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StableGuy had an issue that prevented him from doing the loan so instead he paid the major bill past due today and said he will handle the other next week (which I am truly grateful for) plus he met dd briefly for the first time today and I could tell he melted meeting her. He is really open to me in his life and embracing dd as his own..... it's odd he looked at her more lovingly than her own dad. Part of me wants to see IF he would make a good dancing partner before I go further emotionally with him. Dd's dad was a terrible dance partner and I don't want that again..... I am really appreciating StableGuys communication that is another area dd's dad was and is terrible in so I am sensitive to a man being of his word regardless of how large or small the item is.

With StableGuy I notice the comparision between dd's dad and him all make StableGuy look great and dd's dad looks like a joke.... with 2ndHusband I don't compare it's just an escape. I don't know if it's the age (both dd's dad and StableGuy are similar in age and 2ndHusband is my age), the work industry StableGuy is the stable version of what dd'd dad claims he does professionally where 2ndHusband thinks that is a fun industry for play but not for working in. I just wonder why with one man I compare but also have a sound board and shoulder, etc. with the other I escape.....
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Originally Posted by LoveOhm View Post
I just wonder why with one man I compare but also have a sound board and shoulder, etc. with the other I escape.....
: I do this. I'm not proud of it.

I have a best friend who is a guy who is ....sigh.....my only family in this country really. When I say family, I mean it. He is in my sons' lives (no one else in my life has met them) and they love him and of course they do...he is amazing with them, he is an amazing rock for me and I just ....dont' know what I'd do without him. He's in love with me, I'm pretty sure. But we never talk about it. I would freak if I lost him from my life but I don't think I could imagine kissing him...... part of me wants to drink an entire bottle of wine when he's in my apartment the next time and we're cuddled on the couch and he's stroking my hair and just be wasted drunk and initiate a dance with him and see if I can get past my mental block about him being a sexual interest (or the lack thereof). Maybe if we just dance once then I'll think about him as a dance partner and everything will be different......

The Genuine Article has been away on a family holiday and in sparse communication which I don't reall like. I don't enjoy when there's hot&heavy communication and then very little. Feels like the person vanished and isn't in my life anymore. I guess I'm needy. But anyway last night we talked on the phone for a couple of hours and it was really nice. He made me laugh so hard with very clever comments and jokes and it kind of reminded me how great he is, which I needed, to feel kind of ....on board with the whole thing. If that makes sense.

But I'm still kinda keeping my options open and looking around.......
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The communication thing gets to me too. I really ought to "get" it, having been married to a submariner in the past...when WD didn't e-mail me, he wasn't at his FOB. That should be a really obvious thing to me. I have a friend whose boyfriend is in Kuwait as a contractor; she met him under very similar circumstances to how I met WD, & she's been talking me through it.

I think the comparison vs. escape thing makes sense. With the similarities between StableGuy & your DD's father, what else would you do? I'm really paranoid about making the same mistakes twice in a row. I imagine there's that thought at least subconsciously.
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Alright so I need to update because everyone else is also out there busy dating and not updating! I can break the bad habit...can you?

The Genuine Article has now been in touch with me all week and over this weekend which is almost over which he spent on an all-weekend Bachelor party in the forest with his good friends. He got pretty hammered and sent me an SMS or two which made it clear that he has lost all interest in any other women out there, and that I am the only one he is interested in being with and he hopes to make our exclusivity a reality someday. I'm jumping on a train to go spend 3 hours with him right now (our schedules don't match up now because I am getting my kids in 5 hours for an entire week! ) and he has also said that at the end of my week with the kids, he'll drive two hours to where I drop them off to pick me up and drive me back home (two more hours) to save me the boringness of riding the train home alone, and spend the evening with me and sleep over at my place, and go into work at noon the next day, again driving two more hours to go to work. So six hours of driving (in the span of 18 hours of time) and a hundred bucks in gas just to spend about six to eight waking hours with me and then sleep with me, and getting to offer me a ride in his car, instead of me taking the train. That's sweet. So that's for one week from today. But today we get a brief meeting. :

There's really no other contenders out there worth mentioning or nicknaming or whatever.
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Room for one more? Should I wait for the August thread to open up? Because I was previously in the "happily single, not looking to date" side of things, but life had other plans and now I get to play in the dating threads.
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