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just throwing it out there that hyphenated names don't have to be troublesome. I grew up with a hyphenated name, and I have one now (changed it when I married; I dropped one and added dh's, he did the same, we have the same last name), so obviously our kids have hyphenated names as well. I think you'd have the same sorts of "is this your kid, but you don't have the same last name" issues with combining your names for a new last name as well. At least with a hyphenated name, your name is in there and so is his.
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Gabriel (God is my strength) Sterling (valuable) - that was the only first name we could agree on. I actually wanted Sterling Lysander or Lysander Sterling, but DH hated that and actually wanted him to have NO middle name. But after the birth he saw how much I had to go through and felt that I should pick a middle name if I wanted. Gabriel suits him very well! And his full name Gabriel Sterling Angel, conjures up a beautiful picture in my mind.

Uriah (God is fire) John (God is gracious) - again had trouble coming up with a first name, but this one suits my son very well, he has a fiery personality. John we picked after John the baptist, and also it is my father's and brother's middle name and BIL's name.

Ayla(Oak in hebrew, Moonlight in turkish) Hadassah (Myrtle) - I feel kinda silly saying this but Ayla we picked from a techno song we heard. It's just a beautiful name with a beautiful song. She was born on Purim, Queen Esther's original hebrew name was Hadassah, so that was decided as her middle name instead of Miriam while I was in labor. I think the meanings reflect the kind of woman I'd like for her to grow into also, oak trees have strength and myrtle has beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers.

Noah (Peaceful, comforting) Yitzchak (laughter) - I had a dream that he was born and I named him calm and peaceful, so I started searching names with those meanings and he ended up being born the week of the reading of the torah/bible portion of Noah. Still we didn't decide until a few days after the birth. I think I also picked these names because I felt I needed more peace and laughter in my life. He does laugh and cause a lot of laughter, but the peace has died down as he's nearing his testing 2's. Hopefully it will resurface.

I had a dream before I found out I was pregnant that this baby's name is Emana. Which is fine with me, but DH thinks I'm nuts. So we'll see. Would really like another girl. Girl's names are just so much easier to come up with it seems.
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My older daughter is Isabelle Lisette. We wanted a french name. I loved the name Belle and my parents hated it, so I picked Isabelle (from the figure skater) and nicknamed her Belle.

My younger daughter is Maggie Rose. Maggie is after my best friend's mother who passed away when my best friend was a teenager. My best friend always said that she felt her mother led her to me and my family so that we could provide her with the family she was missing. She says that I am a lot like her mother.

If this baby is a boy he will be Alexander Richard Jackson. We just liked Alexander. Richard is my father's name. Jackson is after my Father-in-law whose nickname is Jack.

If this baby is a girl she will be Victoria Loren. Victoria is my Mother-in-law's name. Loren is because the first three letter's of my mother's, my sister's, and my best friend's name are LOR. (Lorna, Lorelei, Lori)
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Shoshana Artemis, aka (Sage) Hebrew for Susan dh mother's name. The middle name, Greek Goddess of the hunt.

Piedra Apalonia, Spanish word for rock or stone. The middle name is a feminine form of Apollo, the sun God.

Harmony Ariadne, DH is a musician and chose this name and the middle name who was a maiden in Greek mythology who assisted Theseus out of the maze.

Rowan Arion, Rowan is a red blooming tree in the British Isles and is sometimes referred to as the witches tree, Arion was a greek musician who was saved from drowning by dolphins with his beautiful voice.

It is dh turn name this next one. We take turns. So far he likes Melody for a girl and Merlyn for a boy. Love Melody, not so sure about Merlyn
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Padma-Dhira Mohini Grace

Padma-Dhira means Lotus flower beloved of God (sanskrit) Mohini means the attractor (also sanskrit), and Grace is after my grandmother who passed away from cancer before her great-grand daughter was born, but held on long enough to know that we were having a girl.

we are thinking Isabelle or Sebastion for the new baby, with Shanti (peace) as a middle name for either gender.
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Ioana -- i got that from my mother who died giving birth to me in Romania!
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Lucinda Jane - I just liked Lucinda & Jane is a derivative from my mom's name, Janet

Joseph David - first name from a man who led a group my DH was a member of as a child & middle name after my dad

Henry Bartholomew - named because my water broke & we decided we needed to actually think about naming the poor kid!

The one? Not sure! I like Veronica Rose, which was what Henry would've been if he'd been a girl, but we'll see what I think closer to meeting him/her...we can never agree on boys' names until really close to baby's arrival!
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Originally Posted by sweetpea_119 View Post
Joseph David - first name from a man who led a group my DH was a member of as a child & middle name after my dad
My father is David Joseph and he might be one of the most stand-up men I've ever met. What a wonderful name.
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Our son is Gannet Addison. Gannet is an amazing pelagic bird that we saw when crossing the North Sea years ago by ferry, in England it is also used in a sort of endearing way to tell a kid they are eating a lot- which he has since he was born (or before really he was a big boy!). Addison is the county in Vermont where my husband and I met and we just plain liked the name, plus Gannet is so unusual we thought we'd give him an option for later in life in case he doesn't take to his name as much as we hope he will when he grows up.

For this next kiddo I have no idea, although for a girl I've always loved Audrey and Cecilia, if its a boy- well let's just say we have several more months to develop our lists!
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