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Do people still get surprise twins despite late ultrasounds?

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I was at the hospital on Friday to get my BP and protein checked.
Before the midwife (the hospital one, not my regular midwife) listened to the baby, she felt around to see where the heart was. She seemed pretty confused about the bumps. Then she made the comment everybody does when they see my big belly, and I assumed it was the usual joke:

"So they are 100% sure there is only one baby in there, right?"
"LOL. Yeah...I show a lot."
"You had ultrasounds?"
"Yes, 2 ultrasounds, at 11 and 20 weeks"
--looking puzzled-- "Hmm... and they checked all around your belly?"
"Actually no, they found the baby and kept the probe on that spot"
"Really? Hmm...." --shakes head--

What in the world!
I was not worried - it is just NOT possible I have more than one in here!!
But I was was left confused about her reaction, and wondering whether it is even possible for surprise twins to even happen in this day and age, despite ultrasounds.
Do you really have to move the probe away from one spot to make sure there is only one baby? Even at 20 weeks?

I am measuring 43 weeks, but I also measure ahead anyway.
And I feel movements everywhere and all the time, but it was the same with my last baby - an energetic little girl!
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I would freak out if someone told me that!
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Originally Posted by kawa kamuri View Post
I would freak out if someone told me that!

My 9yo has been pestering THE WHOLE pregnancy saying that there are 2 babies in there. I told him about the midwife and he just shouted triumphantly: "See, I told you! You will get a shock when the babIES come out"

Nah, I am pretty sure there is only one crazy buggar in there. I cannot imagine where another one could be hiding
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Anything is possible, and I'm sure someone will post about having heard of someone who this happened to. But IMO, it would be extraordinarily rare to miss a twin at a 20w u/s. When they're looking at body parts, they know exactly what they're measuring, etc., and at some point some part of the other twin would come into the picture. I just don't see how a decent u/s tech could miss it, no matter that they didn't move the probe. It's been a number of years now since my twin pregnancy, and I had a lot of u/s's in that pregnancy, but I remember my 20w u/s relatively clearly (because it went on forever) and both babies were on the screen together, simultaneously, several times.

If it happened to you, it would certainly make quite a story! But honestly I wouldn't worry about it. I suppose the comment was made to you in part because you are measuring so far ahead - how much is that now, 4 cm or so? That's significant and if it were me I'd be wanting an u/s to check fluid levels. Hopefully it's just how you're carrying after having had so many (if your ab muscles are anything like mine ).

hang in there, I keep thinking you're going to deliver very soon (as you think to yourself, "and here I sit :")
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Yes, I agree. The second twin would have appeared in the image!

I was pregnant with twins once by the way.
They were identical though (they are fluke)
That pregnancy felt very different from the get go.
Sadly I lost them at 18 weeks (TTTS)
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I didn't know about your twin loss, Quinden - I'm sorry.
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Yes, it is possible to get surprise twins-- not everyone has ultra-sounds My midwife said she had one set of surprise, homebirth twins in her 12 year practice-- mom didn't have an ultra-sound and never measured really big, but out came baby #2! I have a cousin who was a surprise twin...and man, her parents were surprised! I didn't have any ultra-sounds and my husband and grandmother love to tease me that maybe this huge belly is 2 babies, but I only just measured 1 cm ahead at my 37 week appointment, so I don't think so! Good luck Momma!
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