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I had to add this, just happened:

DS is going to a birthday party, so he has drawn a birthday card for his friend. He drew a big heart and colored it all red. Then he drew a web of lines around it, connected to it and variously shaped other red blobs. His proud explanation "Those are the veins carrying blood to all the other organs. This is a real beating heart!"
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I used to say "oatwheels" for "oatmeal". My son says "oatmeal" clearly but refers to the morning meal as "brexxiff".

Once in a while somebody visits his pre-school dressed as the school mascot, a teddy bear in overalls. One day I had to pick up my son early for an appointment and happened to arrive just after a visit from both Teddy and the Pirate Parrot who is the mascot of our local baseball team. The school is in the ground level of a large apartment building. As we were leaving, we saw Teddy and Parrot going into the apartment entrance of the building.
ME: Oh, do you think they live in the apartments here?
KID: Maybe that bird does, and Teddy is visiting at his house.
ME: Where does Teddy live?
KID: I think in a cave. I mean, I never asked him, but bears usually live in a cave in the forest. Where are the caves around here? Maybe in Frick Park.
ME: I don't think there are any bears in Frick Park.
KID: Oh, not WILD bears! Teddy is the kind of bear who has a bed and refrigerator and things in his cave.
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I had a conversation with my 3 y/o niece shortly after DD was born about breastfeeding. She saw my feeding DD and got a very frightened look on her face and exclaimed "WHY is she eatin from your boobie?!"

I explained that this is how mommies feed their babies and her mommy fed her that way when she was a baby. Now, everytime she sees me feed DD she feels the need to tell anyone within earshot that "Mallory is feeding Owyn on her boobie. Mommies feed babies on their boobies!"

I went a couple of weeks not seeing her until DH and I went out to eat for our anniversary and DD stayed with them for a couple of hours. When I got back to pick her up, I went to feed her and I guess she had forgotten how I feed DD and couldn't figure out why I wasn't using the bottle I had left for them to use while I was gone. I asked her if she remembered how mommies feed their babies and she got all embarrassed and said "Oh yeah, hehe, on your boobie."
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DD has given me some real gems over the years.

"I'm nocturnal, Mommy. I can see in the dark, and nocturnal animals can see in the dark, so I am too!"

While I was having mimosas wiith a friend: "I'm not old enough to have wine." She places her hand dramatically on her forehead and slumps in her chair. "I try not to think about it!"

DH had been sitting at his computer, and DD hugged him from behind. "I love you, Daddy, you're the bestest daddy I know." He looks at her kind of funny, and asks what she really wants. She pauses for a few seconds and says, "alright, what I really want is breakfast."
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: These are just great!
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Originally Posted by Katsmamajama View Post
While I was having mimosas wiith a friend: "I'm not old enough to have wine." She places her hand dramatically on her forehead and slumps in her chair. "I try not to think about it!"
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BACKGROUND: Lately Canaan has been very loud a lot, so we've been working on "inside noises" and "outside noises".
My sister and I were involved in conversation at the dinner table and Canaan must have been getting bored;
Us *startled looks*
Canaan: "That's a LOUD cow! That's an outside cow!".

Canaan: "I'se NOT an grape!!"
Me: "No, you're not a grape..."
Canaan: "I'se an ONION!!"
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DD, upon being told to stop freaking out - "I can't. Freaking out is my life. It's what I do."

I can't think of any others right now, because I have a two week old baby, and I'm not getting much sleep...
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I asked my 12 yo. dd if she'd always remember me taking her to fireworks on the 4th of July.

She replied, "Yeah, unless I get Alzheimer's."
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After finishing her most recent masterpiece, DD presented it to me and exclaimed, "The moon in the sky...my drawing!"
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My DD loves raw clams. DS was leery about trying them but finally thought he would take the plunge. He bravely took one into his mouth. chewed it and tried to swallow but he immediately threw up on the kitchen floor. (I'm not talking spit out the clam I'm talking gag then puke)
He looked at my DH and said, "I guess that I don't like raw clams"
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Abigail: Mommy, I love yours big butt!!! (while hugging my butt as I brush my teeth)
Me: I love you!!
Abigail: I have a little butt, huh mommy?
Me: Yes, you do.
Abigail: I want to have a big butt like you, Mommy.
Me: You do?
Abigail: Uh huuuuh!!!


Abigail: Can I have a big butt when I'm a grown up?
Me: Yes, you can.

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2yo DD when we tell her to be careful:
"Cuz I will get hurt and I will cry and then you will have to give me boobs"
6yo nephew when I asked him what he was doing:
"Oh, just wearin' my pants"
2yo DD to DH when she wants to nurse and he jokingly lifts up his shirt:
"No Dad! Not your hairy boobies! I want mommies clean boobies!"
7yo DS currently says sh*t instead of sit (too much icanhazcheeseburger, it's made him talk funny) so when he says it I don't correct him, I just answer him as if that's what he meant:
ds- can I go sh*t on that bench?
me- no, I don't think the store owners would appreciate that but you are welcome to sit on it.
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So...I was just talking about some partying friends who are starting to slow down a little, and experiencing some changes in priorities. DH said that they weren't exactly spring chickens to start with. I said, "yeah - they're all my age or a little older".

DD replied, "And, when you get to be mommy's age or a little older, life gets boring".

Oh, dear.
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We had a good one tonight.
We were discussing adjectives, nouns etc..and the kids were coming with some weird sentences.
DD said, "stinky foofs (farts) are annoying"
DH asked, "ok what's stinky?" Meaning what part of speech.
DD said, "You are!"
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My 4 year old niece calls hand sanitizer "hanitizer".
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Originally Posted by monkey-lamb View Post
My 4 year old niece calls hand sanitizer "hanitizer".
My 4 year old son says the same thing! I think it's so cute.

When we're putting together something (like a bookshelf), he calls the instructions telling you how to construct something "constructions."
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DS is pretty good about remembering his dinosaur names, but he calls the Tyranosaurus Rex his Dinosaurus Rex.
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Originally Posted by KristaDJ View Post
2yo DD when we tell her to be careful:
"Cuz I will get hurt and I will cry and then you will have to give me boobs"
Ha! That reminds me, when I ask 2yo DS2 to stop doing something because it's too dangerous and he could get hurt, he replies:

"It's OK. I can do it. I will just cry and get a band-aid and have momo" (family term for nursing)

or sometimes it is:

"It's OK. I will just go see doctor goober" (his pronunciation of Dr. Cooper, his ped.)
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