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MIlwaukee zoo?

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How is the Milwaukee zoo these days? ANyone been recently? We are planning a trip there next week and I haven't been there in like 20 years.
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I haven't been there in awhile, but my in-laws take my kiddos at least once a summer. My kids LOVE it. They still have the zoo train, which is a hit with my kids. Milwaukee also has a lot of animals that the Henry Vilas zoo in Madison (where we live) doesn't have, such as zebras and elephants. I heard they just got a meerkat exhibit, which sounds really cool. Each summer, I keep intending to go to the Milwaukee Zoo for a visit; maybe one of these days I'll actually do it!
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You have to pay for parking or else park pretty far away BTW.

We had a zoo pass for there and my girls loved the zoo in Milwaukee. It is hard to really do in one day! (Our pass expires this month and we went last year over 10 times for sure just in the summer when we'd visit family in WI)

If possible plan your trip by looking at the map to maximize efficient ways to travel to the top spots you want to see. The childrens area has a playground which is a nice break and the value meals there are pretty good considering (even come with carrot sticks). Even the adult panini sandwhich at the kids area is pretty tasty. You CAN bring in your own food- We usually brought our own lunches and saved money there. My girls always loved the monkey/ape area, the polar bear/seal exhibit, the cat house especially the jaguar, the cheetah and the hyena which they didn't see in our Alabama zoo in Birmingham where we used to live. Don't miss the red panda by the cat house too as it is such an endangered animal - also the snow leopard was a favorite although usually sleeping. On one visit we learned the snow leopard can jump over 30 ft which is why his enclosure it fenced even for the roof. We also learned his tail is used like a scarf in winter to keep him warm. On some visits we had to skip the small mammal building since we'd run out of time but they liked the lemur the best there. Also they have an indoor penguin/bird exhibit that we'd miss if we ran out of time. They have camel rides, pony rides, the train, a zoomobile which I liked better since they do provide some information about the animals, they offer giraffee feeding and a carousel too. Also a sting ray & shark hands on exhibit but it is hard for little ones to reach them. We'd plan ahead of time which "special" thing we were going to do. They do not have the Koala there anymore- he was visiting awhile back so just the kangaroos & emus and a few other animals in the Australia area.

We really like the Milwaukee zoo and could certainly spend an entire day there many times over.
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Mom0810 - Did you make it to the Zoo? I just spoke to someone last night about the Milw Zoo. She mentioned that her daughter took her children last week and they weren't very impressed. There weren't very many animals. I wonder if it was the heat. We have plans to go soon but I don't want to go and be disappointed.
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We go almost weekly and really love it. The food is expensive, but there are no rules about bringing in food so that's a big help. The children's area is a great place to stop for lunch with lots of shady areas.
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We did go! It was great. THe weather was wonderful and there were LOTS of animals out. They have a new baby orangutan! It was darling. I loved the polar bears and the harbor seals. I'm such a cold weather person.

The highlight of the day for ds (3 years old) was... the lizard POOP in the lizard cage. Yep, that's what he talked about the whole way home. Lizard poop. Could have taken him to a pet store for that. But ds (20 months) loved the giraffes and they have feedings for the giraffes that you can buy tickets for and your kids can feed them! If you don't want to spring for the ticket though, you can still get VERY close to them without paying. I loved them.

It was a great day. Great weather, but it's a lot for kids my kids' age to take in. We will definitely go again. Very fun day.

Lizard poop... sheesh. LOL
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Did you know that Mahal, the baby orangatan is adopted? His mom rejected him at birth and they moved him to the Milwaukee Zoo and MJ took on the role of mom.

One day I was there and there was a mom talking to her little girl. She said, "Little Mahal is adopted just like you.'" It was one of the sweetest moments I've ever seen. I immediately started sobbing and just looked at the mom and smiled.
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Ohhhh, that is so sweet. As an adopted child myself, that really touches my heart. I did not know that about Mahal, we were quite rushed once we got to that part because it was naptime. But how neat.
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We love the Milwaukee Zoo. We get a zoo pass every year (my official Mother's Day gift LOL). There's lots of animals IMO. They're redoing an area right now in between the cat house and the elephants, but that's the only construction area. The bird show is really neat too.
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We're going to the bird show in a couple of weeks, my DS is totally into birds right now and I think he'll get a kick out of it...
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