red Sweater". She looked very quizically at me, and said, "Red Nursey?" meaning red milk! Aah, my 15 year old breasts had not even thought of milk!

The same weekend, the little sis looked at the braces on my teeth, and asked why I had a necklace on my teeth.
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My all-time fav on a handwritten note: "Dad, I wil giv you a lolepop if you giv me a lil sisr"

For a while, earlobes were "earlids" vis a vis eyelids

She still asks for "opeymeal" instead of oatmeal

That's all I can think of right now. I gotta start writing these down when she does them!
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Originally Posted by craft_media_hero View Post
She still asks for "opeymeal" instead of oatmeal
What is it about that word? DS2 calls oatmeal "openmeal"

My family always called it "opeo" when I was growing up because my oldest sister pronounced it that way as a toddler.

OT: My husband doesn't like oatmel much. But I occasionally make it as a family breakfast and tell him "Remember, oatmeal is better than no meal!"
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I am a SAHM to 3 year old Scarlett. I go to Pilates two evenings a week, and Saturday mornings.

Yesterday I went out to the car to get something, Scarlett stayed in the house with daddy.

She asked daddy "Where is mama going? To work?"

Dad says "No. To the car to get something."

Scarlett says "Mama doesn't work. Oh wait. She works at Pilates."

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Okay this one comes from my niece who was three at the time and my sister told me, they were driving somewhere and they passed through a crash:

My niece: Mommy what is that? (pointing to the crash)
My sister: It's a car accident
My niece: Okay. Mommy
My sister: Yes honey?
My niece: What is a car purpose then?
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Originally Posted by barefootmama0709 View Post
When DH was lying in bed shirtless *poking DH's n*pples* "Dada has buttons!"
I have convinced Lina that dh's nipples are buttons. You see, he yelps when I pretend I'm about to blow a raspberry on his tummy, and I was doing that as she pushed his nipples. So now she presses them and then looks up at him expectantly.
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: :

Just what I needed this evening...

5 yr old DS "I love you more than Papa. I love Papa too. Want to know why I love him?" All this as we are sitting outside and he is leaning on his papa's arm "I love Papa because he plays with us. And because he has a pretty big brain." ... "He can use it to think up good games"

DH was trying so hard not to burst out laughing

Same DS the other day "Don't forget your boobie holders!"

Both my boys have called bras "boobie holders" Once we were walking through a store and passing by the lingerie section my oldest DS (who was probly 4) was running his hand over the hangers chanting "Boobie holders, boobie holders" The old ladies were giving me the dirtiest looks
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Another one from 5yr old DS

"Mama, the train station lady and the movie theatre lady both live in the same little house"

I learn the most interesting things when we are cuddled in bed.

Another bedtime gem:

"I wonder if the firefighters sew extra fireman clothes for grown-ups who want to join them and be a firefighter"

Can you tell one of the things he wants to be when he grows up
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Originally Posted by RoseDuperre View Post
]'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'! Jeez."
not my LO, but two little boys in the day care I used to work for (3yo) were playing with toy cars and a toy gas pump, and the first one was asking about the quality of the gas being vended (who knows) and the second little boy got a very serious look on his face and said, "Oh, its organic."

And this from an adorably sweet little boy when talking about halloween costumes: "I wanted to be a princess for halloween, but daddy wants me to be a power ranger"
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Was just talking on the phone to DH, who is home with our 2.5yo and almost-6mo. DD1 (2.5) HAD to get on the phone right.away. and tell me... "I a tummy, Mama." OK, sweetie. Then she had to tell me that I also had a tummy, and Daddy had a tummy.

It was just funny how URGENT it was for her to tell me she had a tummy. And not a tummy ache, or anything, just that she has a tummy.
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lol! Kids crack me up. I was at a friend's house this evening and their nanny's oldest (probably 3 or so?) tapped me and when I bend down to see what she wanted she says in all seriousness "Excuse me, but I NEED some jelly beans"
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