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4th of July Plans...My mom is flying in from MN this afternoon so we will have a week with her! We will probably have some people over to grill and swim but we will see.

ammiga...sorry about AF!

Not much going on here...spotting, then not, then spotting, etc... who even cares! haha I do!
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updated list to here

random~ You can get + opks and no O. I'd keep bding just to be sure.

Yummy~ If my son is still nursing, i will nurse through pregnancy and tadem nurse.

FiberLover~ on af showing up.

ammiga~ on af showing up.

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Wow! quite an active thread already!

Yummy- we don't have any plans to wean, but i do think I'll try and get ds (17 mos) to night wean before a new baby comes.

FiberLover & ammiga - Sorry about AF!!
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Yummy- My plan is to nurse dd as long as she wants, so hopefully I'll be tandem nursing! I would be really sad if she weaned before 2 1/2 (she's 18 months now).
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move me to the 2WW, I'll be testing next friday is AF doesn't show
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I am officially a poas moron

So despite the great advice to wait to Friday, I went out today and bout a 3 pack of too-expensive tests. I decided to cut them in half to make more tests - the first time I tried this I got my first bfp, so it seemed like good luck as well. This time was different because I now have a toddler trying to eat the cat food while I did all this. Oversaturated BOTH strips, set them aside frustrated, used the second test, undersaturated it and then re-soaked it. Stark white. Came back to the 2 oversaturated halves ~20 minutes later and they were distinctly + ... but now I'm doubting myself and looking at them a few hours later I'm not totally convinced they aren't evaps.. Idk.

So totally inconclusive...now I can't decide if I should test again tomorrow morning or Friday - obviously Friday is the best answer and what I was recommended to do originally, but I'm not sure I can wait. This is what I get for not following advice....
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xekomaya- your story made me laugh! I would totally test tomorrow, but I am also a poasaholic. Good luck!
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Please move me to TWW!! Will be testing the 16th I got my temp rise this AM! Too bad I stopped BDing two days ago due to a fussy toddler and an exhausted mama! : I am not feeling this month but maybe we will get lucky?

4th of July plans - We are having a party at our place for our friends, family and neighbors! I love putting on parties!!

xekomaya - That is STILL exciting, even though you might have been over/under zealous with the pee!

Yummy - I have nursed when pregnant before and HATED it. However, we are down (before the molars arrived to 4 sessions a day, mostly just before naps and in the AM first thing, so I am pretty sure it will be okay. Have to say though, I don't think tandem is for me but I roll with the punches.

Fiberlover - BOO on AF!!! Sorry girl!

Ammiga - It took just one cycle to see a difference in my LP, and then the following cycle I was preggo in the eggo. Hope it works for you, it actually increased my milk as well!
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updated list to here

xekomaya~ you can't over saturate a hpt. I'd test again and keep a eye to see if the + shows up in the 10min time limit.

randomacts~ 2days between bd and o is still great timing. Fingers crossed.

AAM~ I'm pretty sure i finally O'd yesterday, i'll probably test on the 10th.
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Originally Posted by SoCaliMommy View Post
updated list to here

xekomaya~ you can't over saturate a hpt. I'd test again and keep a eye to see if the + shows up in the 10min time limit.
Well, I ended up with a huge purple blur that didn't resolve for a few minutes at least. I did test again this morning and have another faint line that I'm not entirely convinced of. I checked it basically at the 10 min mark this time (because it was still blurry the first time I went back to look) ... So now I have 3 sorta possibly positive strips. I wish my scanner was working. I don't think I'll believe it until a 3rd party tells me so.
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Quick question...

I had a positive OPK yesterday, EWCM, and my temp dipped from 97.8 on the previous day to 97.3. Today my temp was back up to 97.7, no OPKs left to try, and my CM is creamy (I think... semen obscured ). Should I assume that I O'd, or give it a couple more days?

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even though it's thursday

ah thanks for the clarification soul-o!

ooh randomacts! good luck with the tww!!! i hope to join you there in a few days! got some lovely fertile mucus today! tonight it's business time ladies!
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cd 28 and I'm feeling crampy like AF is on her way. I don't usually have any kind of pms for more than a few hours before I start, so I'm going to give it till this evening and go buy a dollar tree test for the morning just in case I don't start over night.
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Soul-o - From personal experience, I would keep BD until your temp shift is undoubtable (is that a word?) I will be following "the sperm meets egg" plan next month if I don't get knocked up this time, and that is what it suggests.

Rollergirl - TOO funny!!! I love Flight of the Concords, and good luck with your hubby!! Go get em!

Anjanette - Sounds like a promising sxs to me! Hope it is a baby making you cramp and not AF!
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DH and I are officially trying to catch the first PP egg! Please change my status.

I have taken 4 tests this week. I really need to calm down. After I had that spotting, I was sure it was ovulation and it has been 2 weeks now, but alas BFN.

We are not doing anything big for the 4th. Family BBQ during the day, but then hanging out at home in the evening. No Fireworks for us....
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just joining. waiting to o.
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rollergirl, I LOVE that video!

PiePie! Yay! Welcome .

Chloe's mama, welcome!

ramdomacts, yay for 2ww!

xekomaya, that sounds good to me! I'd POAS again tomorrow.

socali, fingers crossed for you!

Looks like AF is already winding down. short LP = short AF?
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SoCaliMommy, can you add me back to the list under Waiting to O? Thanks.

xekomaya - Sounds promising, :

I nursed DD1 through my second pregnancy, and I was 7 months pregnant or so when she weaned herself (22 months). I planned to tandem nurse, but nursing while pregnant was uncomfortable enough that I followed her lead and we were done. I loved the moments where I was nursing her, and her sister was kicking us both through. She asked to nurse a couple times after Alice was born, and each time I said okay, but she had lost the suck impulse and would just look at me like "Okay, turn it on!"

I plan to do the same this time - nurse during pregnancy, and if my milk dries up again, so be it. DD2 is 19 months now, so she'll likely make it to her 2nd birthday nursing, and that was our goal.
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I'm jumping on here, but I'm going to give it a few more days to figure out where. The story...PPAF in January, no AF Feb - May, O followed by AF May 31, pretty sure of O this cycle (but had 2 distinct times of EWCM and lots of deeds), no AF yet, but several BFN's. Now at CD 33 with nothing to compare to. Making me crazy! I have an almost 22 month old DD who LOVES her "bilkies". Hoping for the best! Baby dust to all!
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XM: We're practically neighbors! I could shoot fairy dust at you across the bridge!

BrightSkye: I too dread pregnancy. I hated it so much. I had the worst morning sickness. I read on the hypoglycemia foundation website that nursing during pregnancy can reduce m/s -- anyone know more about this?
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