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15 minute challenge!

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You know you have 15 minutes of work to do somewhere in your house today. Set your timer, do your work, and come back to brag about what you got done!

In my first 15 minutes today, I:
did a load of dishes
filled and took out a load of garbage
separated and took out recycling
put away small appliances on the counter top
diagnosed and did away with the mystery smell in my drain (gotta love baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water!)

I'm going to tackle the bathroom in a little bit. I'm sure I can clean the toilet and counters and straighten everything up in that time; the tub will have to wait for another day.
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I know you posted this yesterday, but we do it again today? There is SO MUCH I should be doing but it's so overwhelming that I'm sitting here on MDC. Story of my life.
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I vote for every day! I'll be back later after I get home from work. (not that I'm wasting time on MDC while I'm supposed to be working...really...)
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Okay, that was a bust. I started a load of laundry and made lunch for the little kids. Going to try again.
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I needed this so much. Ok
picked up dirty dishes in downstairs and trash
hung up tie dye t-shirts
start a load of clothes
clean off counters

Now I will take a little break.
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okay I am off to do 15 minutes...back to report!
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okay didn't get much done...

load of clothes in washer
got kids dressed.

back in another 15
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cleaned and tidied two bedrooms and one bathroom

pretty good.:

now I am going to relax for 15 and then back at it for 15 minutes
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okay I have scrubbed everything but the floor in the main bathroom, thrown the main floor mats in to wash.

now I am taking my 15 minute break and then on to conquer some more!
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ok setting a timer be back!
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Set a timer for 15 minutes.

Opened up my gadget drawer (s) and started cleaning out. Threw out little things that somehow end up in there, sort out spatulas etc. Now its easier to close and I can find stuff. Had 10 more minutes, did the second drawer. had 6 more minutes, cleaned up the area, started tea. Then went and threw the washer load in the dryer and carried the dry load up stairs. Buzzer went off, now time to fold clothes. Also the tea water is boiling so need to pour in pot!
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In the first 15 minutes, I cleaned the litterboxes and swept that floor. And then emptied some stuff out of the refrigerator that I wante din the garbages along with the litter. (Might as well make one bag that utterly reeks. )

In the second 15 minutes, I emptied garbage cans from the bedrooms and bathrooms and mopped 1/4 of the kitchen floor.
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I did it four times today. Yay me!

I straightened the bathroom, cleaned the sink and toilet, and swept.
I did dishes, wiped out the sink, and took out the trash.
I decluttered the kitchen floor (there was a pile of stuff to go through.)
I swept the kitchen floor and cleaned the counter tops.


We're puppy-sitting for my parents' 10 week old Maltipoo (1/2 Maltese, 1/2 poodle, 100% adorable fluffball) this weekend so the floor has to be totally clear by Friday. I'll be mopping Friday morning, and I can't tell you the last time I did that! It's a great incentive! Tomorrow, I'm tackling the dining room and hallway. DH is working on the living room tonight, and I'll be hitting it again on Thursday. The 15 minute timer is really making it easy for me to get through all the junk that is otherwise too overwhelming.

So come back and tell us what you're doing this week!
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im in, setting timer, be back to report
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This morning, I cleaned out the toys and junk on the dining room floor in 15 minutes. In a bit, I'll be tackling the dining table, and after that, rearranging the furniture to make the space more usable. Hooray for the 15 minute timer!
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...days later...

This morning I was able to make breakfast for DH AND do all the dishes AND put together our lunches and reorganize the fridge a bit. Yay!
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Cool! I love these threads!

My family is getting here tomorrow, and the toddler went to the in-laws, and my MIL is coming over for 4 hours to help me clean!!:

So, first 15, I'm going to tackle some Laundry.
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I saw this in the 'new posts' and have to say YOU ROCK!! You totally inspired me to go clean the scary basement bathroom. Now its all sparkly and clean and not at scary! THANK YOU!!!:
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I love seeing what progress you are all making! It really does seem so much easier to manage in small chunks, doesn't it?

I'm setting my timer now and tackling the living room floor. I need to pick everything up so DS can vacuum after nap time. The kid loves to vacuum. That alone should be good incentive to keep it tidy!

We're puppy-sitting this weekend, which has been the impetus for a totally tidy floor.
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I'm in :
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