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First appt today!

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It went really well. : I'm seeing an OB because of some medical issues, but I didn't know any in this city. I think I found a really good one though - we had a quite a long appointment and then quite unexpectedly she said "let's have a look on the ultrasound." There was a little mini ultrasound in there and we got to see the babe - bouncing around, looking amazing. Heartbeat normal. Measuring 11w 1d, which is exactly what I calculated. All seems to be going well and I have such a lighter feeling about the whole thing now. I feel like maybe we can start to get excited about the pregnancy soon, especially when this nausea goes down a bit!
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This is a great visit! Glad you got to see your LO.
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Fantastic! How great that you click with her.
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I'm so happy for you! :
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ooh, how exciting! congrats!
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