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I know AM!!

I went to check some out today and the turbobooster seemed a little..cheap feeling. It really wiggled a lot and didn't seem sturdy but the evenflo big kid seemed pretty sturdy. Is the evenflo really bad?

How hard is the install for the turbobooster, evenflo big kid and the cosco seat? Do they switch between cars good?

thanks for all of your help. I am going to take them with me so they can pick the colors out themselves? The 4yo hasn't been in a seat for a couple years so I don't know how this will go over with him as he thinks carseats are for babies.
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Boosters wiggle. It feels strange to people who are used to harnessed seats, but they wiggle and it's okay.

The Evenflo Big Kid fits big kids better. It's usually not a great fit for a 4yo. Also, it doesn't have EPS foam in the headwings (at least most of them don't -- I don't know if any do). That's kind of a big deal because the EPS foam -- which is white and looks like styrofoam, not soft and cushy -- absorbs some of the energy in a crash. It's the stuff they use in bicycle helmets. Seats that don't have that foam transfer all the energy into the kid's head. That's usually not good.
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We use a turbo booster for our 50lb 47inch 6.5 year old. It feels lighter because its jsut a booster and the back can be removed. Its a good seat go good rating and is super easy to use. There is no really install for a booster just put on seat position the head rest correctly and feed belt through top slot and over lap (under the seats arm rests). I think the Evenflo though will be fine. Though there customer service are a pain to work with if an issue comes up.

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