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ivymae - wow! that's a great line for 12dpo. Congratulations mama!!:

Tenk - glad you're on vacation. hopefully you can get a little reset and maybe things will even calm down while you're gone.

kalamos - it's not over yet! I have read that people need ~600mg B6 to lengthen the lp, so if this month isn't it, maybe try a higher dose?

Burnin - boo for bfn! hang in there.

SoCali - Sorry to hear about your van! That stuff is the worst - 10 days without is such a long time. Hopefully insurance will cover you a similar vehicle - make sure you ask.
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Still not sure if I"m out or not....

It's 13 DPO and I got a negative on an Answer Early test....

Tested with my daughter every day from 10DPO to 15 DPO (expected period day) and didn't get a BFP until 15DPO....so that reassures me a little.

I still have a feeling this month isn't it though (that changes daily though! LOL) with all the negative tests staring at me.

I'll just have to wait two more days to find out for sure! If I'm not..I'm definitely going to temp next month!!
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Wow Ivymae congrats, that's great news!! delighted for you :::
Wishing you a happy and healthy nine months
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Sorry to hear about all the bfns girls, fingers crossed af stays away :
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ivymae! : congrats!

i am pretty sure i'm out. i've had a teeny bit of spotting and i thought it might be implantation, but it got stronger and i feel crampy and pms-y. don't move me yet, but that's what i think is going to happen. i am ok with either result, ds is only 8.5 months old and that would be pretty fast, even for me! i had hoped to conceive in oct/nov, so i am still hopeful.
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i started my period last night soo move me to AF thanks
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updated list to here

ivymae ~Congrats ::

IloveAllMyBabies~ sorry af found you.

xekomaya~Yeah i was shocked to hear that. I just hope the other insurance company doesn't drag it's feet and doesn't give my insurance company the run around.

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Originally Posted by Tenk View Post
Thanks mama, I needed that!!! Tomorrow is going to be the WORST too, I have a half year progress and gap forcast meeting, so for 3 hours I have to sit with my boss and his boss and go over why I'm at the % of plan I'm at and how I plan to make up the difference, once that's done I get to sit thru an hour meeting with the VP of our division for an executive interview..........I'm SOOOO not looking forward to either one. bleh

BTW, thanks we like his name too, but not everyone does, they think it's too ... erm... hippy I think is what they've called it?!?!?! We're gonna name the next one Finn, hehe, see what they have to say bout that one.
for Finn! Of course I'm biased!

Hey ladies!!!! Joining you all again, it's been hectic these past few monthes, I've been on and off again ttc, so here I am in the ttc department (at least for this month!) I am 7dpo (still in the 2ww, where I was the last time I left you all!!) and nothing much happening. I found out that I have a smallish LP, it's averaging around 10 days. I'm hoping it stretches now that I'm taking so much b vits. My little guy is now 7.5 mo!! How did that happen?? He also has torticollis (strained neck muscle causing a tilt in the head to the left side) and now has to wear a brace. . . + we just found out he has a lazy eye and needs to wear a patch for a while! My little guy is super super hot !! So yes we have been busy and if we don't concieve soon it's no biggie. We do want another though!! He is nursing less and less and we just night weaned him (only for a 7hour stretch) only now he's sick, which means nusing all night : but it's all for him

Congrats on all the bfps and hi to al the newbies!! It seems there are a lot of QF minded mamas here, yay for QF!:
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Congrats Ivymae!! H&H 9 months to you!!

xtara - ditto to your last post
I didn't get a + until 15-17days with DS1 but only 9 days with DS2. Weird... But I didn't and won't test today because yesterday was still a write-off. But since I don't know when AF is due... this is such a pain.
I don't really feel anything different. Okay well if I HAD to analyse everything (which I have been of course!) I was super super crampy around when I figured I DID O, then about 3 days later I was really crampy again and I keep getting these twinges that I only got during late pregnancy. Plus there are no other signs of anything happening between CM, cervical position etc.
Oh and I'm pretty moody. My SIL/BIL getting a turtle for their kids sent me right over the edge two days ago, I just couldn't shake it. (long story short, *I* am taking care of his childhood turtle because they live forever and a day, I don't particularly like the thing and if they wanted a turtle - after he neglected it when he got bored with it 10yrs ago - they could have had it back. But no, they got ANOTHER turtle which will eventually be neglected....) Okay okay I'll let it go, I swear!

Oh and there's the "fullness" feeling too. and I've been kinda tired with no appetite.

On a funny note, I was canning beets yesterday and kept "sampling". So of course come evening, I thought AF had found me lol! DH thinks it's just hilarious to have bright red pee.

SoCali - I hope everything works out smoothly with your van! Glad they decided to go through insurance. It's funny how much body work costs!

Welcome Samantha! I hope your stay here is nice and short Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now!
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Welcome Sam! You do sound busy!

I'm sorry ILoveMyBabies, that is disappointing.

LGM, I hope you get the answer soon. The not knowing is so irritating.

Me: No af yet?! I don't know. I'm 12 DPO I think, so normally AF would show today. The spotting stopped but my temp was about .5 deg lower, so maybe she'll show up later today. :
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So when I woke up this morning, my temp went slightly up again. And then I went back to sleep and woke up an hour later. I temped again and got 98.2, but decided to go with the first temp.
How hopeful is this chart? Last night when I went to bed I was feeling my uterus do something so I readied myself for that- especially since my temps had been going down. Then this morning was weird.

I'm afraid I'm unconsciously holding off AF because I don't want to see her. Anyone else feel like that?

Oh and that break in the chart was when we went on vacation and I forgot the thermometer. At least it wasn't near my Oing time.

Oh and since I've started Oing, my LPs have been 7, 5, 9 days respectively, not counting this cycle. Today is 11 DPO.
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Little grey mare~Yeah crazy i bet they wanted to settle with no insurance because they thought the damage wouldn't cost to much but my van is only 2yrs old and they are replacing 2 doors the sliding door and passenger door and some other things.

Top Hat~ Your chart looks great.

naturalmamaof1~ WelcomeBack hope you get a + this cycle.

AAM~ Pretty sure i O'd now to wait on temps to confirm it.

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Tophat - my LP lengthened some and then stopped at 9 days after I started - maybe yours is lengthening? Ill be stalking your chart for sure!

AFM - so I had cramping last night and was sure I was going to wake up to AF this morning but zilch. No cramping today either. Some red spotting at the cervix, none outside but nothing since and no spotting all morning.

Went to bed at 11:30 or so, and my temps were 98.0 at 3am, 97.5 at 6:30 and 97.7 at 8:30. I've been getting up at 7 or so, so I put that one on my chart, but still above c/l and a bfn on equate. Maybe the b6 is working after all?
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kalamos23~ Hope you get a + soon.

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i pray everyone gets a +pregnancy test very soon

af is being very mean this cycle she is heavy cramping is painful and she brough dirreah with her totally not fun

iam thinking maybe i should wait until next cycle to try again to give my body time to heal up from the car reck my back is killing me everyday iam seeing the chiropator every day and it just doesnt seem to help
but then again i would hate to miss 1 cycle
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IvyMae-::: That's awesome!

Hoping AF stays away from all you mamas.
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well yesterday and today my cervix has been in a total different position than it ever has with me checking it. I never checked it while I was actually fertile... I have read things that say if you have a tilted uterus it is backwards that when the cervix is in position to ovulate it is real easy to reach where as when you are in non fertile its hard to reach. and its just right there like hitting a wall 3 inches in and I can barely find the opening cause it feels all the same. but it feels open and I have had very fertile cm... so I think I might be having my first PPO..... fingers crossed. I dont really want to catch the first egg though. It might be nice to let my body do its things for a couple of months. plus the whole deployment thing if I get pregnant right now I will have the baby right before or right after hubby leaves which would be really hard. I would be trying to get used to him being deployed while trying to get used to having to kids...so thats where I am any insight on the whole tilted uterus thing would be appreciated.
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Can I be added? I'm trying to catch the first egg.
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Can you move me back to Waiting to O? AF found me tonight despite my best efforts to beat her off with a stick!
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Originally Posted by otxena View Post
Can I be added? I'm trying to catch the first egg.
Welcome mama!! Good Luck!!
Originally Posted by kalamos23 View Post
Can you move me back to Waiting to O? AF found me tonight despite my best efforts to beat her off with a stick!
Sorry the witch showed mama, I was pulling for ya this cycle.!!!

I think I can be moved to waiting to know please officially...
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