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#find marijuana is the #1 trending topic on twitter, and I laughed so hard when I realized why


Read the whole article, though, I think it's a good thing for broc-lovers!
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Originally Posted by joyfulgrrrl View Post
#find marijuana is the #1 trending topic on twitter, and I laughed so hard when I realized why


Read the whole article, though, I think it's a good thing for broc-lovers!
Thanks for sharing!! : I posted it to my FB...I don't Tweet b/c I don't know how and don't wanna learn So thanks for the find! Great thing to know...dp is getting his Iphone soon!
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Hey everyone, s: Ive been mia, but um just stressed to the max and I have NO MEDICINE. Im just going to cut and past my other post from UC board here. I dont know how to deal right now. I could call someone for "medicine" but Im just not comfortable using anything other than clean organic high grade esp while pregnant, for the most part Id rather go without but Im loosing my mind. Help!!!!!!!

I have this overwhelming primal urge to "build my nest" and I CAN NOT SATISFY it. Im only oh... 32, 33 w, but its consuming me. I just want to feel ready. Its suddenly apparent, that Im going to have a baby, theres not a lot of time left, and I dont have a nest!!

We're in the middle, well, hopefully end of buying a house, we are supposed to close fri, but our closing date has been moved before. The house needs a certain amount of work, before we can move in. Let me rephrase that. It needs a certain amount of work to make it liveable, and then more work to get it how we want it to move in. DP is determined not to take any time off work , (provider instinct I guess) and work on it from the time he gets back in town from working all day, (Home construction/remodeling) till dark or he cant continue, and then work all weekend sun up till sundown. He thinks it will be ready and we can move in and all will be wonderfull and we can have another baby.

Im so worried and stressed to the max. Ive joked about keeping my birth kit in the car incase I dont know where Ill be when labor hits, or wehre we'll be living at that moment. BUt I REALLY DONT want it to come down to that.

Idealy I'd like to be in and Settled have some what of a routine in the new place before we introduce a new baby to the family dynamic, I think it would be healthier for the kids and I, as well as DP who thrives on routine being on the spectrum and all. Im so worried its all going to happen in a whirlwind. Or what if I just cant let go mentally and come 44 weeks am still pregnant b/c I dont feel confortable with my "nest"???? Fears fears and more fears.

Its apparent that we are going to have to make a giant to do list and but "move into new house" some where on it, then whittle away and figure out how to move that up. So that only the essentials get done, and what can wait can wait, but thats WAYYYY easier said than done.

Im so stressed to the max, I should be admiring my DPs determination to get this all done and instead I freaked out on him today and said a lot of things I didnt mean, because all I can feel is my own fear. I feel insecure in not having a nest or being able to work on my nest, instead of feeling secure in his determination, which greatly insults him. Wow, this could almost go into Parents as Partners. lol.

suggestions welcome. :sob:
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Technology gets stranger and stranger ... In some ways it great in other ways its just well strange - but any step towards reform is a good one. I fwded it to my RIPAC leader
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Sera I know how you feel. I did a few freak outs on dp before our babe arrived each time. The nesting feeling can consume a pregnant woman!

As for the house...you know you have plenty of local friends here who would love to have a work party and help you both out! Once you know for sure, maybe we can all come over and help? I'd be willing to help in any way that I can. And as for the greens...well if we see you on Saturday then you're all set

sending many calm, peaceful vibes for you! May things all work out and fall into place so you can let go and birth that babe when the time is right :
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Sra - Im so sorry your going threw all that . Im a train wreck as soon as boxes enter our apartment until the room we dont use is cleared out . I cant imagine doing it so far along and I m sure your DP understands that stress is running high in your world .

On the other hand I was in the hospital the other day with an " Ovarian Mass that was bled into ( most likely a cyst) and endometrial distrubances " I was in so much pain it was awful and I told the nurse I never take any medications but they loaded me doloton ( 2 doses) that pulmited my BP to 83-50 and I ended up being there most of the day trying to get it back up . Tey sent me home with these pain pills specificly designed to not drop blood pressures . I looked at the side effects and it was like " severly addictive do not take if you have ever suffered from addiction or alcohol abuse.... Can cause sever depression and suicidal thoughs ... has been linked to overdoses and sucicides " I was like yha - no thanks :
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Hi Mamas,

Hope you're all enjoying your summer
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Originally Posted by TatianaTiger View Post
So tell me mamas, were you honest with your care provider about marijuana use during pregnancy?
God, no.
I also bounced around from doctor to doctor, so I never really had a doctor I trusted. In fact, the one who ended up delivering my baby I had only met once before.
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Advice from a bioengineer:

Smoking is bad, mmkay?

However, marijuana can be used much more efficiently when you vaporize or eat it. Vaporization heats the materials placed into the vaporizer to the point where they are not burned, but instantly turned into a gaseous form that can be inhaled without the harmful and painful side effects of smoking.

Who should vaporize:
1. Those with lung cancer, as many studies done in other nations in the UN have shown that THC has the capability of reducing lung cancer tumors in HUMAN trials. This has been shown in Brain tumors as well.

2. Those who have asthma or bronchitis because cannabis aids in expelling mucus and opening airways. You will still cough because the microvilli in your lungs and esophagus are being stimulated to expel mucus. This is not the same as smoker's cough which takes a while to develop. You will only cough right after inhalation, not chronically.

3. Those with gastric ailments, and especially those that need an appetite stimulant.

4. Anyone who wants to get baked with the least amount of cannabis possible.

Who Should Eat it:

Since eating it mainly makes you feel sleepy and/or hungry, those who experience insomnia or are undergoing chemo/radiation would really benefit.

There is a pill form of THC called marinol. This may be an alternative to eating food prepared with cannabis.

*****NEVER listen to Government drug propaganda. It was developed in the mid-20th century to target minorities who Henry Kissinger felt needed to be persecuted/legally prosecuted(namely, african-americans and hispanic peoples). LOOK IT UP*****
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Marijuana usage may cause neurogenesis(just look it up) which is wonderful for adults and seniors(especially with alzheimers), but very bad for those under 16-18 because their brains are already creating new cells which are definitely superior to the ones derived from neurogenesis.

BTW- Plants still have chemicals. Every single atomic and molecular combination is a chemical, including water, sugar, etc. The majority of the chemicals that we use are derived from plant and bacterial processes. Natural CERTAINLY doesn't mean safer. Simply consider mushrooms. Many are deadly!
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Originally Posted by TatianaTiger View Post
So tell me mamas, were you honest with your care provider about marijuana use during pregnancy?

My honesty was nearly detremental to my mommy hood . I ( like you) choose to be honest with everyone in hopes that they are honest with me ( Propaganda present as truth is still a lie even if it is believed by the teller) So I went to my OB honest as usaual about partaking and was happily surprized as she told me to look it up on the march of Dimes website , how it was perfectly fine and how its losing its classification as a danger among government officals . She warned me on the dangers of my losing weight and urged me to continue if it helped me gained weight. Imagine my surprize 10 months later when CPS arrived in the delivery room. I had to undergo drug treatment and testing as well as tons of court apperences in order to maintain physical custody of my DD. DH ( who had just gotten his MMP Card) was court ordered to be with her under supervision. It was a big hassel and heart breaking and I warn anyone from making the same mistake.

I hope things go well with a MW
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Anyone see the Martha Stewart pot show yesterday? LOL. the intro was supposed to e really funny.

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if I'm not mistake, heroin, codeine, etc all require human intervention to have narcotic properties. MJ does not (and isn't a narcotic). There have been studies in Jamaica that found no detrimental affect (and in some cases, a positive one) from mothers who used MJ - and there are many women on here with positive stories as well who used it while pregnant. It is a naturally growing HERB that balances the body in many ways and is non-addictive, unlike those other drugs. Personally I consider caffeine and alcohol to be far more harmful to a fetus than MJ.

I faced a similar issue yesterday when answering questions on a new patient OB form asking if i'd ever used "recreational" drugs...i like to be honest but in the end I said no, as honestly I consider MJ to be an herbel medicine right up there with all the low milk supply herbs i take...not a recreational drug like heroine, cocaine, and let's not forget, prescription medications
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Please PM a moderator with any questions (or me, too). Sorry for the inconvenience!
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- in the mood for chocolate
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I'll have some of that tomorrow!


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Hi mamas. Im new to posting on MDC.
I love herb. If somebody had told me what a great parenting tool it would be, id have started long ago. :

Im so glad there is a place i can be honest about myself. I still dont feel comfortable to post about it on other forums here. For example, when mamas ask for advice about how to not get so wound up and yell i just want to post "Use marijuana!" but i dont for all the fear and shame it yields.

And...no i would never be honest about it with any mainstream health care provider that keeps a 'chart' on me.

Such good medicine.
Thanks for being here and keeping it real!
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: sounds good JoJo !
:: - this is what my family looks like right now , We cant wait !
happy hippy
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It was so gret to meet some of you IRL . My fam had a wonderful time ! It was crazy how many little ones we all have - that ends the MJ infertility myths ! DH and I going to have to look into a Vap of our own now.
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