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DS Playing with Penis while Breastfeeding

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I once read something briefly on this, but didn't really care since my son was an infant at the time. He is now 3, and has been playing with himself for some time, but only recently has begun playing with himself while breastfeeding. I figure it's because he loves his penis, and he has nothing else to do with his hands, but I am in a way bothered by it. I know I shouldn't be, but having had sexual abuse in the family (not me personally) it scares me. I have begun to do patty cakes with him or have him point to other body parts or things, just to keep his hands busy. Am I wrong for being paranoid or weired out by this? Is there anyone who can just relate?!?
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we have a saying at my house

penis time is personal time.

I can see where you would be a little worried and not know what to do. I'm sure its innocent, just odd! Hes probably just happy to be nursing, and likes his penis, why wouldn't you put them together!
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I just gently remind him that when he's nursing, his penis is off limits. And that if he wants to play with his penis, he's welcome to stop nursing. Sometimes he chooses to nurse, sometimes he wants to explore. That's fine.

If he wants to nurse, I grab something else for him to clutch--toy car, stuffed animal, whatever. He's not into nursing necklaces.
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my son is only 15 months and wears snap up cloth diapers, he has a hard time getting his hands in there. I think if he could reach it, he would play with it while nursing.

When i change his diaper, his face lights up with happiness and his hand darts down to his winki and he plays. I have to agree with the other moms who mentioned that he probably just loves his penis, as he should! Keeping his hands busy is a happy and nonshaming way to redirect this behaviour. If you are uncomfortable, then it is only right that you address.
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My DS has started to do this recently, too. I hadn't thought too much about it but I would prefer that it didn't become a habit, mostly because when he's nursing he's eating and touching your penis while you're eating isn't cool. I think the idea of redirecting or playing games to keep hands busy is a good idea.
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oh dear i just had to point out:

a way to a man's heart....his stomach and his penis!

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Seriously, I wasn't expecting comments like way to a man's heart.....! Thanks for lightening up my worries. I'll just continue with redirecting his hands elsewhere! Thank you for the feedback!
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Sometimes I'll nurse my 16 month old son right after he's gotten out of the tub and before I put a diap. on him. He thoroughly enjoys the freedom of the nakedness while nursing. I don't encourage nor dissuade him from touching his penis, as I don't want him to be afraid of his sexuality or be ashamed, etc. I don't think you have anything to worry about, but if it really bothers you, talk to him about it. he's old enough to understand that you think it is inappropriate.
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