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DD is commonly referred to as "Mini Me" (well, she is almost my clone--my baby pictures and hers have been confused before, even by my own mother!)

When she had a prescription cream to put on a few weeks ago, we'd say, "it does as its told and rubs the lotion in it's skin."

"I wonder what the going rate for 8 year olds are with the local gypsies...."

Random "Labyrinth" quotes get bantered as well.

"You're so lucky you're pretty/cute" when I'm at my wit's end.

When she hurts herself (like just coming to say she dropped her water bottle on her foot) our usual response is, "oh, does it hurt? Is it bleeding? Should we cut it off to make it feel better?" That's one we probably shouldn't say in public too much.

"(Insert friend's name)'s mom has permission to duct tape you to the ceiling if you don't behave!!!!" This little gem is starting a trend, one of DD's friend's mom actually started using that one. Lately, it's been followed by a discussion about the actual probability that if a girl is duct taped to the ceiling, if she'll stay put.
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The kids & I sing the Pie Song while we're cooking together. You know, from the movie Waitress -- baby don't you cry, gonna make a pie, gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle...

And I say (like a big dork), "Off we go, like a herd of turtles" as we pull out of the driveway. My dad passed that one down.
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Oh, and "Let's eat, Elton" is one that my whole extended family uses. My grandpa used to say, "Let's eat, Elton" whenever a meal was ready (Elton is my dad), so when it's time to eat, one of us always says, "Let's eat, Elton."
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We burst into song a good deal around here...or quote Dr. Suess. It's like everything reminds us of Dr. Suess.

Lately it's been a lot of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song...
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DH and I have picked up a lot of DD2's sayings. DD1 just got back from college, so a lot of the jokes from the last year she's missed.

DH: *says something to DD2*
DD2: your face!
DH: your mom!
DD2: your moms face!
DH: your stepmoms face!
DD2: nnooo!!

To DH and I:
DD2: You're my favorite one of dad's wives! (he's been married three times)
You're my favorite one of mom's husbands! (I've been married twice)

DD2, DD1, Me:
Dear _______,
Sadly (insert person) was tragically killed today by (name stupid yet hilarious incident). Funeral's tomorrow, can you come?
Sincerely, _____
this one was started after DD2 (7 at the time) forgot how to stop her scooter while going down a hill. Hit the ground and immediately, jumped up and yelled "I'm okay!" The kids still find it hilarious.

DD2: Can we get an _____? (animal of some kind, usually ridiculous like an okapi)
Me: No
This continues until she starts naming imaginary animals or I threaten to sell her to the circus. Or give said animal her room.

(while harassing the other person by poking them repeatedly as well as saying Poke!
Don't poke me!

Don't call me Shirley!

DH and DD2 (the night owls of the family ): Go to bed! (repeated through various words, sign language, charades and notes placed around the house.)

There's that (random object on side of the road: sock, pillow, pair of pants, etc.) that you lost!
Damn! I've been looking for that! How did you know? (usually becomes an entire skit...)

There are more but I can't think of them right now.
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Originally Posted by Frootloop View Post
There are quite a few that I'm completely blanking on, but one that I can easily remember just because we all say it so often, would be..

"Oh, you are soooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky I love you".
I've always said that one, and once when ds was little he said to me 'you're lucky you love me.' I laughed for the longest time. :

I sing in a mock opera voice 'stoooop that whining!' when someone is complaining.

Originally Posted by Katri'smama View Post

"I ffffart in your general direction" (Monty Python)
That's a fave at our house, too.

'I'll be back' in the Arnold voice when leaving the room.

We've got a lot of other random movie and tv quotes we toss around as well.
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We use a LOT of movie quotes from Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, and such. But I can't even think of anything right now. That is really sad.

But I always tell my children (or strangers when they ask, "are they all yours?"), "You are just SOOO CUTE, I just had to keep you!"

And my Hubby and I have this running joke between us, when we are out, and say I am picking him up, I will come up to him and say, "Hey! You want to come home with me?" And he will say something like, "My wife would not like it, but if you don't tell her, I won't!" Or some variation. Makes people really stare at us (they usually know we are married).
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Originally Posted by Sasharna View Post
We can also be found singing the "How do you spank a giant baby?" or "How do you work this thing?" songs from this episode of zefrank. When one of us has a question about how to operate something, the other will start by saying, "Did you try and try and try and try already?"
We have zefrank jokes as well. Lots of references to 'dancing properly.' :
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Oh, I just remembered another one. Anyone watch Ace Ventura, Pet Detective? Remember the scene when Jim Carrey comes out of the bathroom and he says, "Do NOT go in there!!!". We say that here, too.
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Jim Carrey comes out of the bathroom and he says, "Do NOT go in there!!!".
Dh does that all the time!

Our biggest one is when someone isn't cooperating or listening or understanding something someone will say "you're killing me Smalls!" Or if somebody mumbles and another person says "what?" they yell "the great Bambino!" Yeah we've watching the Sandlot ALOT.

My 7 year old somehow convinced my 3 year old to get in on this one:
ds1: you better stop calling me names!
ds2: or what?
ds1: or I'll start calling you names!
Then they both laugh hysterically. I just hope people realize its from a movie and not real when they do it out some place.

Dh and I will whine at each other that "but I don't want a large Farva, I want a liter of cola!" when we don't get what we want.
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DH and I lovingly refer to each other as "it". Like, "It needs it come here and help it." Or sometimes I'll say "This one loves that one", meaning I love him.

We say "it puts the lotion on its skin" a lot. And we use variations of that. (it puts the broccoli in it's mouth) with our 3 year old.

"I hate you Howard" (said in a whiny, southern accent) from the Anna Nicole Smith Show, whenever we're annoyed with each other

when the kids are whining over something silly I'll start singing "it's the end of the world as we know it" from REM

"I poisoned your tea, you're all dead and you don't even know it" from a SNL sketch about the Mad Hatter

This is a cute thread, I like it!
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Okay, I'm trying to think of all the things that aren't from movies, books, songs or t.v. ...

I can be anywhere in the house and if I say "Ethone-tha-thone-thone-thone..." I'll hear a sing-song "Wone!" back. Or a "Booda-booda-booda-booda..." will get me a "boo-da." A "Pey-tone-ta-tone-tone-tone" will also get me a "wone".

DS and I have a funny breathing/sniffing thing we do, I can't explain it in type.

If I say "How much do you love me?" to my son I'll get a "too much." He also started the "I so love you." that we all say (in a fierce voice and crushing hug).

"Your mom" or "that's what she said" is common for DH and I throughout the day. Whenever we hear something funny, we tell each other that was their mom's nickname in high school (this can get pretty nasty).

"Whitney, did you just say your dog's butt was divine???" is easily one of the funniest things ever said by my DH and I like to bring it up all the time.

We all have not-so-secret handshakes.

We have our 'touchdown dance'.

DD was always "Mini-Winnie" which is a reference to Mini-Me and the fact that my nickname is Winnie and is Winnie because my original nickname was Linnie but my little brother couldn't say Linnie when he was 3 so he said Winnie and most everyone I know calls me Winnie instead of my name (even DH). Yeah.

My son doesn't have a belly button, he has a nubbawoostovich (don't ask).

Whenever anyone gets upset we say "Whoa, killer."

"Oh SNAP!" is a fav as is "Oh Lord" but it has to be in the right voice. The story behind "Oh Lord" is absolutely hilarious.

I am blanking on others right now.
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We have a ton of these, but I can never remember more than one or two at a time.

Today I can think of

I'll be baaaack (pronounced "Bach").
I'll be Mozart (or Beethoven or Chopin or some random obscure composer).


Free is a good ________ . Originally the quote was "Free is a good color" from my sister. DH and I were planning our wedding and the florist told us if we wanted a specific color for the petals to fill the flower girls' baskets, we'd have to pay for them because she'd order flowers for us, but if we were willing to take cast off petals from whatever colors came in that week, we could have them for free. Now it's used for anything unexpectedly free.
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This is one from my g-grandfather as we sit down to dinner: "I wonder what the poor people are doing?" (Not that we are rich by any means.)
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Any complaint about a too-tight hug causes the hugger to sing "Love Hurts" by Nazareth.

A child with an inconvenient request is "troublesome" "boddersome" or a "trouble-bodder" This almost always leads to singing "You are so troublesome" to the tune of Joe Cocker's "You are so Beautiful"

Whatchadoin'? (Isabella from Phineas and Ferb)

Why er chuck? (means,"What are you laughing about?" <chuckling>)

3-D is pronounced "D D D" after an incredibly long lived and frustrating misunderstanding of the term when the kids were about 2 and 5

when one of the kids gets a minor injury, we say this:

Injured kid: "Ow! I hurt my ___________!"
Me: "Oh, that looks bad. You should probably tell your mother."
I.K.: "Mom! You ARE my mother!"
Me: "What?! NO!! I can't be a mother. I'm youthful and carefree."
I.K.: "You're not youthful and carefree...you're my mama."

It's even funnier with the six year old because he pronounces "youthful" as "useful"
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My DP is an actor, and memorizes almost every movie he watches, so we have a TON of movie quotes.

He always says to the baby "I know you!" (Tom Hanks says to a VOLLEYBALL in ...ahh... what's that movie called with him on the island...googled it.. cast away)

"Do it, do it NOW!" in arnold swarzenegger voice

my current favorite rewritten song is sung to the tune of "single ladies" we sing every time we give him a butt bath after a poopy diaper...

"in the booty crack, in the booty crack, in the booty crack, in the booty crack"
"If you wash it then you better put a finger in it, if you wash it then you better put a finger in it"
"waa waa waaahhh, waa waa waaahhh"

CRACKS the baby up!

sung to the tune of "farmer in the dell"

I love you and your face, I love you and your face, hi ho the derry-oh I love you and your face
I love you and your nose (kiss nose) I love you and your nose (kiss nose)... etc.

I teach him body parts this way

The problem with my DP is that EVERYTHING is a quote! I work with kids with asperger's and many of my students learn to communicate through quotes, so it cracks me up that dp does this too. Every single time he says something funny, I ask if it was a quote, and it usually was.

I agree that silliness keeps the relationship alive. We're both only children so we always say we act like each other's brother and sister, he annoys me like an older brother! If he beats me at scrabble he'll run over and pin me down and try to cram his ... errr..... doubled up boy parts... into my ear.
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I forgot to add poodles.

I don't care for little dogs and poodles in particular annoy me for some reason.

When the boys were being difficult, I used to say (jokingly of course ) "I should have gotten poodles instead (of having children)

It's been going on so long now that I usually just say,"Poodles!!" when I'm frustrated with them. They usually respond with,"Mom, they would just poop on the carpet."

When one brother is mad at the other one, I say,"Well, you should have thought about that before you decided to get a brother."
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Ds has been 'grasshopper' from the old Kung Fu series for as long as I can remember.

Oh Grasshopper, so much to learn. When you can snatch the pebble from my hand.....

He thinks we're crazy.
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