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Good biracial books/toys/dolls

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My dd is 7 months and I'm looking for some books/toys/dolls that reflect her ethnicity - she is white american/kenyan.

Anyone know of any good ones, or good websites? Right now i'm looking mostly for baby/toddler stuff.

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Have you ever heard of Waldorf dolls? They aren't a brand, but a type of doll that is handmade of natural fibers (wool and cotton).
Unlike plastic dolls, they are very huggable and soft and perfect for the young child. Since they are usually handmade, that can be in any skin shade, with any type of hair color or hair type that can be created with natural fibers.
If you are crafty, it could be something you could create yourself.
You can do a search online for waldorf doll for baby or infants.
http://www.etsy.com is a handmade craft website where tons of moms are selling beautiful things for babies. It could be an inspiration for you to see what is out there.
I'm biracial (tennessee hillbilly/filipino) and would have loved dolls that looked like me when I was young.
Good luck with your search!
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I posted this site on another thread:


The dolls are listed as AA, but there seems to be a variety of shades and hair textures (some of the dolls have lighter skin, some darker, some have curly hair, some straight, and there are boy and girl dolls too)...and they have dolls suitable for infants and older kids (clearly marked with the ages they are for, as well, for safety reasons.)

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ok, i just spent the past half hour poking around amazon, my wish list is now a mile long....looking for books featuring black children, for my son...and found a couple that were biracial specific, in case you dont already have them:

Black Is Brown Is Tan by Arnold Adoff


Black, White, Just Right! by Marquerite W. Davol


I also finally found the book that i saw once in the bookstore and havent been able to find again, but i thought was beautiful:

Shades of Black by Sandra L. Pinkney

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I get my DD dolls @ dollslikeme.com. They have a really good selection. They also sell books.
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I found the book Everywhere Babies by Meyers and Frazee at the library. It it a board book and the pictures seem to represent all ethnicities. The families in the pictures are mixed races, ages, etc. as well as a variety of nuclear family situations. They also have illustrations of men and women wearing their babies and women nursing. I thought this book was beautiful.
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