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Band Reunited?

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Is anyone else besides me hooked on this show? I am such a sap, I cry thru everyones concert. I love this show and was so bummed Frankie Goes To Hollywood did not play what a let down for the other members. I felt like they needed therapy after this.
Anyway just wondering if anyone else is watching this on VH1?
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I'm watching! I loved the Romeo Void reunion because I love that song in the movie Reckless with Daryl Hannah.

..I might like you better if we slept together..
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My husband is totally addicted to this show. I only watched one episode, but he did mention that they were all goin to be replayed except the Frankie Goes to Hollywood one....
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I'm hooked! I had almost forgotten what a huge Flock of Seagulls fan I was...still am. I've enjoyed them all so far except the one on Klymaxx...I have no idea who those women are and have zero recollection of their music even after they played. Maybe they were before my time
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Dh said they are going to do SQUEEZE! Thats one Ill watch!
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There are two we are waiting on Squeeze and we are hoping they do The Alarms, they show their name on the begginning credits.
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OMG.... it was like heroin..not that I would kn ow... but I was totally, totally ADDICTED TO IT!!!

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I too am totally addicted to the show. I was so disappointed with Frankie Goes To Hollywood not playing, but I was very happy to see Holly Johnson still alive!! His HIV+ status had me really worried.
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I am hooked too! I cant wait for Squeeze!!! They are one of my all time favs!!!

I was also bummed when Frankie wouldnt play

My dp thinks Im nuts because I get so excited about these shows:LOL
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The Berlin one was so cathartic for me-I was sobbing at the end! Don't know why-don't need to know why. Ok. I'm getting older. And it made me think of my ex-husband for the first time in many years.
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And it made me think of my ex-husband for the first time in many years.
at least you HAD an ex husband.

When I heard t hem sing Metro it reminded me of countless clubs in hollywood and new york that my friends and I went to all the time.... i mean all the time...... we were just so light and airey...

what was I thinking... oh, yeah, I wasn't thinking...

riding on the metro..................

by the way, VH1 rocks in general these days. they have really improved their lineups.
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the drummer from dramarama is so sexy.. age was good to him.
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I am glad to hear I am not the only one who gets entimental during the show. I always end up crying during the concerts, it makes me think of moments in my life I would love to relive again. I just feel so happy for the groups, the music at one time was such a passion for them and what a wonderful gift they are getting to relive it!
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count us in!

We are soo addicted and I'm getting so antsy that the next one is SQEEZE!!!!!!!!!

The Extreme one was...painful to watch. It made *me* uncomfortable. eeks.

Did you see The Alarm last night? It was so cute!!!!!! They all hugged a million times and their show was AMAZING!!!!!!
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Yes we watched The Alarm reunion. They are one of our favorites. Our wedding song was actually a song they did, so we were waiting for their reunion. I can't wait for squeeze tonight. i wonder if they (vh1) are going to decide to make this a regular show.
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I am so disappointed that Squeeze didn't reunite.

I think they were maybe too big of a band and unlike some of the other bands didn't jump at the chance because, hey, they could make big money in a reunion tour at some point down the road..

although, The Alarm was big and they did it.

hmph. I was really sad because I LOVED Squeeze and couldn't wait to see what songs they did..tempted or black coffee probably.

mojomom, which Alarm song was your wedding song? My dh and I had many a romantic moment to Rain in the Summertime..what a beautiful song..was it that one?
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Pepper- It was -Walk Forever by my side (I think thats the title, it is part of the chorus and that is what we have always called the song). It was such a fitting song and nobody had ever heard it before which was a plus for us, because everyone was doing that Bryan Adams song from Robin Hood at their weddings and we wanted to play something unique.

I also was so bummed about Squeeze it was such a bummer way to end the series.
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I just saw the Berlin rerun & it was so sweet. They were awfully game & played quite well for many of them having given it up. I'm so sad to hear that Sqeeze reunited didn;t work out, but haven't seen the episode. What happened? Did they have bad attitudes or what?
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Jools Holland, the keyboardist for Squeeze had major attitude about the reunion and then everybody else bailed when the time came. I was really mad that they even aired the episode because we didnt get to see any interraction at all1 I agree that they are probably too big of a band to reunite...especially when they all still have careers in music.

I saw the Romeo Void reunion and that was good. They sounded great IMO. it was sad about the sax player though, but I am glad they still included him in the reunion.

I have been thinking of all these bands now that they should reunite...
What do you gals think..

Haircut 100 (remember them with their cable knit sweaters?!)
Talk Talk
Human League (allthough I think they may still be together?)

Feel free to add to my list...
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