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I had my c-section, as scheduled, on Friday. I have a new dd, who weighed in at 9lbs. 15oz. She's a lovely little girl, and we've had lots of snuggle time already. The c-section sucked, but less than the other four. Despite the pain, my recovery seems to be starting off well. (I got stitches, not staples, this time - it made a big difference.) We were discharged this morning, and now we're home.

I'm off to get some sleep, and enjoy my babymoon. DH has given me instructions to do nothing, except feed Jenna and look after myself. That sounds pretty good. I'm wiped.

Congrats, Lisa!!! Sisters - how wonderful. Enjoy yourself, and rest now.
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Congratulations!! I love your DH's advice--STICK TO IT!
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Congrats, Lisa! Sooo happy for you! Welcome, little one!
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Thanks, Marie.

She's a sweet, chubby, happy little girl, and even sleeps most of the night (so far). I wasn't expecting so much.
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Congratulations, Storm Bride!! :

(I just saw your thread in the Books and Movies thread asking for a comedy that wouldn't hurt your tummy. You mentioned the c-section. )
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I seem to be mostly over the stage where laughing is too painful. If I laugh too long, it starts to ache, but it's not the tearing pain it was at first.

Thank you. Jenna is just so...delightful. I mean, all babies are awesome (and I say that after experiencing the "3-4 straight hours of crying every night" thing with dd1), but she's just...delightful. She got nursing down quickly and she sleeps really well, and she's just a happy, snuggly little bundle. Considering I was really just hoping for alive and healthy, I'm feeling pretty spoiled.
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congratulations! :
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Congratulations!!!!! :
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