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Moving (back) to Fairbanks

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Hi, Our family is moving to Fairbanks next month. We were there for about 3 years and then moved away 5 years ago. We are so excited to be moving back. We left with a dog and are coming back with the dog and 2 little ones, ages 4 and 1. I am anxious to get involved in a homeschool co-op an would love any information anyone has about that or about playgroups or other activities. We did not have kids when we were there in the past so I feel I have a new world to explore.
We will be driving from Maryland and plan to take about 2 weeks (arriving the end of August). I am both excited about the adventure of moving back (I really miss fresh salmon and blueberries) but I am a bit nervous about being so far from "home" with kids. Finding a support network is so important!

Hope to hear from someone soon!
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Mybe i'm wrong but i have only found one active homeschool group that is more for older kids. and they .... well i didn't jive with them. A lot of moms with under 5's have been talking about starting a group here in town though.
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Welcome back. There are many different playgroups around town so if you don't jive with one, hopefully you can find another one.
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Op, you will probably get more response responding to the "ongoing Alaskan mom chat".. some of us rarely look in the "Alaska tribe" once we are subbed to that thread for the month..

but welcome back to Alaska!
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Thanks everyone! I am going to check out the ongoing AK tribe now
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Just wanted to reply that my DS1 is 3 and DS2 is 1 and we are definitely on the lookout for more kids their age. We have an informal summer play group happening and I am very interested in furthering a homeschooling oriented play group for littles (many of our friends have kids just a bit older).
PM me if you'd like to get together after you get here and see if all are compatible. We are in a similar support network circumstance (family is back East or Midwest, life friends are mostly in the PacNW) though we've been in AK for 10 years and Fairbanks for 5.
There is also a yahoo group fbxmoms@yahoo - I get their emails but I've never been to a get together so I really don't know anything about the folks involved (I met one briefly).
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