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WTH? Anybody Weepy?

Uh, DH was reading 'The Giving Tree' this morning to me and DS and I just started BAWLING! WTF is that?! Yeah, this is new .
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Yeah I am weepy (I was sort of anyway )

The other day, I was picking up DD from camp, and saw another little girl bust out in tears when she saw her mama I saw that and it made me really cry. Tears were streaming down my face..I was also sitting there alone .. I was so embarrassed..It wasn't just a little cry, it was a BIG one
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I am a lot better today after my food poisoning episode. Just really really weak, I get out of breath just walking across the room and my heart feels all fluttery. Thankfully my parents have been helping out so I can rest and DH can work. I feel about 80 years old. Today I'm starting to try out solid food after two days of mostly clear liquids. I am totally not with those of you who want morning sickness. When I spoke to my midwife's nurse yesterday she said I have suffered enough for an entire pregnancy and will prescribe whatever I need to avoid ms. Last pregnancy I was adamantly opposed to taking anything and just suffered through it, but I had a desk job then and didn't have a 2 year old to chase around all day. So I'm starting to take B6 and if I feel the slightest twinge of nausea I'm going to try out a small dose of unisom. If that doesn't work for me she'll write me a prescription for something stronger. I'm going to transition my post-food-poisoning diet right into a nausea prevention diet as well (lots of small meals, nothing too rich, no vitamins apart from the B6 and folic acid, etc).
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I'm glad to hear you're doing better. Glad to see you back!

Warning: This is going to be TMI

So, DH and I DTD this morning (our third time since getting a BFP). I had a very strong orgasm (yay!), and afterward I had terrible cramping. Honestly, it made the m/s really strong and even gave me diarrhea. Could not stand up straight for 1/2 hr. I know a previous poster mentioned post-coital cramping. However, this is the first time that happened to me.

Anyone else experience this?
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Originally Posted by BelovedK View Post
Yes, everything will be OK, I wish I would just relax and enjoy being pregnant though. I want to enjoy things before the crappy feelings really start.

This morning I kept waking feeling sick, it felt like I was on the verge of throwing up, like if I coughed, I would...I didn't though.

I am hoping that I don't get too sick this time, I do have to keep working, I work 3 days a week, but I am on my feet and have to be "on" for people.
I just wanted to let you know that if you do happen to get sick or sicker than you would like to and still need to work, they do have new medicines that you can take now. They are safe for the baby too!! It has been a long time since both you and I have been pregnant and everything has changed since then. I had already talked to my midwife about morning sickness at my appointment about 3 weeks ago when I was still TTC.

magrat I am happy you are starting to feel better! I hope you will be back to completely normal very soon!

Geigerin Wow!! i haven't even thought about sex! i am a little scared right now. I know that it is perfectly fine but, still it scares me a little. I really hope you are feeling better now cause what you experienced would have freaked me out a little but, hey, yay for the great orgasm!! LOL!! At least you got that out of it!!

mamacatsbaby I have found that I am starting to get weepy too. If I think even just for a sec that my DH has a mean tone to his voice when talking to me...I want to cry!
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Geigerin I had a little cramping after DTD resulting in O when PG with DS a couple of times but it wasn't anywhere near as intense as what you describe here.

ETA: Oh, and I was farther along, maybe 5 or 6 months?
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I honestly think I will worry until I get m/s :-/ It is so early, I usually got it later with my other pregnancies (not much later though)
The fatigue has continued to be strong though. It is morning, so i have energy, but probably later it will kick in. I did get a full nights sleep last night though, and woke naturally without an alarm.
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I guess now it will be until I hear the heartbeat. How long before you can hear the heartbeat??
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Would having looser stools be a symptom? They are not really bad, just a bit, and I have been feeling a teeny bit ooky in the tummy because of it (but not really nauseous)
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Originally Posted by 1babysmom View Post
I think it just depends. With DD1 when I was having early u/s's after my losses, we heard it at 6 weeks (abdominally). Last time I picked DD's up with the doppler at 8 weeks. I'll probably try around 8 weeks this time, too.
Is that 8 weeks post conception or 8 weeks post AF? I will be 8 weeks post AF when I see my midwife, and I am trying to remember when my midwife could pick up the heartbeat with my other two, but I can't.
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Originally Posted by BelovedK View Post
Would having looser stools be a symptom? They are not really bad, just a bit, and I have been feeling a teeny bit ooky in the tummy because of it (but not really nauseous)
Our babies are due on the same day! I don't know why but I have a feeling that I'll be a few days late.

After today, I would definitely consider it a symptom. (TMI) I spent a half hour in the bathroom tonight in a ton of pain after eating Japanese food.. I thought we were supposed to have more constipation! I suppose pregnancy is full of surprises. I'm thinking of calling my MW to ask her about the diarrhea and cramping that I've been having lately..
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I'd like to add CRAZY dreams to my list of symptoms. I had a very intense one last night that woke me up crying!
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I'm posting on here - tentatively. No BFP yet. That being said...

I have the itchy boob syndrome.
I have felt m/s / nausea off and on all day for the past five days or so.
I have had the WEIRDEST DREAMS EVER this past week! I wake up, I remember them! I lay down again, I remember them! They basically haunt my every waking moment ... this didn't happen with DD, so huh, who knows...
I "feel" pregnant. I dunno. Chalk it up to intuition? I just... know I am.

If all works out, my EDD would be March 8, 2009. Can I POAS and get a positive yet? I'm kinda - afraid - to.
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I am also posting tentatively...no BFP (I haven't tested yet, only 9 DPO today), but I have a really good feeling about this month.

So far, my symptoms have been:
Since 2 DPO, I've had tons of bloating. It's went away a tiny bit since then, but still comes back throughout the day, but 2-4 DPO, I was SO bloated it was hard to zip my pants, and it was sensitive, too, it was hard to lay on my stomach.
Starting around 3 DPO, I started having nipple sensitivity, which has turned into VERY sore breasts and nipples (not really an AF symptom for me, I sometimes have tender nipples but my breasts have NEVER been this sore in my life).
Starting at 4 DPO, I had cloudy and stronger smelling urine, which has continued, even SO noticed that one very early on.
The nausea started 6 DPO, and hasn't let up since. I've been sick sick sick, and having aversions to everything. I'm hungry but it's really hard to find something to eat.
Yesterday evening/early today (it started around 1:30 am), I had what I believe were implantation cramps...they were painful, but quite different than AF cramps...these were more up front, and more dull like ovulation pains, but they were very definitely near my uterus. The cramps stopped after about 2 hours, and that area has been sensitive all day.
I'm also absolutely exhausted and have done nothing but slept or laid in bed the last 3 days. The house is falling apart because it's so hard to drag myself out of bed to do anything.

Anyway, like I said, no BFP, just a gut feeling and a lot of symptoms that are very, very unusualy for me. I hope to join you ladies officially soon.
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Oh, one other thing I forgot to add: I've been very emotional, starting around 5 DPO, but my moods have been all over the place since 7 DPO, and one minute I'm crying about how in love with SO I am, and the next I'm very angry at him. Also, if he says anything to me that I feel was said rudely (even if it wasn't), I tear up and think he hates me. LOL.
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I am 4w5d, should I be feeling really strong symptoms yet?

I am feeling some symptoms, but I am not so sick I can't work out in the morning and I can't remember whether my sickness started this early with my other 2. Oh, and I feel some soreness in my boobs, but they are not super sore.

I found out so early nthis time though. I would feel so much better if I were to feel nauseous or something. :-/

I guess I will call and go in for a beta today.
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