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Yeast infection...

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So I've bored you all with my talks about yeast infections my ENTIRE pregnancy! My brief story (to remind you) I had a few a year before DD1 was born, then after birth I basically had at least one a month and sometimes it never cleared up. So I was able to get a bit more of a handle on it during this pregnancy...and now I have had NONE since birth. I thought for sure I'd have one due to the antibiotics at birth or just the general process down there...but nope! We've even DTD 3 times with condoms and NOTHING! I still use half a tea tree oil supp after DTD and will take my 2 probiotics a day probably forever...I'm SOOOO Excited and relieved! In with the first, out with the last!!!!!!!! You've no idea how nice it is to feel NORMAL!!!::::::::: joy:::::
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been there often enough to know exactly what you're talkin' about, shine

congrats :::
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Great news!
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