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Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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I am newly diagnosed and trying alternative/non-medication approaches first - except for some Chinese herbal medicine I am also trying.

I was hoping to hear from others who have had experience with RA and what worked for them - good or bad.
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I don't have RA but I have heard that serrapeptase can almost cure it. Google it. I wrote a little something on my blog about it under miracle enzyme. www.naturallife101.blogspot.com


Another thing that will help is blue-green alage and bioastin. They kill inflamation.

Hope this helps.
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I have RA, but have only seen really conventional doctors who want to put me on methotrexate. Luckily, I only had one huge flare-up, and now just have some pain in my feet and some redness in my knuckles. I really want to find some alternative medecine, too. I've been trying to really reduce my dairy intake (supposed to help w/ inflammation...I'm already vegetarian).

One thing that I want to do more research on and maybe try are antibiotics. Although I don't like the idea of taking them without a true "infection", I've read some theories that RA is caused by nano-bacteria. When I was having my huge flare-up last year, I had to take 10 days of antibiotics for something unrelated, and my flare-up stopped. It might have been coincidence, or maybe just the fact that my immune system had something new to fight. However, I personally think there's a connection between RA and antibiotics (there's an institute dedicated to antibiotics treatment for RA, I just haven't had time to look much further). I'm fortunate my symptoms are very tolerable right now, I hope you're not in pain.

I'll be keeping my eyes on this thread in hopes others have some info to share!
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Please try anything, diet, yoga, acupuncture, herbs etc. before you go to Western Med. The stuff they give you is major. And as for the "inflammation of organs" they try to scare you with, it doesn't happen until you are ninety, as my friend who is a nurse told me (and has been for twenty years and won't let western medicine touch her).
It is a scary, rough dx. Best to you during this time and hope the choices you make are right for you. The most important thing is making empowered decisions, but just know the stuff they (western med) are giving you is some strong stuff with really bad side effects; they attack disease. I think building up the person and making them strong is the way to go which W.M. does not even address as an issue.
Also I've read some interesting articles lately about inflammation and healing, which many automimmune diseases are; colitis, RA, lupus, etc.
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I see that this is really old, so hopefully you have had some luck! I had RA, which became more unspecified. I took plaquinil for years. Did ok being pregnant and nursing for 2 years without it. But now am having problems and have had bone loss. So back to it. But massage and acupuncture have helped tremendously. Strechy and walking seems to help. I also do a gluten free diet that helps alot.

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