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Monmouth Medical Center NJ- birth class review?

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Hello, could someone tell me if they have taken the birth class at MMC and please tell me your opinion on it?

From what I understand it seems to focus on breathing and relaxation and personally I am looking for something a bit more in depth. Currently, my reading material pertains to various pelvic bones, angles and positions, hormones and chemicals; catecholamines, prostaglandins, and how oxytocin differs from articifical pitocin, I just am not sure I am going to take away enough info if it centers on breathing and relaxation techniques. I really want to be prepared and gather as much info as possible. Maybe I am wrong though, I am willing to learn. The woman I just spoke with is not the instructor so I am to call back tomorrow and get an outline of the class from the actual instructor. Then I suppose I can figure out if it sounds right for me.

I so relate to Ina May Gaskin's book. I did read the Bradley and LaMaze books. Ironically, the La Maze book states to steer clear of classes with the main focus on breathing and relaxation, but instead look for those that focus on the entire natural birth process. I was actually quite enlightened when I read the La Maze book as I guess I had conjured up that outdated image of LaMaze and I was quite wrong about it. However, as I said, I mostly relate to Ina May's book (I also like the book "Active Birth").

Regardless, long story short, what was your opinion on the class at MMC?
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I didn't take the class, but I did give birth (with the epidural) at Monmouth Medical and I was very happy with them.

Who's your ob-gyn? Mine was Dr Giovine, and he had classes affilliated with his practice. And I loved him.
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Thanks Madskye. My OB is Dr. Cohen. I did take the tour of MMC and feel very fortunate to be birthing there. Of all the stories I read about some other hospitals, I just thank goodness they seem so accepting of various birthing positions, birthing pools, and going about the course of labor and birth as naturally as possible (or as the mom wishes).
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I had two unmedicated births with midwives there. I did not take a course there, but did take a local Bradley Method course. If you PM me, I can give you the instructor's information.
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Thanks so much Anthasam. That's wonderful that you had such good experiences for both of your births!

After reading his book (Husband Coached Childbirth) written by Dr. Bradley himself, I really didn't connect with his method. I also read 'Natural Childbirth, the Bradley Way' by Susan McCutcheon, and it was informative (I favor it over the one Dr. Bradley wrote) but still not quite the connection for me. I did learn from both books though, so am glad I read them.

Can you tell me a bit about the midwives at MMC? Did anyone stand out to you in particular? Were you already under their care prior to birthing or were they there for you until your OB arrived? I was so happy when I heard that there were midwives there, although am very lucky to have my OB.
He and I seem to be on the same page.
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Well I think I may end up taking the hospital class. Most literature says to steer clear of hospital classes as instructors are not free to speak their personal opinion due to hospital policies and general procedure protocols, but I may have found an instructor I very much like. I had asked a neonatal nurse that I respect for her reccomendation and she gave me this instructor referral. So I called and spoke with the instructor, her class sounds promising.

As I understand normal birth is the focus of the class, medical interventions will be covered but only as much as the participants ask for. The emphasis is really on how normal birth is and it's not neccessarily a 'medical event'.
I asked if she covered the various positions and which ones open which pelvic bones, etc, she does, and basically the class just goes according to degree of participation and questions. We even spoke about water birth and she said there have been several at MMC in the last seven or so years. So I am really interested now, as I would like to do this. I understand it may not work out that way, but it is definitely a strong option for me at this point.

Thanks again Madskye and Anthasam for your replies and help.
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Mon. Medical

I did not goto there birthing class. But i do have a small bad experience with them. My first one was when I went to get an ultrasound done. they gave me an ultrasound picture of my son and you can't even tell what it is... second-- I thought I was supposed to give birth and monmouth medical so when I went into labor I went straight there.. The women on the labor and delivery floor looked at me like I had 10 heads... They hooked me up to all of the machines and 2 minutes later told me I was not supposed to be there. So I had to go all the way to Riverview Medical center-- which i think has THE BEST care.. I loved being at riverview..
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