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I buried mine under a very small tree. it sat in the fridge for a few hours first though, the odd looking thing.

How do you dry out a placenta???
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Originally posted by Snowy Owl
How do you dry out a placenta???
I'm not sure, but I'll investigate (it's actually a friend of a friend) and let you know.
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There are some older lotus birth threads in here somewhere-they talked about drying the placenta.

I think I am definitely the odd man out here, but I threw mine away. I lived in an apt and didn't want to bury it somewhere I would move away from. But really I did it because I felt like it had done it's job and I don't get really attached to things once their job is over.

I used to be really sentimental about stuff but one day I looked around and my house was filled with all this crap. I realized that I didn't need the things to remind me of special moments and half the things I had no idea what they were from! So Matt and I aren't big savers of things-no wedding bouquets, placentas, invitations or annoucements. I do wish I had more pictures of me pregnant with Tain. I have 2. But I don't really need them to remember what I felt I looked like then, and Matt is right that I am better off without them since the only reason I want to look at them right now is to see how fat I was (I gained A LOT of weight with him).

I also don't eat organ meats, they are high in vitamins but things like liver and kidneys are the body's filters-always seemed counterintuitive to eat something that filters toxins. Anyway, placentas don't really filter anything, do they? Some women eat it raw and some cook it-what will you do and why?
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For anyone who is interested in chatting about shoulder dystocia -- pm me. I have assisted at a sd birth as an apprentice. We knew that there was likely to be a dystocia -- a blessing really because we were able to prepare. This mom was having her 4th baby and two of the previous three had shoulder dystocia. The midwives I work for and I did a lot of work to prepare -- one of them attended a MANA conference where Ina May was speaking on sd, I researched lots and lots of maneuvers and we worked through them with a pelvic model, and we had two experienced midwives come into our office for a seminar to talk about their personal experiences. I had seen two previous dystocias in the hospital setting (different moms; this was a homebirth) and they were very, very stressful, but after seeing this one, I am not as afraid of them anymore. I feel like we did a good job, and baby was born just shy of two minutes after birth of head, with no apparant trauma and an intact perineum for mom! She was a big girl, but I have seen bigger with no problems -- probably a combo of baby size and mom's pelvis. I don't want to write a novel here about shoulder dystocia management, but I am happy to talk about what we decided to do and why for anyone who is interested.

Good luck!

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Now, all about me . . .

Dh and I relocated in the 5th month of my last pregnancy from where we were living in Chicago to Michigan, where my parents live. I was in a horrid, horrid job and was frustrated with the persecution of midwives in Illinois and felt like I couldn't pursue midwifery there, I wanted to be back with my family after losing both of my grandmothers, and my dh and I both got nice jobs in Ann Arbor, which is where I wanted to live. So back we came. We got stuck with our dilapidated house in Chicago, though, and could not sell it. We were broke from the move, and found ourselves having to move in with my parents.

They were very sweet about it and had a great space for us to live in the basement, but I really wanted to be in my own home, especially for my homebirth. My mom was pretty anti-homebirth. She called me at one point when I was living in Chicago and said, before even saying "Hi", "YOU AND THE BABY ARE BOTH GOING TO DIE!" "Umm, Hi Mom, how are you." So, you can see why I might be a little stressed out about giving birth in her house.

We finally sold our house only a few weeks before ds was born but had not found a place to live yet, so we were in her house for the birth. I thought she was going to be a complete freak show even though she had calmed down considerably and seemed to like my midwives, so in my prenatals we had talked a lot about ways to occupy her during the birth so that she would leave me be. I was shocked during the actual birth because she was really wonderful. Supportive, calm, collected (though I later found out she was pretty stressed out by my yelling and roaring and general carrying on.) I also retreated well into laborland and actually really needed to be babied (really -- I retreated into this weird space where I just wanted to be mommied). At the same time, I felt totally comfortable with my decision to birth at home and really, really enjoyed my birth. My mom was totally thrilled to have been a part of it and even bragged later to her friends that the midwives had made her boil water. I think she thought that was quaint or something.

Now, it is my second baby, I am in my own house, I have a 4 year old who adores his grandma and feels happier and safer with her than with anyone else in the world, and I work with two fabulous midwives who will help me have my baby. I have also attended a lot of births and have a much stronger sense of how to draw on what I have seen to help myself. I feel a lot stronger and more confident and feel like I will need less help personally. The plan currently is for me to catch my own baby with the midwives nearby. I have been thinking a lot about what role I want my mom to play and I am just not sure. I think I will want her to come and be the support person for ds, but we have a 900 sq. ft. two bedroom house and so her being there for him essentially puts her into my birthing space. I don't really want both of them to decamp to her house (even if it is only 15 min away) because I want them both to be able to share in the joy of the birth, but I feel like I will not be able to stand on my own two feet as well if she is there, with her natural desire to mother me and with her anxieties about homebirth in general, and fear about what is happening in the moment with me.

I am a loud, demonstrative person in birth. During my last birth, both of the dogs and my dad were hiding upstairs to get away from me! I think that I present a scene that is a lot scarier for other people than it is for me. I also get the sense that mom finds me and my lifestyle to be a little bit reckless, so for me to have a conversation with her about being confident in my own abilities ahead of time won't do a lot of good.

I have talked about these kinds of issues with dozens of families, but with my own, I can't seem to work it out. Give me a hand, mamas! I want to figure out a plan for how to involve my mom and have it all worked out before I talk to her about it.


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I had my first midwifery appointment today. She said that I am showing signs of depression, so i am off to the herbal store to get some great things to help. Baby looks great and it was great just to talk to someone for fifty minutes about me and my feelings. Then we did the baby stuff in the end. Ahhhh, I love homebirth!!
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whoa, I don't think I've posted to this thread yet and we're up to 2 pages already! I get all wrapped up in reading along and totally forget to post, lol!

I think I want to plant the placenta in a portable potted plant that we can take to the home we'll eventually have. I just like the idea of it breaking down in the soil and nourishing a plant through it's own death as it nourished the baby in it's life. We didn't get Ben's placenta, it was sent off to the lab for testing (his cord was super short and there was a rough spot on the back of the placenta where it attached. I think it was pulling off a bit and rehealing over time) Anyway, I don't even know if the hospital would have let us have it, probably think it's biohazard waste :

We won't be getting a tub, no room for one at all and I'm not way into being in the water, but I think I might use the shower. Last time I was induced (AROM) and hooked up to monitors and catheters so fast I didn't even have a chance to think about getting into the shower. It would have been nice, though. Really, anything would have been better than being strapped to a bed for 8 hrs!

That reminds me of something I've wanted to ask... For those of you who had a bad hospital birth experience, are you finding the planning of a homebirth healing or do you find it makes you more pissed off at how bad the last time was?? I go both ways, it partly is so liberating to get to do it this way now, knowing it is the perfect choice and loving it so much. On the other hand, it's so hard to not regret not knowing about the choice the first time, not knowing how bad it could really go when we headed over to the hospital. I am so in awe of first time mommas who have homebirths, it was so far from my reality, it just never really occurred to us as a viable option.
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My funny baby heartbeat story...

We had our second appointment with our midwives last night, and I handed off all the paperwork that I had filled out, including an informed choice about the use of doppler ultrasound (which they prefer to use in labor but will also use in pregnancy if it's okay with the parents) and visual ultrasound (which they refer out to a physician/tech for). Because doppler is a continuous pulse ultrasound and is not the true heartbeat sound, I told them I'd prefer to use the fetoscope but it's okay to use the doppler.

So at the end of our appointment when we we're doing all the clinical stuff (blood pressure, trying to feel the orientation of the baby, measuring the fundal height, listening for the heartbeat) the midwife gets out her fetoscope and tries to find the baby's heartbeat. No luck. I'm 22.5 weeks, so this did not surprise her. So I ask my partner if he wants to use the doppler and he says he's okay not hearing the heartbeat this time. But then I change my mind (women's prerogative, right?) and want to hear the heartbeat so I say let's use the doppler.

And as soon as the doppler is gelled up and placed on my belly, baby starts kicking me and the midwife says baby does not like the doppler! And she moves the doppler more towards the center and baby kicks again and my partner sees a kick-bump appear and disappear on my stomach! So the moral of the story is our baby does not like the doppler and I will only have them use the fetoscope from now on until I'm in birthing mode!

It's nice to feel little gentle kicks every day now. Although baby was kicking at my cervix and bladder yesterday when I really had to pee... that was not so nice...

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I am thrilled to find this group of homebirthing mamas! I had an incredible home birth for my ds 20 months ago. We are planning to do the same for our 2nd child edd Aug. 20 '04. I love hearing others stories.

I am blessed to live in a place where our midwife care is completely covered by medical. We would pay if we had to but are fortunate not to have to.

I look forward to sharing this journey toward anotehr homebirth with all of you.
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Stacia -- Are you still near Ann Arbor? I live in AA near Arborland. We might be really close! Your first birth sounded like a New Moon Midwifery birth, was it? Are you planning on using them again? I'm so glad you're in your own house last time. Being at your mother's must have been SOME stress!!!

Rubelin -- I was a first time mom who homebirthed, I don't think deserves much awe really. I mean, we all come to homebirth when the time is right. Me, I knew homebirthed kids growing up. It wasn't that big of a stretch for me. I also new of so many hospital interventions that I didn't want that for my baby or myself. My husband was the one that took some convincing, but was on on board after the midwife we used said, "Wherever a woman tells you she wants to give birth... believe her."

Placenta talk -- My son's is still in my freezer. I think *maybe* after this little one is born, we'll bury them both by the tree my husband and I planted during our wedding ceremony on his family land. I just always seem to remember it during winter when the ground the frozen. I hope I can make this a priority this summer! A freezer full of placenta really isn't a goal of mine!
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Aaaah, Claire- we have sooo much in common! It's funny. I birthed at home with my first, grew up around homebirthed kids too. And my siblings and I were all born at home as well, so I knew this was the right choice for me. I actually think becoming a doula and attending hospital births in the interim between my last birth and this one has done more to stress me out about birth than my entire life of hearing about birth and being witness to homebirths. I was a little freaked out about some aspects of birth in the beginning of this pregnancy that I have since resolved, mostly be realizing that they were about hospital birth and not about birth itself. Also, dd's placenta is in our deep freezer (3 years later) waiting to be planted under a tree in our backyard. She was born in March, so the ground was too frozen to do anything with, so we froze it and forgot about it until we were talking about it months later and the ground was frozen again (ahh, I love Minnesota. When isn't the ground either frozen, almost frozen, or thawing?).

As far as being awe-inspiring for having been a first time mama hbing, I'm fine with that. I think birth in general is awe-inspiring. But honestly, I never get it when people tell me they think I'm "brave" for doing homebirth. Really, I'm much more terrified of what would happen to me and my baby at a hospital than I am of doing it at home.

DoulaSarah- call me anytime. Athena and I had fun fun fun with you and the girls. More often, I say! Glad you got a good feeling out of your midwife appt. Aren't the prenatals with hb midwives far superior to the prenatals with cnms? I mean, mine seem to be talk about life for a hour, then feel around for the baby and listen to heartbeat and other technichal stuff, then talk about ikfe for a while again. I love it.
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Dnr- We all had a great time. I am up for meeting weekly!! And definately when it is this cold outside! We can always come to each others homes too!

Placenta- I don't think I will eat mine as Ketties (she is almost two) is still in the bottom of our freezer! We want to plant a lilac tree this summer and put them both in the ground. Sister placentas!

I can't wait to dig in the ground and plant a huge herb garden!! I am going to grow the herbs i will need for my birth!
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OOO placentas, we planted our first one in the spring following our homebirth, then we were sad when we moved and had to leave it behind, and then Bens stayed in the freezer for 2 years, we always forgot about it when the ground was thawed. The someone left the basement freezer door open for a few days and everything was a drippy mess so we ended up throwing it in the compost garbage , but it really wasnt a huge deal.
I have no idea what we will with our new one, although it doesnt seem fair to plant it after throwing Bens out, so it might get tossed to.
I think the idea of eating the placenta is very interesting, friends of mine actually fried it and ate..ha. All animals eat the afterbirth afterall why shouldnt we. Although I dont think I could and I only would if I was hemmoraging after the birth because i beleive that helps immensely.
Tanja mama to Raven 11, Jakob 4, Ben 2 and due Feb 16
ps i have my ultrasound today to find out the size of the baby and whether or not we try to start my labour this weekend!!
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1st: Placenta!

There is a strong, old tradition of placenta consumption all over the world. It is still common in Asia and in parts of Europe. In China today placenta is widely prescribed to all kinds of people to prevent and cure depression and other health woes. It is known to prevent PPD in new mothers and restore their vitamin and mineral needs. It also is well known to stop excessive PP bleeding almost immediately after birth.

It isn’t about ‘being sentimental’, I too tend to let things go when their work is through. We kept Tristan’s placenta because I didn’t want the hospital to have it. (for anyone who is curious, NO HOSPITAL can keep your placenta, all you need do is sign a paper and you get to keep it.) Placenta consumption is more often about respecting our bodies’ perfect design. Yes, mothers can and have survived without eating their placentas, just as all mammals will survive without having eaten theirs. They are at an advantage if they have eaten it, an advantage that their bodies intended them to have. Through all our millions of years of evolution, somehow mammals came to consume their placentas, and our bodies are prepared for this. A perfect balance came: a mother could restore all her lost energy and minerals without effort, and thus could avoid the mineral and vitamin deficiencies that often lead to PPD. Her bleeding (rare) would kill her less often, her milk would come in and be richer with food sourced vitamins.

Just as babies can survive without 40% of their blood volume (when the cord is prematurely cut),mothers an survive without the benefit of placenta. For me, though, I choose to honor the tradition and my body’s needs this time. Last time, I was of the opinion that my body was fabulous and could make up for anything. This is a great attitude and is true IMO for the most part. I think I did well after the birth. But any help I can give my body, that is natural and does no harm, Is fine by me! I will be nursing 2. I want to give my uterus & breasts their best start, :LOL

All that said, I don’t think everyone should eat their placentas. It is just my decision this time. If I don’t feel like it after the birth, I wont do it! If I taste it and don’t like it, I wont eat it!

My mw thought it tasted like venison, deer. She said it should only be barely cooked, or it is tough. You also don’t eat the entire placenta. Unless you choose to dry it and take it by capsule. Here is a recipe : http://www.geocities.com/virtualbirth/placenta.html

I intend to cut off and eat a piece before it is cooked. I don’t know if I will do it, but it is an idea. I will also consume part after cooking. Hello, it cant be any grosser than say... Raw oysters :LOL

As far as organ meats/ filtering, the placenta is not like a liver. The placenta is like a gateway that allows nutrients and oxygen and waste products and certain other things pass from mother’s blood to baby’s, and back, without allowing the blood itself to mix. The mother’s own liver is the filter that holds onto certain toxins both from mom and baby, though in an organic situation this is reduced a lot.

Anyway, I hope you mamas understand now why I have chosen this. I don’t expect anyone to necessarily agree or even think its normal! But I do think it is something everyone should at least try to open their mind to.

Ok, That’s my reasoning :LOL

TurboClaudia- I have heard that a lot! Babies don’t like ultrasound or dopplar. We are using the fetoscope now that babe is big enough.

Robin- I understand what you mean about homebirth after hospital birth... Planning this one I kick myself all the time for not being at home last time. Our first birth was beautiful and wonderful. But I am mixed between upset & healing this time. Well, it is an emotional journey...

For us, homebirth was an option last time, we just couldn’t afford it. We cant afford it this time, either, but we learned the hard way that it is worth it, if anything is worth money it is a normal birth.

Welcome, sweets!

Tanjarine- how exciting!!! you’re almost there!

Stacia- Thanks for sharing your story. I too had a less than stable life and relationship with my mother in my 6th month of pregnancy.. We moved... A lot of factors... This time I love my home and I love my situation. Though my mother still isn’t invited :LOL There is a lot of healing for me this time.

Ok enough with the novel...

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Tabitha...I totally respect your decision and I think it is really neat that you will eat your placenta. It does make sense!!

I don't know if I could though...I'm kind of squeamish that way.

I'm interested to hear what it tastes like.

What about moms who plan to lotus birth??? Can they eat part of their placenta??

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My hospital birth wasn't bad, but it was totally unnecessary. I think a homebirth would be healing, but sometimes I have feelings of distrust toward the midwives - I was seeing a mw for #1 and was dumped at 36 weeks. I'm afraid these two will find a reason not to see me, or something else won't work, like we won't get the Medicaid coverage for it that I'm pretty sure we can still get.

These two are a nurse and a pharmacist, so I'm always on the lookout for anything "medical" about them. I'm going to go over my birth plan with them at the 24 week checkup. If we can't agree on certain things I will try and find someone else. I know I can refuse anything they offer, but I don't want to be fighting with them when it's birth time.

I'm worried they will want to do vaginal exams; so many people think they are "not a big deal" or that "monitoring progress" is necessary. I don't think it is. I think it encourages reliance on arbitrary numbers. I also don't want a lot of monitoring. I'd basically like a UC with people hanging about in the background in case I need help.
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I just met my midwife today, for the first time. I am relieved cause I like her and she seems really down to earth and not bossy at all.
I hear you Greaseball, about the internal exams. I really wonder how neccessary they are in most situations. Like if there was doubt that you were progressing or something. I found them very disruptive and want to discuss with the midwife not having them unless there is a reason.
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On vaginal exams... we wrote a birth plan which we shared with our midwife, we stated unless there was an emergency we did not want any exams during labour....
When is came to the birthing day as it was my first, I didn't realize how quickly I was progessing so by the time the midwife arrived my membranes were bulging and the babies head was right there. She seemed open to respecting my choice when we discussed it... lucky for us we have the same midwife this time
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Hey Claire --

I am in Ann Arbor -- on the north side near the river and the Broadway bridge. We are probably a short canoe ride from each other! I did have my first baby with New Moon. Mickey Sperlich was the attending midwife for his birth, and Kerry Lizon was the apprentice.

I don't have anything really bad to say about them, but this time I have been working with Trillium, which is Kerry and Sierra Hillebrand's practice. They were apprentices together at New Moon during an overlapping period until about two years ago and then opened their own practice. I am their apprentice. I have seen a lot of births attended by them and just feel more comfortable overall with their approach/philosophy/service to women, etc. It is a lot of really little subtle things. We also have a great bond because we are together all the time and I feel they know me well.

Good luck with your baby!
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Originally posted by Defenestrator
but this time I have been working with Trillium, which is Kerry and Sierra Hillebrand's practice. They were apprentices together at New Moon during an overlapping period until about two years ago and then opened their own practice. I am their apprentice. I have seen a lot of births attended by them and just feel more comfortable overall with their approach/philosophy/service to women, etc. It is a lot of really little subtle things. We also have a great bond because we are together all the time and I feel they know me well.

Good luck with your baby!
I almost went with Trillium, but decided it would be too far to drive for prenatals. I did talk to Sierra a time or two.

With the CNM's I had the first time around, I just have to repeat, man, I guess I got lucky! They never wanted to do internals--they were so hands off and really aren't that far off from where my hb mw is. I feel so fortunate. I really haven't even thought about a birth plan this time, it's just never been an issue. But I should. I'm sure we'll discuss lots of things next visit.

Tabitha, I think that's great about eating the placenta, but I just don't know if I could take a bite of it raw! I'm waiting to hear from my girlfriend to find out how to dry it out (in the oven I think)and encapsule it. But good for you!

Tanjarine. . .keep us posted! Happy labor vibes to you.
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