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constipation and starting solids

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my twins are 9 months, 7 adjusted. supposed to be starting solids. did start solids. followed by 4 weeks of constipation, ending in a really severe episode that i've stopped the solids over. but am being told should keep on with them as they'll get used to it. ds a little constipated, but evidently more ready, but dd is soooo not.

anyone else have problems getting onto solids with no obvious other issues?
i never had constipation issues with my four older. is it preemie related, or just starting too soon, or what?

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I just had a similar experience with my 7-month-old (34-weeker). I'm interested to hear others' experiences because I'm not sure what to do.

DS1 (9), DD(6), DS2 (11/30/08)
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I'm not sure how much help I'll be. My 28 weeker, who is now three and a half, has always had horrible constipation. To the point that she now with-holds, and is on Miralax so that she can't. When she was very little, I used to give her an ounce of sugar water to help her be able to have a bowel movement. We've avoided foods that are constipating and modified her diet, blah, blah, blah; but nothing ever helped. I've resigned myself to always having toileting issues with her. Her full-term brother has no problems. *shrug*

Maybe someone else can be more helpful.
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What are your babies eating?

I've found that apples - or apples with prunes - go through quickly, if you kwim!

I think a little constipation is normal. You might also try adding a little water from a cup or a sippy with their meals.
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thanks Sara, i've tried all the obvious stuff . even fruit and veg blocking her up. i've also used a probiotic to try and give her a better gut flora.
i stopped solids and she was ok within 4 days.

benjismum, i'm going to introduce a high calorie formula once a day now to see if that blocks her up as well. if it does i'll stop, but if it doesn't, it takes the pressure off trying to bulk her up with other stuff.

baby duck, i'm sorry to hear that your daughter is going through that. it must be really distressing for you both. i feel really upset after even a short episode.
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You can add a little olive oil to their food to help with the extra fats and constipation. My preemie has this problem too but I think it is compounded by his love of rice rusks! I also think the jarred purees (like Gerber) are so well processed and smooth that they take alot of the fiber out. Sadly, Georgie likes the purees alot! Getting him to take the chunkier stuff I puree at the table has helped a little. I also add probiotics (when I remember, heh) and that certainly isn't hurting anything.,
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I don't really have any other ideas, but we're at a funny point with all of this. Zephan's eating more and more solid food, so he ends up pooping maybe 1-2 days out of each week. But when he poops, he really poops. Out his diapers, up his back, down his legs. It's pretty scary. His older brothers think it is hilarious and announce these gross blow outs to just about everyone we meet. Oh the humor of 2-4 year olds!
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Hmm...I had this issue too, but I figured it was because I had weaned him onto regular formula. We switched his formula to something with prebiotics and whatnot and that helped...but as for food, I just avoid anything constipating at this point. No bananas, add prunes here and there, and prune juice. Most juices are known to cause runny poo, so giving her a little apple juice might help. Beyond that, I'd just try to take it really slowly. Give her a very small amount to start with and work up. HTH
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Get this- I started him on probiotics and two days later added the YoBaby yogurt with probiotics. No more problems and he has that normal transitional poo, not big boy poops! Wow! It worked, like, instantly too- within a day of yogurt and two days of the probiotics in his food.

Just to clairify- if he eats yogurt, he does not get the probiotics in his dinner. There can be too much of a good thing, heh.
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