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are there any others....

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i am hoping to find some other people who have had a uterine rupture....
My story...
My first son was born via c-section after 9 hours of labor and no progression at 5 cm... He was 8 lbs 8 oz..
When i got pg with Irelend i did all the reserch to help me prepare for a VBAC, i drove 4 hours to go to the dr so i could have a vbac. I went into the hosp at 39 wks in labour... the gave me some pit to try and help things, i wanted to try all natural. I think i did really good, i was at 7-8 cm when i decided to get an epi. I had so much pressure i couldnt stop pushing. After that it felt like a breeze. I got fully dialated and started to push. I was pushing for about 30 min when i got the most horendous pain on my left side of my stomach. The dr was very worried, they looked at everything and discovered i had a uterine rupture...
So i was dragged into the or and out she came via c-section.
Thankfully my wonderful dh knew what i wanted if that had to happen and i got to hold/ feed her as soon as i got to the recovery room.
The rupture wasnt the worst but its still a rupture.
Fastforward to dec, i found out i was pg i went to the dr and they did an us ( i lost a twin with DD so they wanted to make sure everything was AOK) everything looks fine.

I know that i have to have a c-sec but im still scared that i might rupture again. I also have history of pre-term labour and i am usually on bedrest by wk 20...

I guess im just wondering if any one else has had a rupture. I know its not that common, im hoping for someone to talk to LOL

Sorry for the rambling its nice to get something out in the open
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Why did they give you pitocin if you were trying for a VBAC? I am not an expert but I believe rupture is much more likely if labor is induced. What the heck were those doctors thinking???? Quite frankly, if it were me I would be getting copies of my medical records and thinking about whether to talk to an attorney. They put you and your baby at serious risk.

Have you seen the ICAN website? http://www.ican-online.org/ If you run a search for rupture you will find a lot of information. They also have a community email group where you might find moms who had a similar experience.

Congratulations on your new pregnancy!
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The dr gave me pitocin because we live 4 hrs from the hosp therefore he didnt want us to go home....i didnt want it, but when your in that position things are different KWIM

I have never seen the ICAN website, i have been looking at it for a while and i wish i would have seen this before hand... i am glad i only had a partial rupture, now i want a VBAC more than ever but it is not at all possable, i am saddened by the things that happened.

I hope for other people sake they know the statistics of getting induced with a VBAC, I would not recommened it to my worst enemy. The statistics for a rupture with induced VBAC is actually pretty high.

THanks for giving me that website

There were 39 ruptures: 16 complete and 23 dehiscence. Thirty-seven cases had undergone a previous cesarean delivery (34 lower transverse, 2 classical, 1 (low vertical). Of the 114,933 deliveries, 11,585 (10%) were to women with a previous cesarean delivery. The incidence of uterine rupture in those undergoing a trial for vaginal delivery (4,516) was complete rupture (3/1000) and dehiscence (5/1000). Induction or augmentation of labor with oxytocics was associated with 50% of complete ruptures and 25% of dehiscence. There were no maternal deaths, but 33% of patients with complete ruptures required blood transfusion. There was one neonatal death attributable to uterine rupture.
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There's a member here, CanOBeans, who's very active in the ICAN group - I think she might run it but I don't remember.

I hope I didn't come across as blaming you - you are certainly not at fault! You did everything you could and sadly you were let down by your docs. I'm glad you and your baby came through OK!

There's a support thread for mamas who have had c-births (and are planning repeat c-births) that you might want to check out. Those ladies will be a great source of understanding and support.

Edited to add: click here for the c-birth support thread.
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No i didnt think you blamed me the ICAN site just really showed me the stats for what i already thought KWIM?

Thanks alot!
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The dr gave me pitocin because we live 4 hrs from the hosp therefore he didnt want us to go home....
Then he should have been patient and allowed you to remain in the hospital for as long as necessary. Of course, that would have required him to forget about his stupid time and money.

The rate of rupture with pitocin is the same for VBACs as it is for mothers who have never had a c/s. (Source, Silent Knife)
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