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Can I get a credit for...

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potential, future conversions?

Long story as short as possible: My best girlfriend and our best mutual male friend are suddenly a couple, deep couple after 15 years as best friends. She and I frequent the same chat board... which is rather raw sometimes. In one thread, circ came up... and she said that she was basically neutral but that her BF was pretty adamant that "it was normal" and "any son of his would be circed". This in a line that has not produced a single female child in 4 generations! So I threw in my two cents and she said, "Hey, you see him more than I do... take your shot. Wish I could be a fly on the wall." (This because they are long distance dating and she was around when I dressed down my BIL who is an ER nurse and prays at the Altar Medical.) I told her it wouldn't be that interesting since her BF was a calm, thoughtful, respectful person... so I would treat him as such.

Anyway... a month or so later I had dinner with him and on the drive home got into the subject. I think I led with something really mild like "What's this crap I hear about you wanting to circumcize your future sons?" I simply gave him the history of the procedure as common practice and ended by asking him "What would you say if I told you that you had the power to give the men of your line greater sexual sensetivity and pleasure than you have ever had?" And I left it at that.

A few week later he is talking to me about a friend of his who is unexpectedly becoming a father. "So... what should I tell them about breastfeeding? And diapers? And not circumcizing? that's important!"
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Woohooo! I love your approach- so tactful and subtle! You rock!

Good for him too... on being a calm rational clear thinker!

Sounds like your friends are lucky to have you and each other!

Love Sarah
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Hey thats great! I really liked how you put out there for him to think about.
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Well it has occurred to me that when you wait until people are expecting to talk about this subject it is easy for it to get lost in a sea of overwhelming information or just be one more thing all the experts disagree on, or whatever. Pregnancy is such an overwhelming time! I think more is likely to be accomplished by continuing to normalize the idea of intactness.
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