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I have a MW appointment later this week, so I will ask then, but anyone know when it is OK to swim after having a baby? My other babies were Fall babies, so this never came up. It is 101 for the third day in a row, here, and I'd love to try out my new nursing suit, but I am not even two weeks pp yet, though bleeding has stopped. I know 6 weeks is the "official" go ahead date for sex, but that seems I never really knew why that was the magic number.
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i swam with mine 3 weeks pp it was Great!
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I've asked about this in anticipation of swimming post partum. I was told that anytime after the bleeding has stopped is fine. However, last time I bled for 6+ weeks so I don't know if that helps you at 2 weeks post partum?
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I think you need to wait till the bleeding stops b/c of infection and that you can't use tampons or whatever yet. But I know "bleeding" can be just brown spotting for weeks so I'd say it's up to you! lol
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