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Biodegradable diapers? Nature babycare

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I was browsing around Amazon today and saw these: http://www.amazon.com/s/qid=12459675...able%20diapers

Have you had any experience with these?

What are your thoughts on being 60% biodegradable? Its better than nothing, but still, is that what we should be going for when we try to be "eco-friendly"?
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if you don't mind that your still using some of the same ingredients as disposables and that they come with a larger price tag -- than I suppose they would be a good fit for your needs.

myself -- I would not choose them. i'll stop here.
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They don't have the same ingredients as mainstream diapers but I don't think they will truly biodegrade faster simply because they are going to be piled into the same landfill as everything else.... they need oxygen to break down and that won't happen when smothered between plastic trash bags.

That all said, I have used them and really like them (for disposables). They seem to work better than seventh generation, for my super soaker, anyway. Plus they have cute leaves on them
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We use them. They don't work for us overnight because they litterally start to biodegrate after a few hours. Think crotchless diaper by morning.
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I agree about the sitting in a landfill thing. If we had commercial composting here I think that's where it's most beneficial. That being said, I do like having them on hand even though we use cloth the vast majority of the time. We never had problems with them biodegrading overnight, but it's been several years since I've used them.
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I have used these, and I like them. However, they seem to be sized for long skinny babies. My chubby LO outgrew the size ones well before he reached the weight listed on the package. I bought size twos and they were also too narrow! When I held the two sizes up to each other I found that the larger size was only about an inch wider. How annoying.
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I agree w/PP. My 14 lb 4 month old is in a size 3.
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We use Nature Babycare to fill in the gaps with cloth diapering. Travel and over night being the main 2. We love them and have zero complaints. They're comfy, super absorbent, better than any other "eco-friendly" disposable we've found. Plus we buy in bulk from  www.ecomom.com with free shipping and a coupon code they're really reasonably priced. The reason I'm even commenting about it on an old thread is that right now eco mom will match your purchase of Nature babycare diapers one to one with a charitable donation.


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We have used these at our non CD friendly daycare for two years with great success.  We've tried some of the other eco-friendly diapers and these worked best for us.  We can use them overnight with no problem.  They do run a little small though so take that into consideration when ordering.

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Oh yeah, and there is also a service if California that actually composts Nature Babycare diapers:  http://www.earth-baby.com/home.php

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Hmm..DS got a terrible rash after using these for one day.  Tried to use them a week later and same thing.  Also, didn't like the super wide crotch..didn't fit him well.

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