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Vax guidance needed montana

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My kids ages 3.5 and 21 months have not had any shots. My daughter is going to be going to pre-school in the international school and my son to day care starting soon. All the paper work I have been giving states they MUST have all shots. I talked to our Ped and she said they do not need all since they are older but they will require some. I do not want to give them any, How can I go about them becoming exempt?.. without getting into a legal mess?

Thank you
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You get an exemption form and have it notarized. The forms are available in the Willson School. It's not a legal mess. Our kids schools say they must have shots too but we use the exempt form (You have to re do it every year). HTH!
Also you have to say religious exemption and you can't selectively vax. Are you in Boze, btw? I'm guessing.
Also not sure about private day care, my daughter went to a preschool and there wasn't a problem.
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My children are in public school. They have the forms in the district office. I have just had to go pick them up and get them notarized. They even have a few notaries there so it has been very easy for me. No questions were asked and you do have to give them new forms every year. I am not sure in your case how that will work but if they are a publicly funded school/day care they should accept these.

Amberenergy - I didn't know you wouldn't be able to selectively vax. Do you know why? My oldest children did get some vax but not all. I just don't tell them they are vaxed at all.
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Technically you are not supposed to selectively vax. It's an all or nothing deal...that doesn't mean people don't selectively vax, just not officially.
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Just a heads up, technically, preschools/daycare have the same licensing requirements (they get licensed from the state) and they do not allow religious exemptions. However, not all private schools choose to get licensed through the state. A medical exemption works though, and you would need to talk to you doctor about your reasons/concerns to get that. Anyways, there's a group in Missoula that is working to get these issues changed statewide. It's called Montana Families for Health Freedom. They have a yahoo group, and a website... Check those out and email the group your questions because the group leader can get you some great resources for Missoula. Also, you can get more information from them as well as links to a lot of the forms you need.


BTW, the group is always looking for more volunteers/supporters. They are wanting to have legislation to ADD a religious exemption to the preschool/daycare licensing in the 2011 Legislature. They are looking for interested families in all Montana communities.
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How can they not recognize it if it is the law? I will definitely look into the group as I live in Missoula.
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The law is for Public Schools. The licensing for childcare facilities comes from more of a federal agenda. Things like the scholarships and food programs tend to be federally funded... hence the federal guidelines that are tied to it. At least that's what it appears to be like.

BTW--Anyone know a vax friendly doctor in Billings?? Or a great recommendation for childcare? I know someone looking for childcare for their daughter, and is need of some help with this whole issue over there. I'll post it separately...
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Yes...unfortunately in Montana the exemptions are only for public school and not for daycare.

However, you can use a private, legally unregistered provider. This is what I was when I did daycare. I watched children from one family or no more than 2 additional to my own children "on a regular basis" so I didn't have to be licensed, just notified them that I was doing this and I wasn't registered legally. I did not have to follow the vax regulations for my OWN children or the ones I watched. This is one option for a mom who doesn't want to vax her infants/toddlers and still send to daycare.

For preschool, find again, a small private one that doesn't register and won't ask for vax.
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