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bike helmet for 1 yr old

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I just got my bike trailer from our friendly UPS driver yesterday...:

So now DS needs a helmet to complete the ensemble. Are all helmets pretty much the same? For instance, assuming it fits well, is a helmet from Target pretty much the same as a higher priced one from REI or whatever?
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I think that the most important consideration is fit. Regardless of price, if it doesn't fit well, there isn't much point. That being said, I LOVE the helmet we got from sports authority. It was less than $30 I think, but it fit soooo well. The helmet went on first and then, you turned a dial on the back of it until it was snug. For us, who previously struggled with helmets and toddlers, this was a big relief. It is a really nice feature for my older dd too, because she doesn't like "cramming" a helmet on her head.

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It doesn't cost that much more to go to a proper bike shop with experienced sales staff, and they will help you get the right helmet and get it fitting well. I don't get an expensive bike, but I do take my 7-year-old to a bike shop for the helmet because I need the help of the sales staff.
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I would call the nearby hospitals, police depts & fire stations and ask if they do helmet fittings. Ours do. You go, watch a video about helmet fit & safety and then they fit your child for a helmet. They get the right size, a super good helmet (plain colored but very safe) and they show you how everything should fit and adjust everything just right. Plus, they are usually only $5-10.
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I agree about getting someone to do a fitting. Usually there are safety fairs every so often where they do them. Fit is the most important thing, and often the fittings at safety fairs are super cheap (I paid $7 for ds2's helmet!).
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Wow, thanks ladies, I had no idea you could go get a helmet fitting other than a bike store. Yay! Off to research some in our area...
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