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What are they (first and middle, if you're comfortable sharing)?
Carson William

How did you pick them?
DS's dad wanted to name the baby Owen and I hated that name (no offense to any Owen's out there) so we compromised with Carson. At the time, it wasn't as popular as it is now. William is the name of my late grandfather.

As for this baby, we really like Lovisa Sanna (pronounced Loveesa Zanna) for a girl and are already calling the little bean Baby Lollo. For a boy we like Allister but we aren't sure yet.
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Athena Rose- we had picked out Athena long before we were pregnant, I took a mythology class in high school and loved the names; I liked the goddess Artemis better, but somehow it seems to have turned into a boy's name in usage, and I liked how Athena sounded better. Rose is after a very good friend. I love her name, still years later, I say her whole name and smile.

Jalen Daniel- Jalen was the name we had picked out for a boy when I was pregnant with Athena. We knew we'd use Daniel (dh's name and tradition in his family for the first son to get the dad's name as a middle), but I don't love it, so his first name had to be something special. I didn't realize that there are "jayden"s everywhere. People are always adding a Y to his name. I still love his name.

we don't know about this time. I have to think some more. My rule: no pattern making. Like, we can't have another distinctly "greek" name, no As, no Js, no more flowers, no more biblical names. It has to be unique enough to fit in with my other kids' names (so no really common names), but can't be made up and sound more weird than my kids' names.
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What are they (first and middle, if you're comfortable sharing)?

Brandon Jesse
Hannah Alberta Lynn
Owen Gary Dennis
Katherine (Katie) Elizabeth Maureen
Jackson Andrew
Samuel Joseph
Mary Therese
Cecilia Ruth

and the new baby will be:
Simon Peter Pio if it's a boy or
Margaret Rose Pia if it's a girl

How did you pick them? Most are favorite saints and/or family names. We started doing two middle names b/c we weren't sure how many kids we would have and we wanted to fit in special family members. All of the names have sentimental meaning (like Jackson was my maiden name).

How will they affect the name(s) of the kids in utero?

After baby five we did explore the options of some *different* names but felt they didn't really "go" with our current names. We never know which baby is our last so we didn't want to leave one hanging with a different name, LOL. Plus, I'm very type A and like things to "go" together. I think we've done OK so far.
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Corbin Abigail:
Corbin is my mother's maiden name (also my grandfather's, obviously) - my grandfather only has sisters and daughters that all remarried and took their partner's names. Corbin dies out after my Pawpaw...so we took it on. I picked this name in high school...my husband didn't have a chance in hell of changing it so he got the middle name...

Abigail - he wanted something girly and sweet.

Our biggest rules are:
1. No biblical meaning
2. Cool/unique name that would look good on a resume (easy to spell/read)

The next kid will be Quinn (girl) or Paul (boy).

Neither of us really like the name Paul, but it's tradition in husband's family and the kid would go by his middle name.
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Matthew Alexander
Michelle Elizabeth

no idea yet what the third one will be, but we are considering keeping the M theme going...
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My daughter is Veida Evelyn. I got the name from the word veda which means wisdom and knowledge in sanskrit. Plus it strikes me as both a strong and beautiful name which I found very appealing. Evelyn after both my grandmother and her father's grandmother.

Not sure yet about the new one, just waiting to find out if it's a boy or a girl first so we can start narrowing it down. I kind of have a thing for V names...
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All five of my children's names start with J and their middle names are 'family' names. We will continue with this one. We like to use a 'family' name as a middle name because then the kid's not saddled with an old-fashioned name they don't like, but the name lives on.
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Ooooo I love this thread!

Adam and I have some pretty intense rules for naming babies....
I insist that the names not be popular in the past 100 years, but were popular 100ish years ago.
The name shouldn't have any schwas (no crazy vowels that can be pronounced in a variety of ways. My name is Deadra, you will not say it right....)
I prefer no biblical names, unless that name has specific meaning to Adam or I.
I love to have names come from literature 'cause I am a huge book geek.
If I can honour someone I love with the name, all the better!

SOOOO announcing
Beatrix Gabrielle
Beatrix 'cause it is not common, but not unpronounceable, and it hasn't been popular pretty much ever, but was commonish in the 1890s. Also we all know how Beatrix Potter is, the author of the Peter Rabbit series.
Gabrielle (which I know is biblical...) is my step mother, her and my dad have been together nearly my whole life. I have maintained a relationship with my dad because of her. I love her as much as my mom and we're very close. I wanted her to have a connection to my child/ren since she has no blood connection.

This child...
if she's a she like I expect I want her to be Marilla Mae (Mae is common in this thread!)
Marilla was Anne's adopted mother in Anne of Green Gables, however I chose this name after Anne's daughter Marilla, she was the main character in the 8th book, Rilla of the Island (we would call her Rilla) One of my favourite books.
Mae is a great aunt.
Unfortunately Adam isn't on board with this name yet, but I have 7 months to remind him that it's a great name.
If she's a he... Archer James.
Adam loves Archer and it's grown on me.
James is a family name in my family, and is my brother's middle name.
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Dea, I love Marilla -- anything Anne of Green Gables has to be good!

For us, we don't have hard and fast rules, but prefer names with traditional spellings that aren't trendy. We also like to use family or literary names if we have the chance.

Our daughter's name is Robin Christine -- Robin is a name I've loved since childhood, and I love the connotation of a bright-eyed, intelligent, curious little bird. Christine is my sister's name.

For this baby, we like the name Nora if it's a girl. Not sure on middle names yet. For a boy, I like Miles. (Again, not sure on middle names... we'd like to use a family name but DH is worried it will upset his side of the family, since um, we don't want to honor them really, so we may pick something we just like to avoid that conflict).
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I have an Evangeline, too!

I'm really hoping for another girl!

I'm throwing around several. My #1 is Ania Sage, I also really like Ivy. Ania or Ivy? I'd like to use Kathryn or Kate as a middle name as well, after my sister who has been the best support for me since E was born. DH doesn't like Sage, though we collect different salvia plants and have an entire gorgeous back planter of them. I'd like another nature-related middle name...it is up in the air.

Boy's names are more problematic. DH pretty much shoots down all of my suggestions. Right now our first choice is Layne Patrick. We really like Basil, too, though we've already received some razzing for that. Others...Harland, Orson...I really like Ian after Ian Astbury but DH isn't too keen on that one. I'm working on it!

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Asa James
Asa was decided on long before there was ever a baby, actually probably before we were married. As a boys name, it means healer. I read it in a book, and we were at some sort of blue grass thing in a church in the NEK of Vermont and it came up again, and we both just liked the name. I thought it sounded strong and gentle. James is my brothers name, and I just thought it married well with Asa. However, small children are not supposed to meet a lot of people and Asa met a whole heck of a lot of people, and I can tell you, no one could pronounce it and almost everywhere we went we had to clarify that he was a he. So out of Asa, biblical name, one of the kings, also soap opera character, people would often call him Azza, or Asia, umm no. It was a little annoying.

If anyone is looking for a meaningful girl's name, as a scandanavian name, Asa means goddess.

This time around:
Boy is Benjamin Houston. My best friend growing up was Benjamin, and although I don't talk to him much anymore, he is a really stand up man. So positive affiliation. Houston is my mother's maiden name.

Possibly Clara, Violet, Penelope, Lilian, and we have more, all with my maiden name Starr. Last time our girl name was Adelaide Houston, until we were going back to have the baby, at which point our girl name changed to Violet. As we really like all these names, we'll probably pick when I am in labor.

Girl names are so easy. If we end up with a 3rd boy, we're screwed.
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Originally Posted by oregonmama79 View Post
Isaac Michael...always loved the 1st name (means laughter in Hebrew) and the middle name is a family name (g. grandfather, great uncle, 3 uncles, brother etc.)

if the next one is a boy his name would be Lucas Miles
if the next one is a girl, i have no idea what her 1st name would be, but middle name is Mae (g. grandmother's name was Anna Mae). I have a "M" thing going for the middle name...must be my OCD.
: DD's middle name is Anna Mae after DH's great aunt.
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Clara Helena - both are family names

Graeme John - Graeme is a variation of a family name, and John is DH very recently deceased father.

for this one we are thinking Grace Francina for a girl, for lots of reasons.

for a boy, not so sure, maybe Ian, Owen, Evan, Ethan or another variation of John, and Leo for a middle name
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Chaya Marilyn ~ Chaya is pronounced with a hard Kh/Ch sound and is Hebrew for life, Marilyn was my mom's mom, and I was very close to her. Most people pronounce her name "Hiya" or "Kiya." Neither is correct

I came up with the idea of her name during a 9 week U/S - I thought I miscarried and found out she was still in there, growing, living. I wanted a name that meant "protected by Gd" or "warrior" but we came across Chaya and it stuck. A boy would have been Amichai (my people live).

Our "rules:" Ashkenazi Jews (Jews of Eastern European decent) traditionally name their children after a relative who has passed on - either the name directly, the beginning letter, or a derivative of the meaning. That's where Marilyn came from.

Names are not usually disclosed or discussed prior to the birth and naming or brit.

We prefer Hebrew/Jewish/Biblical names.

Her name is definitely shaping the new one - we don't want it to sound too "normal" next to Chaya... like Bob or something.
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These are fun to read! Some good ideas. I'm a little nervous about posting DD's name online, but I'll say we picked it by a grueling process of elimination! It sounds similar to another name that DH loved but that I had bad associations with. In the end, it was one of the VERY few we could agree on (and good thing she was a girl, because we never did settle on a boy name). I love it now and am glad we ended up with it. Her middle name is a family name -- my maternal grandmother, mother, and I all share it as a middle name, which is SO special to me.

We don't have any real "rules," other than it should have a not-unpleasant meaning and it should "go" with DD's name, more or less. I would like the middle name to be a family name.

I really like the name Micah for this baby if it's a boy -- it would honor a relative named Michael and it also evokes a special location for us -- and DH likes it too, but I've run into a problem -- he thinks it's a girl's name and cannot imagine naming a boy that! Argh... No amount of Internet research, mentioning the Biblical (male!) Micah, etc., can convince him that it's a boy's name. To me, it would sound weird as a girl's name.

I also run into a lot of problems because FIL has a very strained relationship with his own family, and has literally said (kind of joking, but clearly not really joking) "As long as you don't pick ANY names from my family!" Well... He has 5 brothers, all of whose first and middle names I like... so that's annoying. One of his parents was abusive, so of course I would NEVER pick that name, but ruling out 10 other great names is frustrating... especially because I've met and like all these brothers... they're not bad people! (which FIL would agree with... I think he just prefers to not think about them.)
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John Anthony: I have always liked the name John even though I don't have any relatives with that name. It just seems solid and classic. Anthony was my father's name (though he went by Tony), and my part-Sicilian ex-wife also had an uncle Anthony (people tend to think of Anthony as more of an Italian type name, but my dad was more of the ethnically British type of Anthony, like Anthony Hopkins).

Nina Anne: my ex-wife got to pick this one. She liked the name Nina, and the middle name Anne is one that everyone in her female lineage uses (she, her sister, mother, maternal aunt and maternal grandmother all have that middle name).
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My son's name is Carter Grayson.....I picked Grayson but really disliked Carter. My husband really loved it and so we compromised. I verged on wanting to change my son's first name for years!! Now he's 5, and he's a wonderful, strong, handsome guy, and I finally like his name. LOL. Which is good because he's just about grown out of me calling him sweetheart, bubba, baby etc.

Soo...that mistake will NOT be repeated. My number 1 rule is that we are both going to be completely sure about the names. Even if the baby has to be a month old before we decide, that's what we're going to do.

I've been using this naming tool online called NameVoyager to look at all my favorite names. It shows a time line from the 1880's to now and the popularity of a name you enter for the whole time. Very interesting.

We aren't going to do family first names because we have a lot of really good ones, and choosing wouldn't be nice! However, for middles I have been considering names from our parents/grandparents: Helen, Joseph, Salvador, Genevieve, Gladys, Ruth.

First names for a girl I like Cassia, Celene, Noelle, Lucia, and quite a few more.

For another boy I like Grady, Lorne and Reid.
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George Joseph and Anabelle May

George and Joseph are the names of our respective grandparents.
Dh has a grandmother Angelina, which we decided against, but kept an "Ann" name as tribute.
May just because I like it.
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DS is Eli Pavan (pronounced PUH-vun). DH is Indian, I am American. For my first, I wanted an American name first and Indian name second so that I could be sure I could pronounce it. Eli is the only boy name DH and I both liked, Pavan is DH's nickname since birth. His mother was going to name him Pavan, but her MIL disapproved, so she named him something else and called him Pavan anyway.

This baby will be Indian name first, American name second. My rules are that I have to be able to pronounce it, it has to sound good in both English and Hindi, and it shouldn't mean anything too religious -- no naming after gods or wives of gods, etc. If it is a girl, we are considering giving her my middle name, Jo, which was my nickname from birth, and is a family name. Hard to find Indian names that go with Jo, though.

This time, I'd also like to hold off on the final decision on names until we meet the baby. I like DS's name, but I've never been quite sure it suits him. That's if we can find more than one name we both like, of course.
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SlackerDad already shared about my stepchildren, John Anthony and Nina Anne.

For our LO to come, we're thinking Marcus David for a boy and Maren Ann for a girl. David is my father's middle name and Ann is mine as well as my mother's.

The trouble we're having is with the last name. When we got married I kept my name, but we'd like the kids to be connected to both of us. Seems troublesome with hyphens and all the confusion of who belongs to whom, but for now we're thinking of combining our last names -- Thomstad. Still not sure.
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