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easy meal ideas needed

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My DH has a terminally ill parent in the hospital right now. He is gone usually from 5:30 am until early evening to spend time with his parents and managing to work some in between those hours.

We are a family that is used to a meat, veggie and salad every evening meal, but it's just not working for us right now. So I would like some easy meal ideas that can sit on the stove until DH gets in. For instance, today the kids and I are having beans and wieners. I can easily cook these up and combine them and leave them on the stove for when DH gets here. Tomorrow I may shoot for spaghetti since it's another easy one to combine all the ingredients and leave them sitting in a pot. I know I can't do anything spicy or hot as that will interfere with DH's sleep (i.e. chili, mexican dishes). Any ideas?
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I am so sorry your family is going thru this.

1) What about casseroles? My Mom would make "scroodle" casserole and I still do. Basically its spaghetti meatsauce, noodles like penne mixed together in a casserole dish. Top it with shredded mozzarella cheese and bake. It heats up wonderfully!

2) What about meatloafs with a baked potato he can heat up in the microwave? Add a side of corn or green beans or even a fresh salad he can pull from the fridge.

3) A cold dish like cut up cheese, fresh fruit and maybe ham slices or chunks or turkey slices or chunks? Special crackers on the side or french bread slices.

4) A caesar sald with grilled chicken or chef salad with ham, chicken, turkey, cheeses, fresh tomatoes etc.

5) What about this?


6) Or this?


Let me think of some other ides.
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Do you have/use a crockpot? Lots of great meal ideas for crockpots, and when it's done cooking, you can leave it on warm or even off, to stay warm/safe for a few hours.


And you can filter for crockpot recipes here, after entering the veggies you have or intend to use:


I'm sorry your family is going through these sad times right now.
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So sorry mama.

Crock pots are so great, but the stove will work too if you don't have one.

Beef stew
Chicken stew
Soups of all kinds!!!

bbq pork or beef on a bun. (Just leave meat in the sauce on the stove or in crock pot, and buns beside for a quick meal.)

Sloppy joes (easy to sneak veggies into)

calzones, stuffed buns or individual pot pies are easy to reheat and yummy.
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