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Why would rice milk cause eczema?

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This is the only link we can find to DS's eczema. It's like a switch - we give him rice milk, he gets eczema, we eliminate the rice milk, eczema is gone. It took me 2 years to figure this out but it is the definitive link.

We use the Rice Dream Enriched. Here are the ingredients: filtered water, organic brown rice (partially milled), organic expeller pressed safflower and/or canola oil, tricalcium phosphate, sea salt, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2, vitamin B12.

We've never seen the eczema except when we've given him rice milk. I have cooked with canolo oil and he's never had problems.

Any ideas?
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Does he react to rice or other rice products? What about corn?
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my son is actually allergic to rice. discovered it during the elimination diet. Rice, rice milk, rice cheese, etc - all made his eczema worse and gave him nast ear infections. Cut it out, and poof - symptoms gone. even now he cant tolerate products with rice starch in them.

so maybe it isn't the canola or other ingredients - but the rice itself??

You can try switching to Hemp Milk instead. We also use coconut milk for alot of stuff around here.
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I was just wondering this as I have noticed when I drink rice milk I get lots of bumps on my arm. My baby has allergys and it wasnt until I started the elimination diet with her that I realise I also have allergys
But I tolerate rice fine it just seems to be the rice milk we use the rice dream but it only has rice sunflower oil and the added vitamins confusingggg
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Rice is one of my strongest delayed reactions. Go figure. So much for rice being "low allergic".
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it could be the safflower oil as well....
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My dd cannot tolerate rice milk either, though she can eat rice noodles, go firgure. We've had great success with hazelnut milk.
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Rice Dream says it is gluten-free but it has some gluten derivatives in it. So, that could be a possiblity if gluten is an issue.
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I was going to post that rice dream says they "test" GF but they do use a barley extract during the manufacturing process. Also, they use sunflower oil, so it could be that. Or the carageenan. Or the "natural flavoring" if you're using vanilla. Or any of the added vitamins...

Good sleuthing, though mama. Must feel good to figure that connection out after so long.
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what would the gluten derivatives be? my dsughter drinks rice milk all the time and was just diagnosed with celiac disease.
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Originally Posted by kateaton View Post
what would the gluten derivatives be? my dsughter drinks rice milk all the time and was just diagnosed with celiac disease.
barley, like i said.
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He seems to tolerate rice fine - he's had white and brown rice since he was a toddler (he's now 5) and I've never noticed any issues following rice or rice crackers. The only other sensitivity we know of is chocolate (he gets allergic shiners from it) and very mild hayfever. He got tiny bumps all over (not like big welts like hives, just tiny pin prick bumps) after eating shrimp at age 2 so his doc has prescribed an epi-pen just in case he has a shellfish allergy and we just avoid it (his skin testing for shellfish was inconclusive).

I wondered if it was the sunflower oil - interestingly, their website says "safflower" oil as an ingredient, but I'm sure my rice milk in my fridge says "sunflower" oil. He has had chips cooked in safflower oil with no issues, but has never had sunflower seeds or any nuts (although I think he had almond milk as a toddler a few times before I really knew any better). I cook (ie. veggies, perogies, etc.) with canola oil with no issues.

No other issues we know of. It's weird because he eats lots of other things that would contain carageenan, vitamins, vanilla, etc. and has never had issues. He's been eczema free for about a year now (no rice milk, pretty easy). I just find it weird and wonder if it's tied to some kind of allergy/sensitivity we aren't yet aware of...it's something very specific to the rice milk as he eats a lot of other things with no issues, but have one small glass of rice milk and the next day he gets the patches of dry itchy skin on his torso.
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You have to check *every* box of rice milk because I've noticed the same thing, it can be safflower, sunflower or canola. My dd is allergic to sunflower seed (along with some other seeds) so it's definitely possible.
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Rice Dream *used* to be made using barley enzymes so it wasn't 100% GF. This is no longer true. If it's a brand other than Rice Dream, it could be the barley/gluten issue.
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my daughter can't have most rice milks because the vitamins are derived from corn...supposedly. Dh was a nut for using vanilla soy milk, and the vanilla has corn syrup in it.
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Thanks mammas.

It's still a mystery...he eats corn and corn products with no issues. He eats bread, pasta and other foods that would have lots of gluten with no issues.

We use the Rice Dream Vanilla Enriched. It does say it has barley enzymes, but gluten isn't normally a problem for DS. The ingredients actually say, "safflower oil and/or sunflower oil and/or canola oil...". That doesn't help!
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Someone sent me this link about rice drink having arsenic . I saw this thread and thought you might want to check it out.

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