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I'm going to second A Case For Christ. And I love C.S. Lewis. You really should go see Mel Gibsons knew movie the passion of the Christ coming out Feb 25th. He tried to tell the story simply as it was, w/o all the things that we pile on to a belief in Christ as the Son of God and Savior. If you are looking for a Christian perspective w/o propiganda. Trying reading the bible! Do it like it's the first time and you've never read it before! I'd also like to add that doubts are normal and it is a good thing to question what you believe and search deeper!!
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Forgot to add, if you're interested in exploring non-Christian faiths, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to... " series are fabulous. I have them on Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. When I had doubts on Christianity, I went through this whole spiritual search. For awhile, I would consider myself only a Monotheist (belief in one God)... but didn't get much more specific. Eventually, it came down to between Islam and Judaism--two remarkably similar faiths at their core. Reading the Qur'an with the rights it gave women back in the 7th century (really...this is not a typo) versus the Bible, as well as Muslims view of Jesus as a Prophet...swung me towards Islam.

Anyway, check out BeliefNet's Belief-o-Matic. It may help you synthesize your beliefs into a few different faiths or sects of Christianity to explore:

As for "The Case for Christ"... I tried to read it, but couldn't get into it. I just didn't like his style. I'm sure your local library has a copy though...and some Christians give out copies as an evangelism tool (There's a special edition for that purpose).

One book that I really enjoyed was "When Jesus Became God" by Richard Rubenstein. As somebody who struggles with the whole Jesus as God thing (Jesus worshiped God-the-Father and stressed Monotheism) it helped me solidify some points that I always wondered about. The whole Trinity doctrine wasn't finalized until the 4th century.

May God guide you on your search.
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