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thought I got a GFS extract (liquid) from the health store...but unfortunatly the guy gave me a propietqry blend, grapfriut seed, lemon seed, lime seed, tangerine seed...will this work the same as the GFS??? I want to use it in wash, possibly oral and topical "down there" for yeast prevention and/or clear up. Thanks!
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I've taken a mix of bentonite, carporly and psyllium. It worked in the past but this time it's not budging.

Think I will try driking GSE in some water.

I had not thought about putting it inside. I just assumed it might sting?

I have thought about using an extra applicator to put some kefir in.
Anyone try that?
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I have been using grapefruit seed extract as a cure for yeast infections for 3 years.  I take it internally in water 3 times a day if I have symptoms, once a day other wise.  What most dr's aren't telling you is that if you have a vaginal yeast infection, you have yeast through out your body, and the vaginal symptoms are just that, symptoms of a larger problem.  Men suffer from yeast infections as much as woman, their symptoms are just less noticeable.  Grapefruit seed extract has changed my life!  Also trying to stay away from processed sugars and foods that turn into sugars because sugar feeds candida.  Bought our GSE online at swansons vitamans for a swans song...next to nothing.  It lasts FOREVER....the local health food store was selling the bottle we bought at a 200% mark up over what we paid.  I almost passed out.  I told my husband I should buy it and sell it...lol.  It truly has been life changing for us!

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I'm going to buy some to keep around for the next time I get a yeast infection. 2 things I wanted to add,
1) alcohol consumption will also make yeast flare up
2) my 7 month old ds has a yeast infection in his belly button. I'm assuming this will work in there too. But dilute it in water....or oil?
The Dr told me to use athletes foot cream, no thanks! I've been putting a little of the external monistat in his belly button with a q tip, which is helping. And been giving him infant probiotics orally.
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It really works. I also add some hydrogen perioxide, water and gse for a douche. Fast acting relief.
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I recently read this and just thought I'd throw it out there just so everyone is as informed as possible:  http://www.herbcraft.org/gse.html

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