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ok - so we are doing our last IUI - as the doctor only recommended 3. That makes me nervous because I have seen some ladies on her who got their BFP with #4! But I will try my best to trust my RE. We are not going on to IVF so this is it! I told them we wanted to be aggressive since this is our last shot. I am waiting on the nurse to call me back to confirm what the plan is. Right now it looks like we will to femara, follistm & a trigger shot. I am a little nervous for that but it will make me feel like we are giving ourselves the best chance we got!
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Had a good doctor visit today. We'll trigger tonight and insem tomorrow and thursday. I've been pretty laid back about this cycle so far but now that insemination is happening tomorrow, I'm getting myself freaked out. I need to chill and I need to not think about it. Maybe I'll go read a book and stop trolling the Internet for 411 on IUI.
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Aprilmom- I'm trying to decide whether to stop at 3 this time or go on to 4. I really feel we should go on to 4 since that's what worked last time, but with the new FSH results, I don't know. IVF -- I'm on the fence about that. If I were TTC #1, then I definitely would, but now, I don't know.

I hope 3rd time is the charm for both of us so that we don't have to worry .

Hilarigh -- good luck tomorrow! I totally need an internet fast.
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Hilarigh: Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure it will go wonderfully!! I got anxious right before my first one but I swear it took less than 2 minutes and I didn't feel anything different than a pap test.

Furrow: I'm sorry to read about the elevated FSH. I haven't read much about that so I don't have any great insight to offer.

Aprilmom & Furrow: I really hope IUI#3 works!!

unoriginal: welcome! Good luck with your IUI and I do find distractions really help!

claire: sounds like everything is going well!

Not much to report from me... just hanging out and waiting for a sign! I'm planning to go for my beta on Friday. Wow, it's coming quickly... & I'm not sure I'm prepared (I'm keeping positive and I'm not sure I'm prepared for disappointment).
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Originally Posted by Furrow View Post
Aprilmom- I'm trying to decide whether to stop at 3 this time or go on to 4. I really feel we should go on to 4 since that's what worked last time, but with the new FSH results, I don't know. IVF -- I'm on the fence about that. If I were TTC #1, then I definitely would, but now, I don't know.

I hope 3rd time is the charm for both of us so that we don't have to worry .
I totally agree if this was # 1 for us we would feel different about IVF... but because it is not I just don't feel financially responsible when we have her to worry about.

I also agree that I hope 3rd time is a charm and we don't have to worry if we should do #4!!
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Originally Posted by Hilarigh View Post
Had a good doctor visit today. We'll trigger tonight and insem tomorrow and thursday. I've been pretty laid back about this cycle so far but now that insemination is happening tomorrow, I'm getting myself freaked out. I need to chill and I need to not think about it. Maybe I'll go read a book and stop trolling the Internet for 411 on IUI.
Sending positive thoughts your way this morning as you have your IUI!!
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We basted Wed/Thurs. The procedure went well it wasn't that painful, kind of felt like a pap. The only bad thing is DH's numbers weren't great. His volume was low and his motility was low. We abstained for 3 days just to be sure he'd have good numbers. I was so bummed but didn't want him to know and I didn't want to make a big deal about it bc I didn't want him to have stage fright for yesterday's insem.

I called the doc yesterday to find out about his sample and he had 20 million pre-wash and only 1/3 of them were swimming. Who knows what it was post wash. My RE said that he thinks the problem may be MF and not me at all. I can't believe this. DH had two SAs last summer and the results were normal so I'm not sure how this can be. Our RE also said he'd be surprised if I got pg with DH's numbers this low and that IVF with ICSI will likely be our best option for success.

I didn't mention any of this to DH yesterday bc I didn't want him stressed out before providing his sample but he must have stressed himself out. There was hardly anything in the cup. I felt so bad for him bc I know he was disappointed. I thought for sure our doctor was going to tell us there wasn't enough sample for the insemination but he didn't so who knows.

DH and I talked about how he felt, I told him about my conversation with the doctor about his numbers and IVF as our best option. He has an appointment with his GP next week and is going to ask them to run blood work to see where his hormones are. Maybe it's a stage fright thing, maybe it's a hormonal imbalance.

After all the drama yesterday with the sample and the long serious conversations, I thought he wouldn't be in the mood for action at all but to my surprise he totally was and afterward he said he thought he provided a really good sample this time. So who knows maybe we still have a chance.
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Hilarigh I'm sorry to hear that there's yet another wrinkle. MFI was our only original diagnosis. DH has great numbers but low motility and morphology. We've been told that 20 million motile post-wash is good. Sounds like your DH probably had around 7 million post-wash. But I've heard of people getting pregnant naturally with those numbers, so don't count yourself out completely.

If he's had good SA's in the past, yesterday may have been a fluke. Has he been sick anytime in the last 3 months? Or on antiobiotics? An illness could be affecting his current numbers. I wouldn't be surprised if it was also stress.

Funny how your DH seemed to let the news roll off of him. Mine was the same way. Most guys don't seem to take this stuff as personally as we think they will.

I hope you beat the odds and get your BFP this month.
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Hilarigh: I'm sorry to hear about DH samples. I wouldn't count yourself out at all... my RE says he looks for anything over 5 million post wash.

Today is 13 dpiui for me... my temp dropped this morning so I'm getting the impression that AF is on the way ... I seem to be coping better than last cycle... but I'm still not happy about it!
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Thanks Furrow. I'm trying to stay positive. My neighbor told me she got her BFP the IUI cycle that she only had one follicle. She and our doc hadn't been very positive about the cycle but she's 6 months along now. So you never know.

Kelly - I hope your temp comes back up. Are you taking progesterone?
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Kelley I hope your temp drop was just a fluke and it goes back up tomorrow...remember, it's not over until the stupid witch shows. :

Hilarigh Yes, all it takes is one...and the count is higher than I've heard of for many women who got 's so don't despair yet. If IVF with ICSI is your best option if this cycle is a bust, well, then you'll cross that bridge when you get there. : that you won't have to get there.

Furrow Sorry to hear about the higher FSH levels. : Have you gotten a chance to talk to your doc about his/her recommendations based on this finding? Maybe IVF is a better option rather than IUI given the higher pregnancy rates (MUCH higher) if the higher FSH means your ovaries are running low on eggs?? I don't know, I'm not a doc, but I am obsessive, and I would be doing whatever it takes to gather information so as to make an informed decision.

As for me, our IUI was yesterday at 12:30 PM. It went remarkably well, given the drama earlier in the week (with falling E2 levels but growing follies But once I found out that my E2 was back up, and I had 5-6 mature follies (all in 20-24mm range) and 5 more in the "almost mature" range (16-19mm. range), we triggered, and I went in for the procedure.

The other two pieces of good news were:

1) my husband's SA a few months ago showed a sperm count of 28 million (low but still in average range, so technically they considered it "normal"), GREAT motility (over 65% motile), and low morphology (9%). They'd like that above 30%. So we were dx with MFI, low morphology. But today, after changing his underwear from briefs to boxers, and abstaining from sex for 4 days before IUI collection, he produced a sample with 90 million motile sperm pre-wash, and 11 million motile post-wash!! This has to be related to the much higher sperm count, and my doctor said that number was "excellent". Combined with the large number of mature and "near mature" follicles I have, I'm hopeful...not overly excited, but I am hopeful nonetheless.

2) I was ovulating from 1 hour before the procedure until about 1 hour following the procedure. I know I was ovulating, because the pain was so intense...it was like the worst menstrual cramps I've ever seen...my abdomen was pulsating from cramping so much that you could see it from the OUTSIDE of my belly!! It looked like my abdomen had it's own heartbeat!! It was pretty funny. But that seems like perfect timing for ovulation...literally AS the IUI is happening.

Anyway, so I think things went as well as could have been expected, with the exception of the wonky E2 levels going up and down. Still...I choose to remain positive. I am on E2 supplements, and will start progesterone suppositories in a few days.

For now, we're headed to the beach for today and tomorrow, partly because I love the beach, and partly because I don't want to obsess each day for the next two weeks. I'm going to try to distract myself as much as possible.

This is only our first IUI, so I know we can try again if it doesn't work...I'm just really hopeful and : that it DOES work this time...it's been so long that we've been trying. I'm ready for some good news, you know??

Hope everyone else is doing well. Kelley, I'm holding out for your news...let us know when you're going in for your beta. :

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Claire - it sounds like your IUI experience couldn't have been better. It's nice to hear some good news, I hope the 2ww ends with a BFP!

And thanks for the good vibes. I've been a maniac lately researching MFI. What we can do to up his #s, what we can do to help make the collection process easier/less stressful.
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I did my first Follistim shot last night. TodAy my head is KILLING me. Is this normal?! I hope not because this sucks...
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Kelly -- any more news? Did AF show?

Claire -- sounds like you're having a great month! And perfectly timed, to boot. That's a wonderful sample from your DH and you had so many good follies. Hopefully there's a winner (or two?) in there.

April -- I've never done follistim, but it sounds like it could be related to your headache. A lot of women get headaches from clomid, and follistim is a much stronger med, so it could be doing it. One more casualty of the process, eh?

Hilarigh -- you sound like you're handling the MFI news pretty well (I understand the obessive internet searching). I can tell you from experience that sperm samples vary a lot from month to month. Unless you're feeling that time is running out, I wouldn't jump straight to IVF. Or does you insurance pay for it? If so, then maybe it would be the least painful route.

As for me -- I had a follicle check today and I have a nice 21mm follie on my left (my lucky ovary), a 14mm on my right, and several smaller ones. My endo was at 7mm, which is the best it's been so far. We did the trigger shot today (after I had to run across town to a pharmacy because the office was out of hcg! Seriously, I'm either going to switch docs next cycle or this is all going to make for a good pregnancy story), and we do the IUI tomorrow. It will only be around 26 hours, which seems a little earlier than most docs do it, but I'm hoping for the best. It's probably going to be better timed than my previous cycles. I wish I had two big follicles to work with, but I'll take one good one. I hope this is a good one.

BTW, the nurse assistant said that they have two infertility patients who have just gotten pregnant from IUIs and that the pregnancies always go in threes. So maybe I'll be their third. Hey, I'll take all the hoodoo juju I can get.
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I'm on to IUI #3 now... AF showed on Saturday when we got to the cottage I started taking the clomid on day 3. Not much else to say about it.

Furrow: how did your IUI go? sounds like your lucky ovary produced a nice follicle.

aprilmom: how's your head now? I don't know much about Follistim but I think that's where I'm headed if this next IUI doesn't work.

Claire: it sounds like your IUI went really well! Seems like everything is aligned. Good luck!

Hilarigh: how are you doing?
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Originally Posted by KellyTTC#1 View Post
I'm on to IUI #3 now... AF showed on Saturday when we got to the cottage I started taking the clomid on day 3. Not much else to say about it.
Blah. Well, at least IUIs go fairly quickly. I always got so frustrated waiting to start IVF because it was really a 2 month long process...

...And yet I STILL haven't had my first IUI and I finished IVF back in April!

My cycles are soooo wonky. This is my 3rd stupidly long cycle after IVF (2 38-day cycles and now this one, which is currently on day 27...) and my doctor wanted to start me on Clomid, but I declined and instead am focusing on acupuncture. My acupuncturist said that since I used to always have 30 day cycles, I can get back to that. She thinks that IVF really messed me up, and we agree that the stress of two years of TTC has also played a part. She has me temping again which is showing me that I have strangely low temps even on day 27. Fertility Friend thinks I ovulated 3 days ago, but my new high temps are only around 97.3! Weird. I'm totally messed up.

Hopefully things right themselves soon... I'm off to Cancun next week so maybe the 7 days of lying on beach will help jolt things back into place.

How's everyone else doing today??
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Laura -- It sounds like you're doing exactly what your body needs. A little rest, a little balance, a little sun and sand. Ahhh. Sounds perfect. I hope that your cycles get back on track soon.

Kelly -- So sorry about AF Doesn't it feel weird to move so quickly back into the next cycle with the meds? I always feel like there's such a short time to grieve. But maybe that's a good thing. I hope third time is lucky for you.

Aprilmom-- Are the headaches subsiding?

Claire and Hilarigh -- how are you feeling?

unoriginal -- did you do your iui?

As for me -- I had a trigger shot on Monday and had IUI on Tuesday about 26 hours later. DH's sperm count was pretty good. He had about 88 million progressive motility, with about 16 million of the fast, direct ones (this lab grades the motile sperm as A and B). I had significant cramps all day, especially on my left side, which is where the big follicle was, so I hope I ovulated at the right time. Weird thing is, I also had what felt like ovulation pain on my right side yesterday. Could that have been the smaller follicle releasing after it reached a mature size? But that would have been over 24 hours later. I tried to get DH to BD last night, but he was worn out from our week of heavy activity. I just hope we didn't miss the real thing. Have any of you ever felt like you've ovulated two days in a row?
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Thank you all for the concerns. I went home and went to bed - and am feeling MUCH better. I have been drinking A LOT more water and I think that is helping. I go in tomorrow for my US/BW... so we will see when the IUI is...

I agree that there seems to be little time from AF till we start the whole process over again.

Furrow: I don't usually feel myself ovulate even on all the meds... so I don't know but I think it is possible! Fingers corssed for you!
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I hope someone has some good news to report soon! I haven't seen a BFP on here since I started doing IUIs and I'm getting ready for my 3rd now!

We need some

There definately isn't a lot of time between cycles but maybe that is a good thing... helps me bounceback more quickly.

Laura: Lying on the beach sounds wonderful! It has been such a cold rainy summer here and I would welcome some heat heat heat!!

Furrow: I usually feel ovulation type pains for a couple of days. Sperm can live in there for a while so it seems like your timing was good.
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I got a positive OPK both on a grocery store OPK and my monitor this morning, so tomorrow morning we will be inseminating. Way way earlier than I thought I would - I usually don't ovulate till cycle day 20, but it looks like about CD 16 or 17 this time. I had to scramble to go pick up the cryotank this afternoon!

How many hours post OPK do your doctors typically perform the IUI?

I am feeling incredible anxious and excited. I would love to have an April or May baby, but I know not to get my hopes up too high...

I just hope I can sleep tonight!
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