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The names of your current kids...

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What are they (first and middle, if you're comfortable sharing)?
How did you pick them?
How will they affect the name(s) of the kids in utero?

Just a fluffy question since I'm killing time during a nap instead of cleaning house or making dinner. You're right...worst.housewife.ever. !!
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My son's name is Thomas Henry. He's the 5th of that name. DH's father died in combat when he was just a year and half old, and he wanted to keep his father's name alive. We call him Tommy, though.
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Isaac Michael...always loved the 1st name (means laughter in Hebrew) and the middle name is a family name (g. grandfather, great uncle, 3 uncles, brother etc.)

if the next one is a boy his name would be Lucas Miles
if the next one is a girl, i have no idea what her 1st name would be, but middle name is Mae (g. grandmother's name was Anna Mae). I have a "M" thing going for the middle name...must be my OCD.
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Grace Elizabeth Katherine - I've always liked the name Grace. It had religious meaning or symbolism back when we chose it. Elizabeth after my childhood best friend and Katherine after my paternal great grandmother.

Evangeline (pronounced "leen") Lily Marie - Evangeline, again, religious symbolism. Same for Lily. Lily of the Valley was one of my favorite hymns back in the day. Marie is my paternal grandmother's middle name.

Duncan Lewis Garibaldi - Duncan is DH's grandfather's (stepmom's dad) last name. He was close to him growing up. Plus, I like surnames as first names. Lewis after DH's paternal grandfather and Garibaldi is my maiden name.

Our kids' names definitely affects our name choices. They have to fit. I'm a name snob. I'm really into classic/timeless names. I also like earthy names like Willow, Freyja, Juniper, but they wouldn't fit with our kids' names and DH doesn't like them.

Name choices this time:

Penelope (Poppy) Anne Rose - Penelope because DH is a big Homer fan and loves the mythology surrounding The Odyssey and I like how it would be symbolic to our current situation with DH deployed and having a Penelope to come back to. Anne and Rose are part of the classic/timeless names I adore. It flows well with Penelope. I have a thing for French names.

Grayson Allan Duncan - Grayson and Allan come from one of DH's literary characters. Henry Allan Grayson is the main character in an epic poem he's currently working on. I love Henry and I'd use the entire name, but I have to use Duncan. "Gray" is also his granddad Lewis's middle name and Allan is the middle name of one of his uncles.
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I take extraordinary care in selecting a name for our children. There are a few "requirements".
-First, the first name must be a Biblical name.
-Second, the name must have a positive or uplifting meaning.
-Third, the person that had the name before must project some sort of example of who I want this child to be, a mentor of sorts.
-Forth, it must be "just right" when we are considering it, and it can not be the same or similar as other family members or friends (or just people we knew and did not like in the past).
-Fifth, we must have that "feeling" that THIS is the name for THIS child. (Like when we were first pg, we REALLY like the name Nathaniel and wanted to use it, however, when our first son arrived, he was just NOT Nathaniel. But our second son was.

-And finally, sixth, the middle name must begin with a "D" and have a "good" meaning (if there is a meaning to it).

Anyways, here are my children:

Sarah (Princess) Denise (of Dionysus)
The Person: She was the wife of Abraham, mother of the Hebrew nation
The Story: Abraham & Sarah's life Genesis 11 - 25
Special Verse: Heb 11:11 "Through faith also Sarah herself received strength to conceive seed, and was delivered of a child when she was past age, because she judged him faithful who had promised."

Jessica (God Watches) Darlene (Tenderly Beloved, little darling)
The Person: Named after Jesse (King David's father) which means Wealthy. He was the father of "the man after God's own heart", so he must have taught him well.
The Story: Ruth 4:17, I Samuel 16: 1-13, 17:12-14, I Chronicles 2:12-15
Special Verse: I Samuel 16:1
"I will send thee to Jesse the Bethlehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons."

Seth (Appointed) Daniel (my judge is the Lord)
The Person: Adam's third son and the chosen one to carry on to the line of Christ
The Story: Genesis 4: 25-26, 5:3, 5:8
Special Verse: Genesis 4:25
"And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD."

Hannah (Gracious) DeAnne (Divine)
The Person: Mother of Samuel, prayed for a son, and her prayers were answered
The Story: I Samuel 1-2:21
Special Verse: 1Sa 1:17-18
"Then Eli answered and said, Go in peace: and the God of Israel grant thee thy petition that thou hast asked of him. And she said, Let thine handmaid find grace in thy sight. So the woman went her way, and did eat, and her countenance was no more sad."

Nathaniel (Gift of God) Derrick (famous powerful ruler)
The Person: A Disciple of Jesus, whom Jesus said "In whom is no gile".
The Story: John 1:45-49
Special Verse: John 1:47
"Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!"

Gabrielle (Strength of God) Doreen (Golden)
The Person: Named after the angel in the Bible, a messenger of God
The Story: The Book of Daniel, Luke Chapter 1
Special Verse: Luke 1:19
"And the angel answering said unto him, I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee, and to show thee these glad tidings."

Gideon (Feller - Hewer - Destroyer) Darryl (Dear, beloved)
The Person: He was the youngest son in his family, a judge of the OT, he was a feller/destroyer of the high places of evil
The Story: Judges 6:1 - 8:32
Special Verse: Jdg 7:14
"This is nothing else save the sword of Gideon the son of Joash, a man of Israel: for into his hand hath God delivered Midian, and all the host."

Zephaniah (the Lord is my secret) [middle name still pending]
The Person: He was a prophet of God
The story: the book of Zephaniah
Special Verse: Zep 1:1 "The word of the LORD which came unto Zephaniah..."

Isaiah (God is Salvation) Dylan - (no meaning)
The Person: He was a prophet of God
The story: the book of Isaiah
Special Verse: Isaiah 6:8
"Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me."

For our upcoming arrival, a girl will be:
Jordan (Descend; flow down) Dayana (The judge)
-This was choosen because we feel this would be a crossing point, leaving the old behind and heading into a new era of time in our lives. And the Jordan was a significant point that the Hebrews had to cross to get to the Promised Land.
But not sure of a boys name at this time.
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Connell St. John (Sinjin) - Connell just showed up. no family connection, don't know where i got it. i've always liked the sound of Sinjin, but figured we'd go with the full St. John instead. we still call him Sinjin from time to time, though.

Isobel Josephine - Isobel came through when i was travelling in scotland with family. we visited a lot of graveyards (my grandmother does geneology), and i kept seeing it in every graveyard we went through. i had a great-great-aunt Isabelle that i met once and honestly didn't remember as i picked the name, but it came up 8 weeks after she was born when we went to visit the family farm in michigan. kinda neat. as for Josephine, it just came through. no family connection, just popped in my head one day.

right now, we're sticking with the irish/scottish theme, and again, not focusing on family, just what comes through. don't have middle names just yet, but our girl pick is Fionnula and boy pick is Desmond.
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My daughter's name is Aria Joy. My family and I have a strong musical background and my mother is a retired opera singer. So I thought the name Aria was perfect because in opera this is the label for a solo vocal piece and Joy was just something DH thought of, which works really well because it loosely interprets into 'song of joy.'

I would like for this baby to have a musical name as well. If it's a girl, I would like to name her Cadence which musically has a couple of meanings, the one sticking out to me being a steady rhythm or beat. I would like for her middle name to be something that represents calm, peaceful, serene (hmm serene might work)etc, so the interpretation could be peacful or serene rhythm.

If it's a boy, I have no clue.
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Dillon: We love the beach/ocean, and our son was named after one of the many gorgeous beach resort towns in Cali: Dillon Beach. His middle name, Robert, is a family name on both sides.

Marah Cate: named for a child (now young woman) I babysat as a teen/20something. She visited while marah was in utero, and I was so taken by what an extraordinary woman she'd grown to be. Cate is a form of Catherine, which is a family name on both sides. We added the "h" to the end after DH discovered her number would be best with those letters. He is very much into numerology and astrology.

This child is Celia Mae until we find out if she is a he ! We just like hte names!
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Abigail Lauren - She was named after my great grandmother, Laura.

Macie Claire - Named after my Grandmother, Clarissa

Brenna Kate - Loved this name, ran out of usable family female names. ExDH liked NOTHING, so this was all we could agree on.

Magdalena Faith - We call her Lena (pronounced Layna). She is named after a small town in New Mexico. Her mother chose her middle name.

We have no idea on names so far. Obviously won't use anything similar to what we already have, but other than that no clue yet!
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Grayson Alexander--Grayson because we fell in love with the name & we found out months after he was born that DH's grandmother was born in Grayson County KY. Alexander because it is a Saint's name & it is my great grandfather's name.

Brian Patrick-Brian is after my grandfather from England & Patrick-Saint's name & my Grandmother is from Ireland.

This baby--absolutely no clue. We normally come up with a list right before I go into labor. Since we don't find out the sex of the baby before the birth, we had girl names also...First child was Sophia Elizabeth and second child would have been Caroline Elizabeth.

Fun thread!!
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Oooh, I love this thread! All of your names are so wonderful!

Jackson McCart-We just liked the name Jackson, and in our first-time-parent naivete, had no idea we should investigate a name's popularity before bestowing it on a child. McCart is my Grandma's last name and I wished to honor her.

Truman Jameson-Truman just looked like a Truman to us. My dh's name is James (though he is called by his middle name) so Jameson is in his daddy's honor.

Remington Dennis-I love the name Remy but wanted something "bigger" for when he grew up. Dennis is the name of my uncle who has been like a father to me.

We joked about naming our third baby Nixon or Kennedy to maintain the presidential theme Our friends still refer to our boys as the "presidential posse."

We have just begun to mull over names for JingleBell....

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Sinai David for Mount Sinai(we pronounce it Sin Eye)

Jonah Jesus(his Dad forced the middle name pronounced hayzeus) I picked Jonah

Ryan Benjamin

For this snowflake I like Logan Thomas for a boy and really Love Bailey Clara but am undecided. I also like Rylee, Avery, Willow...
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Ok, I know I do not have children's names to fully participate. But love reading this thread. I have always been very interested in how people choose names.

Kidzaplenty- I love your biblical theme. This is something that we are discussing and that is meaningful to me.

If this baby is a girl (which we are assuming...so if it is a boy I will almost feel guilty for all this girl talk ) her name is Hannah Lee. I have always been drawn to Hannah and do not care about it's more recent popularity. Biblically Hannah was barren and she prayed for a baby and promised to dedicate it to God. God blessed her with a son whom once weaned she later sent to live with the Rabbi Eli. Well, my husband's name is Eli. And we prayed long and hard for this baby. Lee is my middle name, I think it goes nicely, and well, why do dads get to be namesakes and not moms?

If we are surprised with a boy, I like Samuel Glenn. Again, Samuel was Hannah's son. It would be fun to have Hannah, Samuel, and Eli in the house. Glenn will likely be the middle name regardless of the name we choose. It is DH's father's name who passed away almost 4 years ago. It would be really significant for him to name a baby after his dad, as it has been a huge loss for him losing a parent so young.

I am trying to consider that this name will likely set the stage for future children to come...

Can't wait to see other names. :
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we have a few "rules"...

-names need to work well in English and French since we are French-Canadian and though I speak English at home with the kids, DH and I speak French together and our families and local friends are all French also...

-they must be not too popular but not too out there...

-they must have no religious meanings...

-they must "fit" with the child that we have in front of us (besides for our first we don't choose before they are born because it can't fit if we haven't "met")

Also French-Canadians typically don't have middle names but I decided that I would like them to have one...

Xavier Blake

I always loved the name Xavier and when I chose it it wasn't popular yet... Our "not too popular" name backfired on us though and after he was born it became very popular here in Quebec...

Blake comes from DH's love of William Blake.

Colin Keith

DH brought up the name Colin and it grew on me... when he was born it just fit... I love it because it is a name that many people know but it isn't often used...

Keith was my step-fathers middle name... I miss him and it it is a nice way to honour his memory...

Khéna Maël

We had no ideas until after he was born, it was kind of the last of my thoughts... DH and I had both made lists months before and a few hours after he was born I went through the names and looked at my new babe and tried to find one that fit... I had never seen the name Khéna before but it stood out and fit...
I really love the name and love that is very unique but very easy to say and people don't do a double take when hearing it... (they just ask how it is spelled)

Maël was just the name that came after Khéna on the list and again it just fit...

For #4 I plan on having a list again and waiting a bit to give the new baby a name... I love that method for us because it is amazing to meet the new little one and then decide the best name for him (or her) then to give a name and hope it fits...
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We always pick a first name we like, it's not after anyone, and then the middle name is a family name.

Our first is Alaina Marie. Marie is my grandma, mom, and my middle name.

Second, Addison Victoria Grace. Addison actually came about b/c my Dh is a huge Cubs fan. Wrigley Field is on the corner of Clark and Addison Streets in Chicago. I didn't know this when he proposed the name and I loved it right from the start. Now everyone thinks it's b/c of Grey's Anatomy. Victoria was my great grandma's name and Grace is just a name I love.

Third, Noah Ross. Ross is my MIL's maiden name.

If this one is a boy he may never have a name. We have a really hard time with boy names. If it's a girl I love the name Kate, but we'll see. We are sort of stumped on middle names this time around though b/c there aren't many names left we like. Time to start digging.
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Originally Posted by Semper Gumby View Post
Our kids' names definitely affects our name choices. They have to fit. I'm a name snob. I'm really into classic/timeless names. I also like earthy names like Willow, Freyja, Juniper, but they wouldn't fit with our kids' names and DH doesn't like them.
same for us...

and Penelope is high on our list for girl names...
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We have a few name guidelines as well. It must not be a popular name, it must not have any religious meaning, we must agree on it , and it should be somewhat easy to spell. No unusual spellings.

We had the hardest time picking out a name for our daughter. My husband and I have totally different tastes in names. The name we ended up with was mostly because it was the only one that we both liked out of all the names we went through.

Her name is Gretchen Alana. Alana has two meanings. One is that it's a family name and the other is it's a Hawaiian name, where we got married.

For the next one we haven't giving it much thought yet. I am still holding on to Adria, which is what I wanted to name Gretchen. No boy names at all yet.
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Lucas Gabriel-I like his name but I don't LOVE it. We only had a little time to name him since he was a girl for so long we felt like we really needed to come up with a name quick and that is what we came up with and at the time were to scared to name him after he was born.

Alexander Michael- We went into the hospital with lists of girls and boys names and decided to name him after he was born. It was so cool because his name was not even on the list it just kinda seemed to really fit him.

I have a couple of girl names like Clara, Claire, and Nora so far that I really like but got nada for boys.
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Our Names:

I pick an original name that I like for a first name and usually we pick a middle name to honor a family member, except for our first....I don't know what happened there.

Danial James First, I know we spelled it wrong but in the heat of the 15 minutes right after he was born, they were already asking for a name, spelling, etc...We knew we wanted to name him Daniel but when DH spelled it that is how it came out at the time and we just left it. Middle name has no significance, it just sounded good together

Jacob Matthew We just liked Jacob and Matthew is daddy's name.

Isaac Frederick Again, I just liked the name Isaac. He wasn't actually named until he was a couple days old. We couldn't decide between Isaac and Samuel. And then we changed his middle name also the day after we named him. It was originally Isaac Jeffrey (Jeffrey after my dad and brother) but changed it to Frederick to honor my DH's grandfather while his grandmother was still alive to possibly appreciate it. She was just nasty about it though so I guess it was a wasted effort.

Clara Elizabeth She is the only one whose first name is significant to a family member. She is named after my father's mother. She has 13 children, over 60 grandchildren, and over 30 great-grandchildren. Until Clara was born, none of them were named after her. She now has 2 ggc named Clara. Elizabeth is my mother's name.

Sarah Jo We got teased so much after we had a Jacob and an Isaac about the fact that we had no Abraham. We had already decided it was a cute name and if we had another boy it would be a little "Abe". When she was born and was a girl (we didn't know before hand), we figured that Sarah was fitting since she was Abraham's wife. Jo is my SIL's middle name. My father actually died the week before Sarah was born and we were going to name a boy after him to honor him, so he wouldn't have ended up an Abraham anyway.

I really have no clue what we are going to name the babies this time. I would like names that go together but I don't want them to rhyme. I have a hard enough time spitting out names when somebody is in trouble and rhyming them would just add to my frustration. For middle names, if they are both boys, we are going to use DH's father and my father's first names.
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Benjamin David (last name Young)

Benjamin means son of the right hand, and Davids mean beloved...it is also my father's name.

It was important to me that the three names together sounded harmonious, and I REALLY wanted to use my dad's name as a middle name, since he was the first son of this generation of kids in my family, and it's not my last name he was going to take...then I shopped for names that I liked that sounded good in their long form and wouldn't automatically be shortened.

I liked Theodore for a long time, and then I started telling people and their reaction was so vehemently negative I changed my mine...but I still liked the meaning...gift from god...beloved...I thought it was nice.

At the end we were torn between Joel David Young, Corbin David Young, and Benjamin David Young...he just looked like a Benjamin. It really suits him.

I will not consider Benjamin's name too much, but I do want to think about cousins and relatives and not repeat names or middle names. But how his name sounds with his brother or sister doesn't matter to me, too much. I don't really like out there names for my kids anyway. I am enough of a weirdo hippy for my friends without naming my kids after natural elements and trees and stuff.

I would really like to use my brother's name as a middle name this time if it's a boy, Max. So for boys I am thinking of names that suit Max. I might even just name him Max, no middle name...or maybe Jackson Max Young. Or I don't know.

I have a feeling it will be a girl, and in my dream she said her name was Amanda, which I quite like. Amanda Leila Young, I think...Leila was my great-grandma's name. I like the meaning of the name, too...she who must be loved, beauty of the night.

We'll see.
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