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I ate very poorly with my first and she was still an average size, born at 38 weeks. I just get the feeling this one needs to be bigger. Who knows why...?

But then I know people who have followed the Brewer diet and still had babies that were only 7 or 8 lbs.
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I used the detachable shower head over my belly during my last labour (only because I did not have a tub).

I found it worked for a little while, but we just had a little stall shower, and I felt clausterphobic in there and inevitably got out after about 5-10 minutes...though I went in about 5 times.

I liked the water flowing over my belly while I had contractions though...that was good. I just didn't get comfortable in my last labour. It didn't work out for me that way

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i had a hospital birth last time and they only had a shower. but, the shower was great! the head was detachable and the hot waer never ran out. i just kept it on my belly the whole time. they also had thia shower-chair thing to sit on, but a birth ball sounds so much better!
speaking of birth balls, i bought an "workout ball" at target, it came with a pump and was only 30 bucks. seemed like a deal to me.
the only thing that has me anxious about this birth is the fact that my lease is up may 4th and i am due may 31st. i dont want to stay here (this house, and San Marcos)..i want to move back to Austin (30-40 min away) so i can be close to all my friends, and i want a little bigger place. this place is tiny and has NO storage space. so, i ends up feeling very cluttered. anyhow, so i am stressing about if DH can find a job there or not, if we can find a place in our price range or not and how the hell i am am going to move a few weeks before giving birth! and i really want to house set up seeing as i am BIRTHING there..lol
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Originally posted by liz-hippymom
i had a hospital birth last time and they only had a shower. but, the shower was great! the head was detachable and the hot waer never ran out.
Running out of hot water will definitely be an issue here! I hadn't thought of that. Hmmm, I wonder if there is anything we can do about that. turn up the water heater maybe? I'll have to ask Dh.
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I used the shower quite a bit with my first birth, but I actually gave birth in the tub. Dh was filling the tub with water and I wanted water on me, so I climbed in the shower and he had to stop filling the tub for a bit. I had a detachable shower hear and kept it straight on my lower back. I think I would have stayed there forever if we hadn't had to fill the birthing tub. As it was, our hot water heater ran out of water and we had to wait some time anyway, but all was good in the end. This time, we have remodled our bathroom and no longer have that shower head, so I have to find my way to a hardware store and get one.

I try to eat a lot of protein too. Last time I gained 15 pounds and had a 9 pound baby. This time, I'm up about 8 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (I lost a bunch in the beginning, so if you include gaining that back, I've gained about 15) and I am about 33 weeks. I got a little stressed in the beginning when I wasn't gaining weight as others seemed to be, but I have to believe this is what my body does when pregnant. I eat well, I get enough food, and last time I grew a big baby, so something is working right.

I do, I do have a yeast infection! Someone on my other board called it the "yeastie beasties" That is such a great term! That's how I'm feeling. I was doing yogurt, but I don't think it was getting me anywhere. Then I had an appt with my cnm on Monday (which was awful to get to, we had soooo much snow yestereday, traffic was terrible). She told me to switch to aloe. She gave me a huge siringe and I got some pure aloe and up it goes! so gross feeling. Then last night, I could not sleep, the itching was actually waking me up! I think I slept from about midnight until about 1:30, then was up until about 4:30, then slept until 8:45 when dd woke up. On top of the "yeastie beasties", my legs were also jittery and my pubic bone was sore and I just couldn't get comfortable. Wow, I"m complaining a lot! It's funny, because in general, I think I feel fine. When I mentioned the yeast to the cnm, she said, "it probably related to the antibiotics you were on," and I thought to myself, "ya think?"

Oh, she also dropped a bomb on me, but I'm not overly concerned. (This is a family friend who I see as backup) She said, "have you figured out what to do about your birth?" and I said, "well, I'm going to have a baby," and she laughed and said that her practice has "Quite a few doing what you're doing," meaning seeing her and planning a homebirth, but she can't talk about it there. I said, "Really?" and she said that the other midwife at the practice (who knows if it's really only the other cnm and not my friend as well?) was freaking out about it because their malpractice insurance specifically says they can't provide prenatal care to women planning homebirths and their practice is small enough that it gets noticed. So she says she can't see me at the clinic within 30 days of my due date (which is surprisingly soon!). So I "forgot" to schedule another appt with her and I don't have to go back. I asked if in the odd case that I transfer, can I still call her and she said yes, and I said, "good, that's why I come here, so I'm not at the mercy of whatever residents are on call." She said something about givigme my records at the next visit, but I don't know that I want to go back. The next visit is the GBS testing and a pelvic, both of which I've told her I'm not interested in, so I don't know that there's a reason to go back, what do you think?

We start our refresher Bradley classes tonight. I'm so excited. I love having a specific time set aside to concentrate on the baby and birth. I'm bringing snack, does veggies and dip sound ok? What should I bring for drinks? I don't want to do juice because I don't drink juice because of the sugar content, and I cn't be the only pregnant woman who is like that, but water seems so boring? Can you get sparkly water in big bottles? hmmmm.

I think I got my "workout ball" at Target as well. Great deal.
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Hi tmarina
Ya the whole shoulder dystocia thing has been quite a roller coaster ride for me. At the time I knew it was serious and we were fortunate for a good outcome but all in all I thought it was a good birth. Then when I went back to my midwives for this new baby at my initial checkup the first thing they said was dont expect a homebirth and i was shocked and angry. I think it was the poor management and their lack of communication that made the situation extreme. Since my case they take s/d so much more seriously and go over it in depth with all their clients and they are reluctant to birth any babies at home that are very big. I understand being that they risk the reputation of their practice and careers knowing i have on record previous shoulder dystocia, but i think its unfair to assume in the beginning of my pregnancy that i will have another large baby. My baby before was Ben was 8 lbs and born at home no problem. So I was supposed to have an u/s today but it was cancelled due to the ice rain and ton of snow we got last night. And based on the u/s we will decide if we are going to start stripping my membranes if my cervix is ready to stimulate labour. Because if they baby is close to 9 pounds they dont want to attend me at home and have the same situation. So my choice depending on the weight estimate will be early labour or hospital, so i definitley choose early labour.
And your right size doesnt matter, 6lb babies can get stuck just as well as 10lb babies, it is a matter of being stuck in the pelvic bones. Height of the mother has a factor for bone structure and being overweight is another, as well as having a big baby due o g/d, which i didnt have.
My birth story is interesting, they did an episiotomy even before they had me change positions, which generally resolves shoulder dystocia. Being that i was on my hands and knees when i was pushing I did not even know his head was born, so i honestly didnt even try to push hard because i did not realize he was stuck and no one said anything. So after they my epis, they had me flip over and pushed my legs back and tried to break his clavicles and did suprapubic pressure and then got him out. It all happened very fast I think and I laid there half under my bed feeling stunned. He wasnt breathing initally but started right away after being rubbed.
Sooo yes who knows, what will happen, I hope the U/S is accurate and that as I suspect this baby is not so big this time around. I want a nice peaceful birth for my last baby!!
I know this time I wont wait to be told what to do and change positions myself and definitley I want to squat when pushing to allow the best pelvic bone position. They wouldnt even allow me to use the birthing stool because it wasnt convenient for them and that would have been easy to move from for me.
sorry to ramble all about me
: but keep me posted on how your birth turns out, i am really interested in stories on this topic.
Tanja mama to Raven 11, Jakob 4, Ben 2 and due Feb 16:LOL
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i put my birth ball in the shower/ tub, with a towel over it to keep it from being squeaky, and laid over it so that the shower beat on my back.

luckily we have an instant hot water heater. if you have the ability,you may want to have one installed. they are much more efficient than tank heaters and you never run out of hot water.

the shower was nice at some points and at others it was too much sensation. i dont expect anythiing to work thru the entire labor though, labor shifts and changes pace so often.

we may or may not get a birth tub. we have a large deep bathtub. i remember feeling claustrophobic in it though. our apt is really small and a tub would be a big PITA. we'll see.

we are still not sure if we are inviting our mw to the birth, meaning we may just let it happen normally. (UC) so while our mw may or may not give us some pamphlet we arent concerned. there is not much to do after a baby comes out, hold it against your skin,nurse it, thats it...

i am growing so excited about this, we can feel the tiny kicks and thumps so well now.

we have great news. i had been secretly seeing a CNM who is covered by my ins for concurrent care, meaning i had not told her i was also seeing a hb midwife. i was about to drop her and get concurrent care from an OB because i felt like it was mean to lie to her when she does homebirth as well and all. well we had a visit with her yesterday and its like she knew or something! she offered: "if you want to see another mw for hb, i will still see you for visits if you like"!!! so its all going to work out perfectly! how blessed.

we also got thru some roadblocks concerning our application for a reduced price membership at the YMCA- if we get this i can go to free prenatal and postnatal yoga up to 3 days a week, and they have a toddler care program so i can bring ds and leave him for just the hour.

our hb midwife Kristen is so wonderful, she is coming over this eve for my 19/20 wk visit. She comes once every 3 weeks right now. And we always look forward to it.
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Thanks for all the responses about the shower. I had been debating whether or not to get a birth ball this time around and I think I will.

I love that homebirthers are so proactive in their healthcare. I love that they take responsibility for their babies and themselves. It just fills me with pride to think I am one of them.
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i love that too Julie!

I have made the decision to consume my placenta after the birth.

I was really pleased that last night,when i told my midwife, she was super supportive and even offered to help me prepare it after the birth. She has done this many times and feels it is a wonderful thing. She is a great woman we werent sure if we would UC or invite her, but i am starting to lean towards inviting her,just cause she is soo cool.

our U/S is scheduled for this Monday,and yes, were learning the sex

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Tabitha...I'm interested to know what your reasons are for consuming your placenta...I've heard of it, but never understood the why behind it. I still have my 2.5 year old placenta from miss ZZ, but I won't be eating it or the new one. I do intend to bury them at some point though.

I think consuming it seems so primal, so earthy...cool...but I can't go there (I don't know why, really...the thought just personally gives me the oogies...but I totally support your right and will to do it...so don't take all this the wrong way...I'm just interested in your reasoning).

Mattjule...I hear you about the proactiveness, etc. I am still blown away by the hospital talk...YUCK! If I have to transfer, then I know it is necessary, ykwim? BUT, I would never ever EVER make that my first choice. What a load of hell to go through to get what you want.

I'm very proud of myself and other homebirthers! GO US!

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Hi, Homebirthers! We are a cool group of women, if I do say so myself!

Keeping the Shower Hot -- I've heard if you turn up your hot water tank at the onset of labor, it will increase your chances of having enough hot water. Just remember to turn it back down, because it's a scalding hazard for young children.

Filling the Birth Pool -- If you're planning to use a birth pool a regular home water heater will not provide enough hot water to fill it all. What worked for us was to fill it with just the hot water while we put every pot we owned filled with cold water to boil on the stove. When that ran out of hot water, we turned off the hot water and waited for it to refill in the tank. Meanwhile, using the cold water and heating it on the stove. The pool we had had a heater on it so that helped, too. Keep in mind while filling the pool, you most likely won't be able to use the shower while you wait, because the hot water will be going to the pool. What a trade off!

Work out ball/ Yoga ball -- I got mine from Target, too, but I got the ProSpirit brand. Its 65cm, came with a pump and was under $15. It was far away from the Reebok and Pilates brands, but well worth the walk!

Tanjarine -- here's to growing a little baby with perfectly sized shoulders and an easy birth!

DNR -- How was your class? Your veggie snack makes me hungry! I think I need to go eat lunch!

Things here are going well. Still doing my Hypno CDs, nursing my son and playing in the deep deep snow. I think we'll be starting perineal massage next week. And, I started taking evening primrose oil. I'm trying to enjoy my last weeks with just my son and husband. I know adding a new life to our family will really shift things. And, I'm sooo excited to meet her!

Happy Baby Growing!
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we have a big sunken tub which i plan to soak in (we live in a trailer, but we have a big tub) , but i think i want the baby in a bed. i don't know as i've never done this before (at home), but i'm such a bed person. i've read in previous threads that some mom's might want to deliver on the floor, couch, chair, but you just don't know until it's time.

my MIL recently gave us the bedroom suite and mattress my dh had growing up which she got from her mom. My MIL was born in this bed (same mattress...it's a serta), delivered by her father who was a country dr and delivered baby's at home, no matter what time of night or day or the week and sometimes recieved only a few chickens as a fee (whatever the family could give). i really want to have my baby in this bed...this particular bed. but, i will keep my mind open to other possibilities.

i'm learning a lot from all you mama's that have already homebirthed. thanks!
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Originally posted by gr8fulmom
I was surprised to find the monthly groups on the I'm Pregnant board very medical...not what I would expect from mothering : I think I'd rather hang out here KWIM?

yeah, and were glad to have you!!! i also had this experience. So now i had to start a new thread just for us!!

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anyone know how soon you can hear the heartbeat with a fetascope? I have one and want to use it, I need to get a longer tube though, as I don't think I can curl up enough to reach and be successful! lol!
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I believe it's 20 wks
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SBF mommy, were following eachother around today! :LOL

we just heard our babe with the fetoscope last night, i am 20 weeks pregnant. We have tried every 3 weeks, so we might have been able to get it sooner but i dont know...
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Thanks! Do you know where I can order longer tubing? I have an allen series 10 that someone gave me as a doula gift and it only has a 6" tube. I would like to get the 22", but I have not been able to find the tubing only, just the lesser expensive of the fetascopes with the long tubing.
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I didn't like the jacuzzi at the hospital. The water wasn't hot enough, the pressure and jets were wimpy, and it wasn't very deep. Here we have a shower massage and good water pressure.

I don't think I want to give birth underwater, but will try spending lots of time in the tub.

I also plan to try the placenta, but I don't know if I will like it. I don't eat organ meats (never tried them) so when people say "It tastes like liver" I don't know what they mean. If I don't like it, I'll just bury it.
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Child of the Moon--the midwives weren't able to hear my baby with a fetoscope until 23 weeks. They couldn't find it at 20 weeks, then I didn't see them again until 23. When I was seeing a CNM in early pregnancy, she couldn't find the h/b with doppler until 13 weeks, so I might just have a shy kid.
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I also agree about the women here being so proactive about childbirth and their health, and was also a bit surprised at how "medical" the "I'm Pregnant" board can be. Having said that, however, my first two kids were born in a hospital and I have NO complaints about it. It's been interesting, though, becaue I think I sort of just got lucky with the CNM practice and the way the hospital treated thier patients. With dd, my water broke, and I arrived at the hospital about 7 hours later, barely having ctx. The mw came in, I asked her to check me (anxious first-timer, you know). I was barely 1. She left, and I didn't see her again all day! And never once did an MD come in the room. So, although I had a "condition" that in most hospitals might have been managed medically, in my case it wasn't. They would have "let" me go as long as I wanted to. I did ask for cervadil about 20 hours after my water had broken, and I still wasn't having ctx. I guess my point is that I'm always surprised at how medical everything is, particularly around here, and especially due to my hospital experiences.

I have a friend who dried the placenta and prepared it in capsules, to take like vitamins. I'm interested in doing this (I don't think I could just eat it straight up). Anyone know aobut this? She has 100s of capsules, and gives them to others when they are sick, too. I have another friend who has buried hers and planted trees, which is also a great idea.
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